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The 5 Best Bridal Makeup Courses Online

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Participating in bridal makeup courses online ensures that you will deliver the dream of every bride.  The skills you provide to every bride you encounter are critical to her as she plans one of the most memorable days in her life. Making that image reality is the goal of every bridal makeup artist. But how do you perfect this craft?

Bridal makeup courses online are highly coveted to hone your skills.  The 5 best bridal makeup courses online are:

  1. Vizio Bridal Makeup Academy
  2. School of Makeup Artistry: Toni Thomas
  3. New Skills Academy
  4. DonnaMeeInc: Donna Mee
  5. Orchard Makeup Courses

With these distinguished classes available, the resources are there to discover your capabilities and unleash your passion, but how exactly do you learn to do bridal makeup?  Don’t worry, learning to apply makeup has never been easier, and we are going to cover everything you need to know below.

How Can I Learn To Do Bridal Makeup

A wedding is a prestigious, elegant, and formal affair.  It is hard to find any single event more showcased in photographs and formidable in planning.  A bridal makeup artist’s portfolio will be carefully scrutinized, weighed, and measured. 

To stand out against the competition, you will want to:

  • Obtain training in bridal makeup arts
  • Build a professional portfolio and a strong internet presence
  • Demonstrate mastery level social skills in networking and client retention
  • Acquire the necessary business skills to self-promote and advertise

First and foremost, to start your journey in becoming an exceptional bridal makeup artist, you need to have the appropriate credentials.  These credentials can be acquired by taking a bridal makeup course online.

What Is The Best Bridal Makeup Course Online?

When committing to an online bridal makeup course, it is of paramount importance that you select one that will introduce you to the complete skillset that you need.  You want to come out on the other side, feeling prepared with an arsenal of knowledge and equipped with the necessary credentials for your career.

When speaking of credentials, there is no official license to be a freelance bridal makeup artist.  Credentials, as applied to bridal makeup artists, refers to the experience, knowledge, and measurable skills that you achieve in participating in formal education.  Taking an online bridal course gives you credibility with clientele, employers, and peers in your industry.

Instructors have the experience and connection in the field that you can benefit from in launching yours.  A mentor is vital in the fast-paced, competitive world of bridal makeup, and anyone that can speak to your talents will be a valuable asset when you are building your portfolio. 

There are some things you may want to consider when selecting your bridal makeup school:

  • What is the teacher’s experience and reputation in the industry?
  • Does the school teach other kinds of makeup artistry or specialize in bridal makeup?
  • What do the past students say about the school?
  • Is it affordable? (are there payment plans, financial aid)
  • How is the schedule? (intensive full-time or work at my schedule, how long is the program)
  • What methods and techniques will you learn?
  • Do they teach business skills?
  • Will they help you create a portfolio?
  • Is there post-graduate support? (employment opportunities, connections, internships)

Finding the answers to these questions will help you assess what type of education you are looking for and what skills you are looking to develop.  Then you will know what is right for you.

The 5 Best Bridal Makeup Courses Online

Finding the right course for bridal makeup online can be challenging with all of the options that are scattered across the web.  We have compiled a list to help you in selecting a course to achieve your goals successfully.

Vizio Online Bridal Makeup Course gives you access to instructors that are established and connected with over 15-years of experience.  These professionals have created looks for celebrities from Taylor Swift to Stan Lee.  Their names are known in red carpet circles, and their talent has made appearances in:

  • The Oscars
  • Grammys
  • Cover Girl
  • Hollywood Films
  • Vogue

Just to name a few.  Vizio promotes learning from individuals who have had high exposure in the field and set the tone for today’s trends, skills, and techniques.  They are a valuable resource for continuing education of current professionals and can further the development of your craft with four specific course categories of bridal makeup courses:


This is the launching point for individuals who have no prior experience and need to learn bridal makeup artistry basics. This course focuses on the basic concepts and includes a pro bridal makeup kit.


This course serves as continuing education for professionals in the field and those who are ready to graduate from the Master class.  Several subjects are covered in this course, further specializing in your skill in the field and include airbrush makeup and bridal marketing.  Marketing your skills is essential in creating a flourishing business.


This advanced class offers a review of the:

  • Intro
  • Premier
  • Master

And covers the entrepreneurship of owning a bridal makeup business.  The course also serves as a specialized class for professionals that work with elite makeup artists and addresses additional topics:

  • Proper skincare
  • Conducting bridal trials
  • Bridal contracts

Vizio has an attractive offering of courses that cover everything you need to know about starting your career all the way through to marketing and ownership.  Some features of Vizio’s classes are:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Access to classes for a year
  • Access to reputable, famous artists
  • Covers the best products available on the market
  • Professional cosmetic discount cards to purchase products at discounted rates upon course completion
  • Certificate on completion

Toni Thomas has over a decade in the field and has secured her place as an influencer, respected by her peers and elite clientele.  She has written works and is an authority in the field, making her Online Bridal Makeup Course one of the top offerings in learning how to do bridal makeup.

Her course teaches both the execution of the applicable skills and the professional etiquette needed to market them.  Founded in 2008, the course has continually demonstrated its longevity and stability by evolving to stay relevant with current trends.

Some key advantages of taking this course are:

  • Accreditation
  • Course modules that provide focus and direction
  • Modules aligned to ensure you have mastered the concept before moving forward
  • Video tutorials to be worked through at your own pace
  • Practice techniques and methods by completing the assignments
  • You receive a student makeup kit and bag

The full list of modules is displayed in a Master Class Overview, so you know each course’s topic and can have a full understanding of what you will be learning before you commit to your purchase.  The curriculum and experience have earned excellent reviews from past students and comes highly recommended.

