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10 Perfect Little Black Dress Styles

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In a world full of vibrant shades and patterns, black is still the color that dominates the fashion industry. Whether you want to wear a contemporary dress to a trendy event or a classy black gown to a formal dinner party; black is your go-to color for every occasion.

Sensuous, feminine, and quite alluring; black gives you incredible versatility to style your outfits just the way you desire. There is nothing like a little black dress that works as an aesthetic shape-shifter to a provocative and alluring outfit. It is also very interesting to accessorize your perfect little black dress since you can pair it with several different shoes, bags, and accessories; according to the event or occasion.

A Brief History

Black dresses were usually worn by women to mourn a death during the medieval ages and during the Victorian and Georgian eras. However, it has now become one of the most happening colors for both men and women of all ages.

Coco Chanel, who is also regarded as the godmother of the twentieth-century style, deserves all the credit for the modern manifestation of the little black dress. Is there anything more beautiful than Chanel’s pearl-laden version of the staple little black dress? Christian Dior also transformed the traditional little black dress and referred to it as the New Look.

But style gurus believe that it was in 1961, when the popularity of the little black dress reached its peak when Hubert de Givenchy presented a memorable and enduring little black dress to style Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Today, every girl needs a little black dress! And it has come a long way from being a classic dress to a modern outfit. (See for yourself by checking out this top selling little black dress on Amazon!)


How do you pick the perfect little black dress?

Flexibility is both a blessing and a curse for the little black dress.

There are hundreds of options and variations to create the perfect little black dress. The secret lies in creating the perfect outfit, keeping in mind your body type and the nature of the event or occasion.

Say yes to a dazzling and intriguing little black dress for looking like a true star and outshine everyone. It is not easy to forget a classy black dress, and that’s why everyone is sure to remember you and your pretty little black dress for years to come.

Here’s how to choose or customize the perfect black little dress according to your body type.

  • Complimenting your Natural Physique

While little black dresses come in all shapes, styles, silhouettes, and sizes; there isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. Some women look great wearing a clingier style may, but it is not universally flattering. Women who like to accomplish a more expansive look should opt for a loose slip dress. If you have to choose a plus size little black dress, go for cap sleeves or a long-sleeve dress. If you don’t want to show off your flabby legs, choose a dress with a longer length.

Like any other dress in your wardrobe, your little black dress should minimize your insecurities and flaunt your assets.

  • Consider your Arms

If you are an athlete or have muscular arms, it is best to opt for a V-neck shape or an off-the-shoulder dress that looks well-fitted.

If you don’t like to reveal too much of your upper-arms, you can go for a beautiful kimono or a billowing sleeve style to conceal all problem areas

For creating a toned appearance, opt for midi-length sleeves that cut just below your elbows.

Women having rounder shoulders look great in a ruched LBD. For creating a glamorous look, choose dresses with ornamental sleeves to give off the illusion of having raised shoulders. Check out the best little black dresses with sleeves in that article!

  • Check Your Legs

Loose-fitted slip dresses come to your mid-thigh and complement women with both short and long legs.

If you are lucky enough to have long toned legs, all you need is a slip dress or mini dress to become the center of attraction at an event.

There is no need to fret over you curvy thighs. Choose a tight LBD that hits your mid-thigh region to flaunt a toned and lean calf.

  • Take a look at your Mid-Section

Well-designed wrap dresses are best for curvy women. If you don’t want to show off your midsection, choose a baby doll dress. You can also opt for a kimono style dress having billowing arms featuring a flexible shape to help you hide your mid-section. And wearing a spanx under a dress can additionally help your figure as well.

Bodycon styles and pretty tube dresses are meant for hourglass figures. All such little black dresses are great ways to show-off an attractive hip to waist ratio.

If you are someone who has a straight torso, it’s best to choose a delicate slip dress. Such a dress will help you highlight athletic legs and raised shoulders.

Swing style dress is suitable for women with large hips.

What Occasions can I wear a Little Black Dress?

What’s great about LBD’s is that you can wear them at any event or occasion. Just make sure you choose the right style and type of little black dress that looks great on your body type.

  • Everyday Wear

If you are looking for an everyday little black dress, you can choose a ballerina flat with zero or little accessories. This dress is a great option when you are in a rush. It doesn’t matter if you are attending a brunch or going to your child’s dance recital; style your little black dress with a jean jacket or pretty shoes. The more casual it is, the better it looks.

What to wear at work?

If you are a true fan of LBD’s, you might want to wear one to work too. You can style your little black dress with a long jacket, some colorful jewelry, and tall boots to make it look more sophisticated.

