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9 Outfit Ideas to Wear at Night in Vegas

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Vegas is a mythical place known for fun and adventure.  At night the streets are lit with a million lights and it’s hard not to feel like you’re living in a fairy tale.

Casinos provide an opportunity to win big that is tantalizing for many, and it’s a place where dreams can come true.  The city is often portrayed as a lavish and hedonistic place where you can leave all your cares behind and just have fun.

Even if dancing the night away in a popular club or playing slot machines isn’t your idea of fun, you can still enjoy lots of other things.  From restaurants to musicals and sightseeing, there is endless entertainment and adventure on offer.

Of course, being in Vegas means dressing the part and it’s the perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and wear something a little bit glitzier than usual.  Most people will be dressing up so you will fit right in when wearing a fabulous outfit.

layered club wear sparkle dress

A great outfit is memorable and every time you see it hanging in your closet, you’re sure to smile as you fondly remember all the good times.  You’ll probably be taking a lot of pictures with your friends too, so an eye-catching ensemble will mean you look your best whenever a picture-worthy moment presents itself.

So what exactly do you wear?  How do you step up your style while still looking like yourself? What’s the best way to show your personality and feel good while looking wonderful?

In this article, we’ll cover 9 different outfit ideas that are sure to be a hit. You don’t just have to wear a dress either.  There are plenty of ways to style pants to be suitable for a night on the town.

The looks to be discussed include:

  1. A little black dress with heels and statement accessories
  2. Pencil skirt with a top and colored heels
  3. Shiny sequin dress with a blazer
  4. A bodycon dress
  5. A fun printed playsuit or plain jumpsuit
  6. A peplum dress with stilettos
  7. Wide-legged trousers with a statement top
  8. Asymmetrical dress with funky heels and accessories
  9. Mix it up with bohemian street style
(Links to some of the best of each dress type on Amazon)

No matter what your style, there is something here you’re sure to love. Find inspiration from an eclectic mix of styles and pieces, then accessorize with your favorite jewelry.  If you’re in Vegas for an extended period of time, shop this list for multiple outfit ideas.

Mix and match a few different looks depending on the situation.  Daytime events may require something suited to sunshine and lots of walking while you go sightseeing.  A glamorous dinner, on the other hand, means dressing to the nines and adding some sparkle and a pair of heels.

This is the perfect opportunity to play up another side of your personality or try living like someone else for a day.  There are no rules and you can wear whatever you want while imagining what life would be like if you lived in Sin City.  You know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

We’ve all heard of Las Vegas, whether it’s in the movies, in books, or other pop culture references that depict an expensive lifestyle. While the city is famous for its lavish casinos and hotels, you can do plenty of other things as well. Nonetheless, it’s no fun to visit the amazing city if you don’t plan on enjoying the nightlife.

Even if you’re not interested in gambling, going out to parties and clubs can be an exciting experience. But that’s only if you dress for the part. If you’ve no clue what outfits to wear for a night in Las Vegas, we’ll give you some inspiration.

off shoulder ruffles club wear mini-dress

1. A Little Black Dress with Heels and Statement Accessories

A general rule of thumb for any vacation or trip is to never leave behind your little black dress (link to Amazon). You know the go-to dress for a variety of occasions. A black dress is super versatile. Just play around a little with accessories, shoes, and makeup, and you’ve created a brand new look!

Here, we’re asking to pack your favorite black dress with some statement accessories and heels. Your shoes and accessories can vary based on what you’ll be doing. For instance, a night at the casino requires that you keep things a little formal so you stay comfortable.

In this case, opt for stiletto heels that are easier to walk in. When it comes to accessories, choose minimalist styles in elegant gold tones – these will look best under the bright lights in a casino.

If you’re looking to go clubbing, wedge heels (like these glitter strappy wrapped wedge heels on Amazon) will work best for dancing and they can make your legs look longer, too. In terms of accessories, pick statement earrings or a necklace, but don’t go overboard with both. Your makeup can be dramatic or natural, as long as your outfit looks balanced. 

