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These Sites Shine as the Best Places to Sell Jewellery Online

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Selling jewelry online can be a fun and lucrative business. There are so many places you can turn to when it comes to your jewelry business or selling your own used jewelry. The market for jewelry is huge and just waiting for you to join in for a little bit of the action.

The Best Sites to Sell Jewelry Online:

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to selling jewelry online. That doesn’t even account for the ones that buy old jewelry back from you when you’re done with it. Keep reading below to learn more about these sites and the best ways to go about selling your jewelry.  Check out this article if you’re wanting to buy cheap jewelry online.

The Best Website to Sell Jewelry Online – Etsy.

The most highly rated site for selling jewelry online is Etsy. This large platform has made a name for itself in recent years, becoming just as well-known as sites like eBay and Amazon. People are always on the hunt for unique pieces, which come in abundance on Etsy.

If you want to get into the jewelry selling business, you can have a lot of success setting up shop on Etsy. This is especially true if you source – or hand-make – pieces that make a statement. You are bound to be noticed by the variety of visitors that visit every day.

While Etsy does charge a fee for each listing, it’s possible to make a tidy profit for yourself by selling on the platform. Just work the $0.20 listing fee and the percentage of each sale they require into the price you sell each piece to keep it from impacting your profit at all.

Other Reputable Sites for Selling Jewelry Online

If Etsy isn’t your style, or you want to put your wares on more than one site, there are several others that are well-suited for selling jewelry. It’s possible to find an option that fits all your needs. And if all else fails, it’s easier than ever to set up your own online shop!


Second to Etsy, eBay is always a suggested avenue for selling things online. It has become more than just an auction site for the rare and unwanted. You can find just about anything you can imagine on eBay, including jewelry.

You can list all sorts of jewelry on eBay. Whether you made it yourself, sourced it from somewhere else, or had it lying around the house for a while, you can find a market for it on eBay.

Due to the competitive nature of this large platform, it’s often possible to find others listing similar or even identical things for lower prices. You can still make a good profit on your jewelry by selling on eBay but be wary of low ballers lurking around the corner.


A smaller but easily competitive site for selling jewelry is Bonanza. This online marketplace is growing more and more every day, but still has room for you to grow as a salesperson. There are far fewer listings here than the bigger sites.

Bonanza is also a great option if you’re wary of commission prices from other sites. They take a relatively low commission from each sale at only 3.5%. It’s also possible to import listings from other sales sites like Etsy onto Bonanza at no extra charge.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon has started offering a platform for artists to showcase their wares and make some money as well. This is a nice option if you want to sell homemade jewelry rather than something you’re sourcing from elsewhere.

The only downside to Amazon Handmade is the commission fee. They take 15% of each sale made on their platform. When you think about it, though, that could easily be worth the exposure such a large site can offer to your jewelry business.

Ruby Lane

Dedicated to all things vintage, antique, and collectible, Ruby Lane is beginning to make a name for itself on the web. They have over 1 million unique visitors to their site per month, giving you a wonderful audience for your new jewelry business.

There are set up costs and fees associated with listing your jewelry on Ruby Lane. It’s a good idea to browse the site and the things they offer to see if it’s a good fit for the jewelry you want to offer.


Shopify isn’t a marketplace as much as a way to easily make your own little online store. It offers pre-made templates and easy-to-use tools that make setting up a shop of your own a piece of cake.  An example of a rising jewelry store on Shopify is RebelNell.

If you don’t want to be listed among other sellers, making your own place to sell may be the perfect way for you to start selling jewelry online. You will be responsible for getting the word out about your product, though.

Social Media

Places like Facebook are becoming an ever-popular way to go about selling your wares. It’s hard to find someone this day and age that doesn’t have a Facebook and know how to use it. This may provide a great opportunity for you to grow or supplement your jewelry business.

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is a good way to share and get the word out about your jewelry. It’s possible to use this technique to sell any kind of jewelry, sourced or homemade. If you can get people to visit your page, you’re likely to find more than a few users who want what you’re offering.

Jewelry Selling Tips

Selling jewelry online is a huge business, making over 1 billion dollars for those that participate. It’s a tempting way to turn a profit if you can get a piece of it. Jewelry appeals to everyone. Men and women and children alike all love jewelry and are looking to buy it, possibly from you!

With the wide variety of jewelry being sold online, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Opening a jewelry shop of your own can be confusing if you don’t already know what it is you want to do. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tips for Selling Jewelry Online:

  1. Pick a niche and stick to it to appeal to a particular audience of buyers
  2. Keep up with what’s most popular and stock accordingly
  3. Include pictures of someone wearing your jewelry in listings
  4. Create sets of jewelry for less than what the pieces cost separately
  5. Set prices 3-4 times higher than the cost to you for a good profit

Selling jewelry online isn’t an exact science. What works for someone else may not work for you. It’s important that you don’t give up and keep trying. Look for feedback from outside sources wherever you can find it. You will find your footing eventually!

Selling Your Old Jewelry Online

While selling jewelry that you’ve sourced or made in a marketplace setting is a great way to have a little business of your own, you may be looking instead to get some old jewelry off your hands. Selling jewelry to online buyers can be a risky business, so it’s good to know what you’re looking at.

Is it Safe to Sell Jewelry Online?

Valuable jewelry can earn you a good sum of money if you know how to go about it. You should know how much your jewelry is worth and how much effort you want to put into selling it. Selling it online may be the easiest route, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the safest.

Knowing what your jewelry is worth will save you a lot of heavy sighs and facepalming in the future. There are a lot of people that don’t know the true value of the jewelry they have in their collection and could end up selling it for a lot less than what it’s worth.

