best makeup wear with a black dress

The Best Makeup to Wear with a Black Dress

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It seems since almost every other color looks good with black, any makeup color scheme also has the potential to look good with a classic little black dress. But, when you put on a black dress, you want to exude confidence and create a certain positive impression.

Some makeup looks to complement a black dress better than others, and expertly set a tone for the look you envision. If you’re wearing a black dress for a daytime look, makeup that’s more natural and understated is your best bet. Look with a black dress for a night out. You can go as glam as you want.

Makeup is an art form, and while the following suggestions are a base, each look will have to be modified to suit your look. So, with so many different makeup looks, what makeup looks go best with a black dress? Read on to find out more.

Three Stunning Makeup Looks to Go with a Black Dress

Even though you might have an overall idea of the look you want to achieve, knowing how to get there, or choosing the right makeup colors, can be a challenge. We’ve taken the guesswork out of that part for you.

Smokey Look

This sultry look is a perfect complement to a little black dress when you are headed out for a night on the town, a date night, or an evening event where you want to look sexy and exude confidence. But there is a thin line between a well pulled-off smokey eye look and raccoon eyes, so this is a style that must be done with intention.

The main part of the smokey look is, of course, the statement smokey eye. Because the smokey eye is the main piece of the look, it should be accented with complementing neutrals. Making one feature the focal point is the best way to achieve balance.

Since you are emphasizing your eyes with bold eye makeup, lessen the tint and amount of blush, lipstick, and bronzer you put on to complement the eyes. In addition, make sure to apply primer to your eyelids before you begin your eye makeup for a better hold and a better blend.

A smokey eye is usually done with darker shades, like black and grays. But, for those that like to think outside the box, you can experiment with different colors. Browns and purples are also fairly common with smokey eye makeup. If you’re feeling bold, try golds or even pinks.

Jewel tones are also really trendy right now, like dark reds and turquoise. If you choose to go with a red or darker pink, the dyes are very heavy and hard to remove. You have to commit because there’s no turning back once you start.

The key is to accent those jewel tones with the darker shadows to create a blend of colors on your lid. Start by creating a delicate base on your eyelid with a mid-tone, smokey shadow color. Then, apply the different colors you might have chosen. After this, layer in the darker tone.

The darker shadow should be blended halfway up the lid and into the lid shadow. Meanwhile, the lighter colors should appear from the inner lid into the darker one. Blending is key with your eye shadow.

Also, with this look, eyeliner and mascara are important and should not be overlooked. You can layer on 3 or 4 coats of mascara on for a full lash effect, or you can opt for lash extensions for a full lash effect. Be careful about how you treat the bottom lid; however, adding too much here will give you raccoon eyes.

False lashes are also a fantastic accent to finish a smokey eye. KISS Lashes are a favorite of influencers and beauty bloggers because they’re affordable, and they look great. If you’re not confident in your false-lash-applying-skills, don’t worry! Magnetic lashes are made for those of us without a steady hand, and they make lash application almost simple, almost.

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Classic Look

The classic look is a great one for a special event where you want to look sophisticated and effortless. The classic makeup look consists of bold lines that accentuate your face’s contour and emphasize the features you choose to emphasize.

Use liquid eyeliner to get the perfect point on a winged liner. While winged liner can be difficult to put on because getting the right angle can be challenging, there are many tricks to getting the right angle.

For starters, if you don’t have a steady hand, rest your elbow on a table or countertop while you’re using eyeliner. This will help stabilize your hand and wrist while you work.

Professionals advise that to get a perfect look, start in the middle and then extend outward on your eye’s outline. Extend the liner out along the outside of your lid as far as possible without going overboard to emphasize a sassy look.

Connect the liner back to the tear duct of your eye and then fill it in with the liner. Then go back to the middle where you began and draw the liner in going in the other direction on the crease of your eye.

Wear a light eyeshadow, pink or pale orange can work, or a light gold with a light brown touch. Apply the eyeshadow before the eyeliner so that you do not smear the liner, especially as it takes time to make.

Red lipstick adds a level of sophistication to your look. In order to get a full bright color, start out with lipstick, and then go over it with lip gloss.

Pinks, Purples, and Floral Tones

These shades are a great accent for a black dress. Using brighter tones within this color palette ensures a contrast or “pop of color” in your look. On the other hand, pale colors within this color palette are great for lighter skin tones. These colors subtly communicate femininity and romance.

Putting these colors together achieves a look that’s light-hearted and fun. This look is perfect if you wear your black dress to a more upscale daytime event, like a brunch or a bridal shower. (Make sure to check out these important steps of bridal makeup!)

With this look, you can blend in different shades or keep it simple with one shade. If blending a few different shades, put a light shade as your base, apply a darker shade to the creases of your eyelids and then add some glitter or a shimmery shade in the middle of the lid. Lastly, apply a highlight color just beneath your eyebrow in the corner.

Be careful of the combinations used and their placements. In addition to this, be sure to blend well to ensure a smooth look. Add your second tone to the bottom of the eye, in a very thin and blended line.

Apply light highlighter to the tip of your nose, your cheekbones, your temples, and your jawline to make those places pop.

Bronzer is for contouring since the foundation makes your face bare, and applying blush to this look, can bring warmth and life that can make you look rosier.

How Do You Glam Up A Simple Black Dress?

Besides your makeup, there are little accents you can add to your black dress depending on the look and the type of occasion you are attending. The following can also spice up your little black dress besides your makeup.


Your jewelry does not have to be expensive but sticking with metallics or pearls in the jewelry you use to accent your black dress will always complete your look.  A statement necklace can be a nice touch: a pearl necklace or a long chain with a pendant.

But the overuse of jewelry can clutter your outfit. If you have a statement piece or two, make that be your focus and keep everything else simple.


You can also throw a belt in the middle of your dress to cinch in your waist and change your dress’s silhouette. The belt does not have to be a belly belt, but it can be altered to wear at the waist. When you wear a bold belt over your dress, skip the necklace altogether or keep it simple.


You can wear bold color shoes to create a difference in your outfit. Pumps of any color can make your black dress look even bolder. Wearing boots that come up to the knee is also an option for a shorter dress.

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What Color Lipstick Should I Wear With A Black Dress?

The color lipstick you wear with a black dress depends on the makeup you aim to achieve. If you are going with the first look, the smoky eye look, try using subtle lip color, a neutral color like a nude or pale pink.

With the second look discussed above, because we were going for a classy look, you should also go for a classic red lip. Finally, a neutral brown, pink, or lavender color would be nice for the floral look.

Much like eyeshadow, lips can also be accentuated and contoured. Darker shades on the edges with a bright or lighter color at the center brings out fuller lips.

What Nail Polish Color Goes with Black Dress?

Nails, much like makeup, are an expression of the one wearing them. Any color can go well with a black dress. However, it’s important to consider your skin tone, too. A universal tone would be white, neutral pink, or red.

If you are going with a floral look, you must choose a nail polish color that complements the color scheme. Similarly, if you go for a classic makeup look, opt for a classic look for your nails. That is, a transparent polish with white tips, or a black, grey, or nude.

But if you go with smokey eyes, wear a bright, bold color like red, green, or blue. If you’re going for a full-on glam look, gold nails are the only way to go.


A black dress is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. But, makeup and accessories are the keys to completing the overall look and turning a simple dress into an actual outfit. Makeup can be overwhelming, especially if you’re counting on it to pull together your whole outfit.

The looks above are meant to help you choose the direction you want to go with your black dress ensemble. You can adapt them to your style and color palette, but using them as a jumping-off point can help ease some of the pressure so you can focus on looking and feeling your best in that black dress.