  • Some women also like to pair it with vividly colored accessories or a black jacket to add more depth and dimensions to their dress.
  • There are a few trendy accessories to make it look more suitable for your work attire. Wear your little black dress with a belt, a grey plaid blazer, a cashmere Perfecto, or high heels if your work dress-code allows.
  • For Special Occasions

Special occasions call for special little black dresses. You can transform your entire look if you choose the right design and style for your body type.

Compliment your little black dress with a compact and matching handbag.

Go for sparkly accessories, but use as little jewels or pearls as possible. Your sexy LBD is enough to make a style statement.

A wide belt creates a hip retro look while you can also flaunt a gold chain looped around your waist. Remember to wear good quality and fitted undergarments to take care of all lines and seams.

  • Family Events

While you can keep it simple for the Sunday Dinner or a loved one’s birthday, you can play with your little black dress by adding beautiful knee socks, a leather or colorful jacket, or trendy accessories. There’s no need to wear too much fancy jewelry on family events so dainty earrings can also do the job. Opaque tights or flat shoes come in handy for adding both style and comfort.

Check out our article on the shoes that go perfectly with a little black dress for more ideas!

What Your Outfit Needs to Look Like

1.      An All-occasion Little Black Dress

A trendy little black dress is a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe. It’s important to have a little black dress with unexpected turns, asymmetrical details, normal sleeves, and an elegant neckline. Such a dress also helps you accessorize according to the event or your mood so you can decide how it looks. Use belts, high-heels, jewelry, and a hair-do that suits the occasion.

2.      Crocheted Dress

There’s nothing more seductive than a crocheted little black dress which makes you look straight out of Vogue! Not only these LBD’s are extremely comfortable to wear; they add an alluringly feminine touch to your appearance. You can choose an A-line shape for giving you a petite look. Don’t forget to add dramatic jewelry and classy handbags with stunning heels to complete your overall look.

3.      LBD for Plus Size

Never tell yourself that you don’t have the perfect little black dress body type. Black has always been kind to the plus size women. Black outfits make you look slim and toned, and LBD’s are no exceptions to the rule. Today, more and more fashion brands are catering to plus-sized women, creating trendy and beautiful little black dresses for all occasion. Don’t be afraid to shine under the spotlight and choose a trendy little black dress to look great.

4.      Ruched Leather

‘Sleek and sexy’ is the only way to describe this type of little black dress. If you love experimenting with styles and fabrics, there has to be a ruched leather little black dress hanging in your wardrobe. Thanks to the lux sheen of the leather, you shine on any day or night event, without making any effort. You can pair it with minimalist accessories because the dress alone is enough to make you stand out. Black stilettos and a silver strappy purse are sure to look great.

5.      Casual Style

Casual is never boring when you are wearing a little black dress. Choosing a comfy street style look with a mid-length dress, and adding bomber jackets can make you look both casual and cool.

You can neutralize the overall black look with natural shoes and gold or silver jewelry. This attire is perfect for a brunch or a Sunday afternoon event.

6.      One-Shoulder Little Black Dress

This daring little black dress will make sure everyone takes notice, whenever you make an entry into a party, be it night or day. Chandelier earrings or a large necklace will make sure all eyes stay on you when you wear this alluringly retro and daring little black dress.

7.      The Party LBD

Let the good times roll with a party little black dress that lets you show off a bit of leg and lots of style. Opt for a daring little black dress with subtle spaghetti straps and pair it with colorful heels to make your way to the dance floor in style.

Accessorize just the way you want and choose unique bags and clutches to add more glamour to your outfit.

8.      Star-Studded Little Black Dress

Not for the faint of heart, a star-studded LBD will let you take your style across the universe. Don’t underestimate the power of stars to transform any little black dress, short or long, into a timeless outfit for special occasions. You can add subtle ruffles for giving a whimsical touch.

9.      Little Black Dress for Wedding

Who says you can’t wear black to your wedding? It’s the perfect color if you want to dress up uniquely on your big day. You can rock the color if you can choose a gown with an exciting twist such as a bell sleeve of an off-the-shoulder frill.

Wedding accessories and sparkly shoes can add all the more to your wedding little black dress. You are sure to make many jaws drop when you enter the room!

10.      The ‘60s Little Black Dress

Just look at these clean lines and beautiful cuts which bring out the true beauty of this classic LBD. Even though this one has a simple neckline, you can also go for a bold fluted hem or a dramatic neckline.

If you want to add a unique twist to your outfit, you can go for beautiful chandelier earrings. Sleek boots and a suit jacket add more power to your outfit.

Find the Best Little Black Dress for Every Occasion

You can find plenty of perfect cheap little black dress options on the internet. A stylish LBD is all you want for making sure you look great at a casual or a special event. What’s great about LBD’s is that there are endless styling options to help you become the life of the party.

La Riviere can help you go creative with your hair-do, choose unique jewelry, and wear stunning shoes that will make you look great with your black dress!