You will find tons of stories out there from people who were ready to trash or donate their worthless costume jewelry only to find out they were in possession of something worth thousands of dollars.

An appraisal by a reputable jeweler is the best way to find out what you can get for certain pieces of jewelry. You will have to pay for this service, but it may turn out to be well worth it if you don’t end up getting ripped off in the end.

Where to Sell Handmade Jewelry Online

Again, Etsy is the most highly rated spot for handmade items – in fact, selling goods that are made by hand is how Etsy got its start.

Amazon Handmade is another great option, as is social media. In fact, depending on the quality of your jewelry, you can find your audience on just about any of the reputable sites.

The main idea when selling handmade jewelry in an online shop is to get a feel for the kind of jewelry buyer the site attracts. Set up shop on the ones that are a good fit, give your items a great presentation, and put up the “open” sign!

Where to Sell Your Old Jewelry Online

You should always check on the reputation of any online jewelry buyers before sending your jewelry off to them to hear an offer. Make sure they don’t have a large number of complaints from former customers for being less than reputable.

Better Business Bureau ratings are a great way to find out if an online business has a good reputation or if they have a reputation for spurning their customers.


CashforGoldUSA is an easy to use service that will send you everything you need in order to get an offer for your jewelry. Simply mail the pieces to them and receive an offer within a few days via email. You get to decide if you want to accept or reject the offer and receive a payment or your jewelry back.

Using this service, you can easily sell scrap pieces, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and more. They have been around for over a decade and have a good reputation for paying you what your jewelry is worth.

WP Diamonds

As their name suggests, WP Diamonds specializes in buying back diamond jewelry as well as loose diamonds. Their service is fast and easy to use, but only gives you a single offer based on an evaluation done in house.

They are a reputable company for buying diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and watches. You even have the choice of whether or not you prefer to communicate with them by email or by phone.


For jewelry that is valued at more than $1,500, Worthy is the place to sell it. They don’t deal with jewelry valued at less, so you have to pick out your best pieces to be able to sell to them. They have a wonderful reputation for customer service.

Worthy, unlike the other sites, is an auction site. Once you send in your pieces to be appraised, they are put up for sale on the site, and buyers can start sending in their bids. This approach has the potential to earn you more for your piece than it was initially listed at.


This site is an online consignment shop for high-end, gently used items. They don’t specialize in jewelry, but they do buy and sell your jewelry for you. You even get to consult with one of their gemologists on the value of your jewelry and agree on a price.

Using TheRealReal, you don’t get paid until your item sells to someone. You might be waiting for a bit, depending on demand. If your jewelry doesn’t sell within a year, you get it back. Once it sells, TheRealReal will take a commission depending on the price. The lower the price of your jewelry, the higher the commission percentage might be.


Mondiamo is a newer company, so they don’t have a ton of feedback from customers just yet. They only deal in diamond jewelry that is at least .3 carats, but you can put in any grading report you may have to get an estimate of how much they’ll pay you.

Despite being one of the newer options, Mondiamo is still a reputable place to sell your diamond jewelry if it’s outlived its stay with you.

Is It Better to Pawn or Sell Jewelry Online?

Pawning your jewelry is much different than selling your jewelry. The purpose of pawning any items is to receive your item back eventually – when you can afford to buy it back.

If you don’t want to part with a piece of jewelry, but need some fast cash, pawning could be a good option for you. A pawn shop will hold onto your valuable jewelry in return for a loan that you must pay back before your jewelry is returned.

There are some downsides to pawning your jewelry. The loan you receive will have interest attached, meaning you will end up paying back more than the initial loan in the end. The loan will also only be a fraction of the value of your jewelry, rather than the full worth.

Pawning is a perfectly legitimate way to get some money in a hurry without losing your jewelry for good. It’s a good idea to know what your pieces are worth before taking them to a pawn shop, so you know you’re getting a decent loan offered in return.

If you don’t need or want your jewelry anymore and just want to be rid of it, selling your jewelry is a much better option. Not only will you not have to worry about it anymore, but you will also receive the amount the piece is worth in full.

Whether you should sell or pawn jewelry is truly up to your own preference. One way isn’t better than the other, as they are completely different processes. It just depends on your needs at the moment.

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Can You Sell a Ring or Necklace to a Jewelry Store?

While the big chain jewelry stores probably won’t be buying your necklaces and earrings, there are plenty of other jewelers that would be happy to have them.

Before settling on a local jeweler to sell to, you should get at least 2 offers for your old jewelry. Take your pieces to multiple shops and find out what they’re willing to pay. It’s even better if you get the offer in writing, in case you want to go back later.

It’s also possible to sell jewelry to jewelers in the form of scrap. Jewelers are always looking for fine materials to repurpose into new jewelry that they can sell. You won’t get as much in return for your scrap pieces, but it’s a good way to get rid of anything broken for a bit of cash.

One final option, if you’re planning to have an appraisal done, is to let your appraiser help you in selling your jewelry. They know what it’s truly worth, and they may be able to refer you to a place that would be happy to pay you for it. If you don’t mind sharing in a bit of the wealth for their services, you could have a trustworthy ally on your hands.

Selling Jewelry Is a Great Way to Make Money

Jewelry is big business, and anyone is capable of getting in on it if they have the time and desire. You can jump into the business from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the incredible variety of sites that you can choose from.

Whether you are selling your own homemade jewelry or sourcing jewelry from other places to put in your shop, there are several places you can look to. From listing on Etsy to auctioning pieces on eBay, you have options.

Even selling your old jewelry is possible just sitting on your couch. All you have to do is put in some information, and you can send your unwanted jewelry off for an offer in no time at all. Buying jewelry will never go out of style, which means selling jewelry never will either.