You can pick any hairstyle to go with your black dress, just make sure to keep hair pins and ties so you can tie it up in case it gets too hot.

casual little black dress

2. Pencil Skirt with a Top and Colored Heels

Pencil skirts have always been a staple for business and work environments. But recently, fashion designers are coming up with ways to glam up the structured skirt to make it more casual and party-friendly. Its design makes it a great choice for hourglass and triangle-like body shapes, but limited colors and prints would make it difficult for women to get the most out of their favorite skirt.

Luckily, brands are releasing printed and shiny pencil and midi skirts that are made from flexible materials such as neoprene, which makes them easier to move (and dance) in. You can pair a printed skirt with a solid color blouse (opt for neutrals or monochrome colors) if you’re going to a casino or a restaurant.

If you plan on walking the streets and going to clubs, you can wear the same combination, or swap out the neutral colored top for something bright or pastel. Of course, a shimmery skirt would be desirable, but if you don’t have that, go for a shimmery top with a solid-colored skirt instead.

Add accessories as long as your top isn’t too flashy. Otherwise, stick to some minimal makeup. Next, put on some comfortable heels and you’re all set.

leather metallic high waist skirt

3. Shiny Sequin Dress with a Blazer

If you thought that we left sequin dresses back in the late 2000s, you’re wrong, because they’re still very fashionable. That is if you pair it with the right elements to balance your look. While dramatic makeup, chunky accessories, and platform heels may have been the trendiest features to go with a sequin dress back then, this is no longer the case.

If you want to add a modern spin to the timeless party dress, add a blazer on top of it so you stay warm and look classy at the same time. If you like this idea but want to tone it down further, switch out the sequin dress for something simpler, such as a dress with a pattern or low cut.

For the shoes, we suggest comfortable yet elegant heels will work great. Block heels can do a great job at balancing your outfit so it looks less club-exclusive. If you’re wearing a sequin dress, accessories won’t be necessary but minimalist earrings won’t do you any harm.

For a rogue party look, add some fishnet stockings under your dress. They add a sexy touch and help you feel more comfortable if you don’t like the idea of exposing your legs completely.

4. A Bodycon Dress

For the ladies with an hourglass or athletic figure, a bodycon dress will accentuate your curves and based on the color or print, can highlight your features. Bodycon dresses are usually made from neoprene so you’ll find that it’s easy to move around and somewhat breathable too.

There are plenty of design options when it comes to bodycon dresses. You can vary between solid colors and prints, and a range of necklines. While some would prefer off the shoulder tops, others would like a plunging neckline. Remember to get whatever keeps you comfortable when you’re out at night.

Pair this with some heels, sexy & natural human hair extensions and you’re good to go. We don’t want to make it seem like heels are mandatory to have that Las Vegas nightlife look, so you can switch into a pair of pointed flats as well. Make sure they have plenty of straps so they imitate a high-heeled appearance.

If you get a solid colored dress, statement accessories are the way to go. On the other hand, minimalist jewelry will stand out more if you layer it with a strappy or printed dress.

5. A Fun Printed Playsuit or Plain Jumpsuit

If you want more mobility than what a skirt or dress can offer, you’re looking for a jumpsuit. Or if that’s too modest for your liking, a playsuit will do just fine. Jumpsuits offer more coverage for your legs and can make them look longer if you pair it with some nice heels. Usually sleeveless, jumpsuits come in different prints, but also in solid-colors and mixed fabric designs.

While a colorful jumpsuit is great for parties, you can also consider wearing a minimalist design in solid colors, such as black. You can layer it with a fancy blazer for a party look that can work just about anywhere else.

Playsuits, as the name suggests, are all play and no work. Hence, you’ll find that they can be strappy and show off a lot of skin. Sure, they seem like the perfect daytime outfit, but picking the right color can turn it into a Las Vegas nighttime look. Choose a dark-colored playsuit with vivid prints.

Daytime versions are usually made from breathable fabric like cotton, so get a playsuit made from softer and flowy fabrics like chiffon or crepe. Nonetheless, it does imply there aren’t any solid colored options that are total stunners. Just check out this frill layer playsuit from Pretty Little Thing.

