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The 10 Best High Heel Brands Anywhere

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When shopping for the best and most comfortable shoes for women, look for a pair that fits you perfectly. Generally, women like wearing flats and salads for all-day comfort. But, if you are looking for a sleek pair of heels, there are plenty of reputed brands that design comfortable heels and shoes for teens and women.

The best high heel brands out there are:

  1. Sam Edelman
  2. Clarks
  3. Naturalizer
  4. Aerosoles
  5. Cole Haan
  6. Salvatore Ferragamo
  7. Walter Steiger
  8. Jimmy Choo
  9. Christian Louboutin
  10. Gucci

Continue reading to learn more about each brand!

What Are The Best High Heel Brands?

Heels can be a pain. However, certain brands excel at engineering heels that are as comfortable as sneakers and flats. Through latest manufacturing technology, brands can design trendy yet comfortable shoes.

For instance, Taryn Rose is a brand that designs luxurious and comfortable shoes for work and casual wear. The brand manufactures shoes, keeping every part of the food in mind, from toe to heel. Banana Republic is another famous brand that offers its popular Madison shoe-line that guarantees 12 hours of comfort, thanks to their injected soles and comfort pods at the sole.

Some of the most popular brands of today employ specialized technology, invented by the brand itself or in collaboration with another brand. For example, Cole Haan developed the incredible Grand.OS soles with responsive cushioning, resulting in lightweight shoes that replicate the natural movement of our feet.

high heel brand

What Is The Most Comfortable High Heel Height?

Some ladies feel comfortable in mary jane heels, low wedges, or kitten heels, while others don’t mind wearing heels as high as 4 inches. However, the ideal heel height ranges from 1 to 3 inches.  If you’re simply looking to scour through tons of comfy high heel options then check out then we’d recommend starting with the Clark’s Emmy Pump on Amazon.

How Do I Keep My Feet From Hurting In Heels?

If you can’t imagine wearing a dress without heels, make sure you buy premium quality heels from a trusted brand to keep your feet comfortable. But even if you own the most comfortable heels in the world, podiatrists warn against wearing your heels 24/7. Remember to kick them off twice a day to stretch your toes and foot muscles. Do another round of stretching once your day is over.

Most women don’t realize that their foot size changes over time, especially after having kids. Remember to size your feet once a year, when you are buying shoes by measuring the length and width of your foot.

Here are a few tips for wearing heels without pain and discomfort.

Choose the Right Fit and Size

Choose your size, keeping in mind that different shoe brands have different sizes. Unless you are shopping online, try a shoe to check if it fits you perfectly. Your fluctuating weight also affects your shoe size and can make your feet wider. That is why a few extra kilos mean you will have to buy a bigger size.

When you are investing in an expensive and luxury pair of high-heels, remember that it keeps your foot firmly in place and offers a snug fit. Loose heels can make your foot slide up and down to increase your chances of a fall. Choosing the right size and fit protects you from ripped toenails, blisters, and bleeding.

Shop at the End of the Day

That is common advice most podiatrists give women. That is the time of the day your feet are more swollen from daily activities, commuting or work. When you shop for shoes at the end of the day, you can judge if the heels are loose, too tight, or are a perfect fit for your feet. Avoid buying shoes in the morning do you don’t have to regret buying the wrong size.

But How Do You Make Shoes More Comfortable?

If you are wondering how to wear the best high heels without any pain or discomfort, you need to consider a few factors other than the shoe size. Heels are an indispensable part of our life. But there is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable heels with a fabulous dress and feel miserable throughout a special event. If you wear the wrong heels or don’t follow some basic tips, your feet will throb in pain for as long as you keep wearing your heels and even later.

Some women also experience swollen and achy legs after wearing heels for prolonged hours. But that’s because they choose the wrong type or size of heels which fail to support their body weight. There are many ways to wear best high heels without experiencing excruciating pain. You can add silicone gels that go under your foot’s ball or cushioning from your heel to toes to stay comfortable.

Let’s delve deeper into how we can make our shoes or heels more comfortable.

Choose a Thick Heel

When buying stilettos, it is a good idea to avoid thin heels, especially if you need to wear them for more than 12 hours. That’s because thin heels can cause your foot to wobble around. For ladies who must wear stilettos every day, a chunkier heel style is the best choice.

Choose Platforms

Platforms are comfortable as these shoes distribute your weight across the entire foot, and do not concentrate it at the heel or ball of your foot. The thick and wide heel lowers the risk of spraining your ankles and offer better stability. Choose a platform heel if you don’t want to sprain your ankle wearing a heel. Go for a rubbery material that absorbs the pressure well.

Stretch Your Feet Frequently

Performing routine stretch exercises helps you relieve sore muscles and tired toes. You can also pull your toes up and point your toes down to avoid numbing or tingling sensations. Stretching your feet twice or thrice a day keeps your calf muscles and the Achilles’ tendon healthy. Moving your feet side to side also relieves the instep and the outside of your foot.

Look For Leather and Breathable Materials

If you are buying comfortable high heels for blistered or sweaty feet, avoid buying plastic or any low-quality shoes. Some of the most popular brands of today are guilty of making low-quality heels and shoes. Make sure you pay close attention to the design features and shape of the shoes when you are buying a pair. Heels with a cutout design or a strappy sandal can aggravate your foot problems.

