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10 Winter Jackets to Keep you Hot in the Winter

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For those of us who like the breezy, skimpy styles of summer, dressing up in the winter can be difficult, especially if we like to show off a little skin. But who says you can’t look hot during winter? A basic staple for any winter wardrobe is a jacket or coat.  

Most of us have a range of jackets lining our entry or room closets.  There is nothing like finding the right jacket that matches your outfit just right for that fall or winter occasion!  Many brands have branched out into various thicknesses and styles of in order to meet just those needs.  Do you have a favorite style? We love Michael Kors jackets but honestly there are so many good ones it’s hard to have just one brand!

The type of coat you wear during winter defines your dedication to style and how well you want to present yourself. We’ve compiled a list of the best winter jackets that’ll keep you looking hot throughout winter and that you can style a winter sweater with!

1. Classic Double Breasted Coat

A classic double breasted coat looks best in beige or sand-colored tones for the perfect contrast with embellishments, such as black-colored buttons. These have a versatile design that you can wear to work and on casual functions when you’re too tired to wear anything else.

The classic design features oversized lapels, slanted pockets, and princess seaming that accentuates your curves.

2. Mysterious Cloak

 Batwing-style cloaks with capes are getting a lot of attention nowadays for their mysterious silhouette. They help you stay warm without compromising on style. These are available in more formal versions, and some trendy ones. For instance, a cloak with a hood would be well suited for more casual occasions as compared to more formal ones.

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3. Puffer Jacket

Remember how puffer jackets were all the rage last year? It turns out that there’s more to the trend than just functional fashion – these jackets are super warm too. However, there’s no need to settle for a black puffer when there are so many options to choose from.  There are also plenty of puffer men’s jackets (like this one from Michael Kors) if you’re wanting to snag one for your BAE.  Whether you’d like basic neutrals like beige, navy, or black, or something fun like pastel or metallic, the choice is all yours.

Puffer jackets are ideal for a casual look when you don’t want to layer up too much but still need to keep warm. Let’s not forget that a fluffy puffer jacket makes outdoor events during colder months bearable.

4. Stylish Parka

On days when it gets extra chilly, you’ll need some extra insulation to keep warm. Parka jackets are a great idea for just that. They’re fluffy, just the right length, and if you get the right one, can look very stylish too. They’re available in plenty of colors, but it’s up to you whether you’d prefer a bright or neutral color.

We suggest it’s best you stick to darker, earthy tones like brown and black. These colors are easier to keep clean and don’t give you a hard time mismatching with outfits.

5. Fancy Tailored Coat

Ah, the elegant tailored coat, you’ll see members of the royal family wear this type of coat, which makes it even more of a style statement. A tailored coat can come with a belt or you can add one to cinch it at the waist.

These have a simpler design than other coats, but are far more structured to give shape. This is all because adhesives aren’t used in putting together the coat. You can wear this over casual and formal outfits.

6. Professional Blazer

For the days that you want to look like a boss at work, a blazer can help you look all the more professional. On the other hand, you can opt for cinching it at the waist with smart casual outfits, such as a jumpsuit.

You can also layer on a blazer with a few casual items, like a t-shirt and jeans. Of course, this requires care as to what T-shirt you pick, whether it’s ironed or not, and most importantly, having the right shoes.

7. Casual Leather Jacket

Let’s admit, leather jackets look good with almost anything, so there’s no need to be shy when you’ve nothing else to pair with your outfit. Whether it’s a blouse, t-shirt, or dress, a good leather jacket can upgrade them all. Not to mention, it keeps you warm enough too.

However, you wouldn’t want to wear a leather jacket at a black tie event with an evening gown.

8. High Street Short Coat

On some occasions, a longer coat would be over the top, so we opt for a short coat. These can be any style, but they’re definitely longer than a regular jacket. Whether you choose one with a collar or one without, a short coat gives your outfit a more elegant look.

It looks best paired with formal or smart casual attire, including blouses, dresses, and even a jumpsuit. Be careful to have it dry cleaned every season so you ca avoid going out with a poorly maintained coat.

9. Carefree Denim Jacket

If you live in an area where it doesn’t get as cold, you should consider investing in a high-quality denim jacket. Even in colder winters, a denim jacket is enough to keep afternoon chill at bay. This pairs well with a variety of different outfit combinations, like jersey knit tops, high-necked sweaters, and even dresses. Of course, the only place where you wouldn’t want to sport your Levi’s jacket is at a formal event.

10. All-Rounder Trench Coat

Last, but not the least, a trench coat should be part of every girl’s closet. And you can wear sweaters or anything you want underneath!

Amongst other things to wear with sweaters, these stylish and elegant coats offer superb coverage. So you can keep everyone guessing as to what you’re wearing inside – great when you don’t want to attract attention after a party! So next time you want to sneak away to a party, a trench coat is your best bet at not getting noticed on your way.

Trench coats look good in basic colors and neutrals, but more brands are unveiling their line of bright colored trench coats that appeal to younger customers.



This list includes all the most fashionable jackets you can wear this winter to look hot and stay warm at the same time. Jackets and coats should be an investment, regardless of how cold it gets where you live. Hence, take good care of your coats by dry cleaning them after every season you use them, and get any problems like loose buttons fixed as soon as possible, since details like these can make your appearance seem disheveled.

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