6. A Peplum Dress with Stilettos

For those of us who don’t have the perfect figure for a bodycon dress, a peplum dress is a clever way to conceal unsightly bulges with frills. Not to mention, they creatively add curves if you have a particularly straight body shape.

Peplum dresses are similar to bodycon dresses except they feature an attractive frill at the waist. This element makes it an attractive style for inverted triangle body shapes. If you’re a little conscious about showing off too many curves from the side, the frills on a peplum dress can cover them up to give you an hourglass silhouette.

If you’re going out to enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife, such as the Bellagio Fountain Show or a spectacle, a peplum dress will look feminine yet fun at the same time. Most figure-hugging dresses are made from stretchable synthetic fabric so they’re easier to put on, take off, and move around in.

Made sure to get your correct size instead of something that’s too big or too small. This is so that it shows off curves and highlights the waist. If the style of your peplum dress is more formal compared to party-like, get pointed heels but if you’ll be dancing, it’s best to choose comfortable platform heels that offer more support. These won’t hurt your feet as much and you’ll be less prone to falling.

Take this fabulous peplum dress from ASOS for instance, it has a pencil midi skirt and beautiful detailing. It looks elegant yet fierce at the same time – perfect for a night out in Las Vegas.

7. Wide-Legged Trousers with a Statement Top

If you tend to keep with fashion even a little bit (or make trips to your local mall), there’s a chance that you already know about statement tops. These have eye-catching elements and usually puffy sleeves. Best paired with jeans, you can also rock statement tops with elegant bottoms like wide legged or flared pants. Not only will they suit just about any other occasion, but they make you feel ready to party.

When it comes to statement tops, we prefer cropped versions that show off some serious curves. After all, wide-legged trousers are usually high-waisted, so getting a longer top would take away most of its edge.

Whether you prefer a full-sleeved, no sleeved, or puffy-sleeved top, you have a plethora of options to choose from. We adore this bright pink wrap top from Forever 21 and think it’s the perfect thing to wear if you’re going out for a night of clubbing.

At the same time, you can opt for something scandalous to go with solid-colored pants or trousers. A spaghetti strap top with sparkly sequins is just one way to go. Need some inspiration? How about this top from ZARA? It has a drawstring that lets you adjust the height and gives a snug fit towards the bottom.

8. Asymmetrical Dress with Funky Heels and Accessories

If you’re in the mood to wear something fast and elegant that can transform from evening wear into nightlife fashion, an asymmetrical dress would be ideal. Often longer from one side than the other, asymmetrical dresses create the illusion of longer and thinner legs.

While they have an elegant façade, you can switch it up a bit with different accessories and styles of shoes. Imagine this; you can enjoy an amazing dinner with friends at a restaurant before visiting a nightclub for a few dances, all without having to stop by your hotel and change.

The longer accent has a classy appeal, but since it’s a mini dress, it gives party vibes that’ll make everyone do a double take.

Strappy heels always look the best with mini asymmetrical dresses so choose a pair that offer more support near the ankles. We think this fuchsia colored ruffle hem dress from Missguided is stunning for late night events and partying.

We think the design perfectly accentuates your face so if you want to accessorize, choose minimalist bangles and bracelets for a polished appearance.

9. Mix it up with Bohemian Street Style

If you thought that there was no place for Bohemian style in nightlife fashion, think again. With so many interpretations of bohemian trends and boho chic fashion, you can build a look with signature prints and still look ready for a party.

Although we wouldn’t recommend wearing festival fashion to a nightclub, dresses with neutral tones and solid colors are a creative way to wear carefree Boho fashion while still looking put together. A good example is this dress from Free People, a leading brand for Bohemian fashion.

It has an easygoing vibe but radiates femininity at the same time. You can layer delicate necklaces for a minimalist look, and add an intricate bracelet so you look classy. Most importantly, don’t miss out on strappy heels that complete the Boho chic attire. We think Bohemian style looks best with your hair down but a messy up-do can work as well.