These Are the 10 Best High Heel Brands Anywhere

Say goodbye to toe-pinchers and heel-burners as we unravel the best 10 high heel brands that offer the most comfortable shoes.

1.      Sam Edelman

Widely popular for its classy yet affordable shoe-line, the brand produces a wide range of contemporary and comfortable high heels. Thanks to an incredible cushioning system, all their heels offer a premium blend of style and comfort. Explore a wide range of fringe heels, lace-up heels, suede pumps, and much more from the brand. Their heels come in multiple fabrics, prints, and colors so you can buy a pair for every outfit.

2.      Clarks

Clarks brand continues to score rave reviews, thanks to its funky shoe collection. Clarks (check out the Emmy Pump here available on Amazon) is a trusted name that is immensely popular among heel lovers. All shoes and heels feature an intense cushioning system and come at a fairly affordable price. You will love the brand’s exquisite collection of pumps, block heels, wedges, and slingback heels.

3.      Naturalizer

Naturalizer is popular for producing stylish and comfortable shoes for all types of feet. It is not surprising to note that the brand enjoys a loyal customer base. Naturalizer continues making exceptionally comfortable heels, although their heels do not have as much cushioning as shoes from other brands. If you are looking for a classy pair narrow flats or wide heels to pair with any type of dress or skirt, there is an endless variety of shoes from this brand.

You will fall in love with the patent N5 Contour system that offers plenty of benefits, including good cushioning, a breathable lining, and flexible soles.

4.      Aerosoles

Who doesn’t know about Aerosoles? The brand has a strong presence in all major department stores and enjoys incredible popularity for its comfortable heels and shoes. The brand is well-known for its comfortable and attractive dress shoes. If you are looking for affordable but fashion-right shoes, Aerosoles produces some of the best quality heels and shoes for everyday and party wear.

5.      Cole Haan

Cole Haan has dominated the women’s footwear industry for decades. This American lifestyle brand was established in 1928. Cole Haan is known for its innovative and comfortable shoes that offer a premium blend of style and functionality. Although the brand started with men’s shoes, it is now a leading footwear brand that designs shoes and other accessories for women. You can shop from a wide variety of pumps, kitten heels, and slingback sandals.

The brand is also famous for Grand.OS, an inventive operating system, for your feet which guarantees ultimate comfort through cushioned and lightweight designs. The design mimics your foot’s natural flexibility and offers responsive cushioning to ease your everyday challenges, such as running through crowded workplaces and long work commutes.

6.      Salvatore Ferragamo

The brand was launched as a Hollywood shoe shop way back in 1924. But today, Salvatore Ferragamo’s elite clientele includes an impressive number of Hollywood stars. But we all love the brand’s embellished textures, clean lines, and the use of luxurious materials to create timeless heels. Their wide range of heels is proof of their craftsmanship and manufacturing genius. The Italian fashion house is now among the world’s most prestigious footwear companies.

7.      Walter Steiger             

The Geneva-based brand was found in 1932 by its namesake. The brand is now hugely popular for its offbeat designs and unique materials. With shops in New York, Milan, and London, Walter Steiger continues to produce the most trendy and affordable signature shoes for women of all ages.

Whether you are a true fashion lover or a loyal fan of Walter Steiger shoes, there is a design for you. Explore an exclusive range of leather and glitter sandals or lace-up boots from the brand.

8.      Jimmy Choo

Based in the United Kingdom, this Malaysian fashion designer is the co-founder of this company, which is famous for its handmade footwear for women. We keep on spotting many famous Hollywood A-listers wearing comfortable and elegant heels from the brand. Choo’s fabulous high heels and expert manufacturing processes guarantee comfortable and fashionable heels for all occasions.

Transform your look with the brand’s embellished heels and pair your heels with the luxe notes and sparkling clutches to style a Hollywood look.

9.      Christian Louboutin

If you are looking for a pair of red high heels, Christian Louboutin gives you the best pair possible. The best thing about this brand is that it offers an exquisite blend of cutting-edge and classic design features. You can wear their sandals with all conventional and modern dresses to add a classy touch to your appearance. The French fashion designer is popular for designing high-end stiletto footwear, and his red-lacquered soles have become his signature trademark.

10. Gucci

Gucci dominates the fashion and footwear industry. Whether you are among the normal rich or the super-rich, you must own a pair of Gucci heels to transform your entire look. All original Gucci heels are lined with leather and boast a ‘Made in Italy’ stamp on the shoe lining. You can easily identify a fake Gucci heel from a real one if the heel is of synthetic material and not of leather.


Whether you need a pair of heels to wear for a few hours or more than 12 hours, don’t buy low-quality shoes just because they are cheap. If you are ordering a product online, make sure you know your size well. Stretching exercises guarantee that your feet don’t stay swollen.

Pay attention to the shape of the heels and try it on to know how comfortable it will be on your foot. Check the angle of the arch and choose a soft arch for more comfort. Most women like wearing a front platform as it softens the arch angle. When you are trying a pair at your local shoe store, put your full weight on your feet, and walk around to see if you are comfortable walking in the heels. And if you are trying to find the easiest heels to walk in, check out that article!

Follow La Riviere’ tips before investing your hard-earned money on an expensive pair of heels. All brands we have listed in this guide are popular among heel lovers and produce comfortable and stylish shoes. Whether you need a strappy sandal, pump shoes, wedges, or platforms, there is always a pair designed just for your feet.