If you would like a feel for the class setting, a free workshop in Highlight & Contouring is available.  You can also get great tips and an idea about her philosophy from her blog.  The online course offers a well-rounded education and support from a qualified set of instructors that believe in quality education. 

New Skills Academy provides instruction on applicable skills, marketing, and entrepreneurship to fully prepare you for your career as a bridal makeup artist.  Their award-winning courses cover topics of:

  • Product
  • Techniques for skin types
  • Preparing skin before applications
  • How to conduct trial runs
  • Creating the bride’s signature style
  • Mediation tactics for difficult clients
  • Smoky eye techniques
  • Marketing funnels

This course is designed to develop the beginning artist to evolve into a successful entrepreneur with a robust clientele.  Features of the course include:

  • CPD Certified Courses
  • 9-hour course
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Work at your own pace
  • Lifetime access
  • Support

Donna Mee has a proven track record of high earning and client retention. Clients seek her out because of her bridal makeup prowess.  She has spent a lifetime engaging in this specialized area and is well connected.

Donna has worked with various celebrities and is featured in several publications speaking volumes about her expertise.  Her knowledge and experience have gained her fandom and authority in several:

  • Featured social mediums
  • Television programs
  • Publications
  • Podcasts

In 1997, Donna opened the Empire Academy of Makeup, which boasted the highest rate of working graduates than any other makeup academy for its entire 18-year run.  She closed it to semi-retire; however, the internet has provided a new forum to engage students and spread her knowledge in the form of online courses to assist others that want to establish a monumental footing in the bridal makeup field.

Some of the highlights of her course include:

  • Having lifetime access to the classes
  • Taking the course at your leisure
  • 12 things that customize the bride’s look
  • Key factors in product formulations & color choices
  • Bridal interviews and consultations
  • Monetizing your knowledge and keys to service rates

Donna offers mentorship and entrepreneurial advice classes as well as several other classes to further enhance your experience and skill for a balanced education. 

Sally Orchard provides personalized attention to every student that takes her course.  She is extremely accessible and offers facetime consultations to help you with any course areas you have trouble understanding.

Sally has over 30 years of experience and currently works as a professional bridal makeup artist, so her material is relevant and up to date with current methods and techniques.  Some features of her course include:

  • 6 months of free support
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Work at your own pace
  • Weekly video call to see your progress and ask questions
  • Discounted brush kits available
  • Access to Sally’s private Facebook group

This type of personalization provides a tailor-made program and adds mentorship value that is not found in many education venues in this arena.

Choosing a bridal makeup course online can be challenging. Still, if you select one that works within your schedule and budget, you will have the strong foundation and support system necessary to succeed as a bridal makeup artist.  Mastering the basics is critical in being able to advance your skill in this fast-paced market.

New techniques and products are always coming out. You need to stay connected to these trends and pick an online bridal makeup course that will continue to support you post-graduation as you develop your professional network and client base.

Now that you have done the research for the best courses online and are on your way to establishing yourself as a prominent bridal makeup artist, it is essential to understand how to monetize your skills and the costs of bridal hair and makeup.

How Much Does Bridal Hair & Makeup Cost?

Wedding costs can vary depending on the ‘wow’ factor that one can fit into the budget.  On average, weddings cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 or more.  A good portion of that budget is placed in bridal hair and makeup cost, approximately 5% of the budget or more.

The cost of the bride looking ravishing throughout the 13-hour affair is of vital importance to seal her moments in photographs.  So, budgeting for her bridal party to look like they stepped out of Bridal Magazine is in the budget.  Most bridal makeup artists’ rates range from $90 to $475 or more an hour. 

The cost can vary depending on the time the makeup artist takes on completing the essential steps of bridal makeup, how big the wedding party is, and any extras for that perfect look (such as eyelashes).  The bride will also want to go through trial runs to review different looks to select the perfect one, not wanting to leave it up to chance on her wedding day.  So, bridal trials should be factored into the budget as well. 

How To Monetize Your Skills

Unlike other businesses where your competitors are selling a similar product with bullet points of features, you provide a service selling dreams and perfect images.  How much you can charge is going to depend on:

  • Your portfolio
  • Your experience
  • Your ability to gain a bride’s trust

If you master these criteria, you can charge a higher rate than the competition, and the bride will see the value in paying the higher price.  The bridal makeup artist is unique in the fact that:

  • A track record of experience
  • Confident, visible skills
  • Positive social interaction

Will outweigh credentials or certifications.  Although credentials and certifications will get you the interview, the deal is sealed with your prowess in reputation and skill.  Your portfolio will often speak volumes to the bridal party. And if you want to learn how to land your first bridal makeup client, check out the top tips in that article!

Establishing A Polished Portfolio

Your portfolio will be the single-most item that gains a potential client’s attention.  To catch their attention, you need that portfolio to be highly visible.  The best way to do that is by creating a stunning website that will serve as your online resume.

Most people do their research and shopping online, so a digital presence will sell your skills and make your first impression for you.  Your website should have:

  • Clean looking homepage
  • Provide a showcase of your work photographed by a professional photographer
  • Introduction of who you are
  • Contact Information
  • Call to Action

At a minimum.  Clients are there to see what you can do, so making your work the main focal point in detail is essential.  Another thing you will want to do is create social media pages on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

At a minimum, that feeds traffic to your website.  These sites will also self-advertise for you and lend a boost to your experience and word of mouth.

Showing Your Experience

People love to share wedding posts all over their social media pages.  Seeing your work on other people’s pages speaks more about your experience and theirs.  It is vital for you to monitor these posts and to interact with them.  The more you engage your clientele, the more you will drive traffic to your website and reach your target audience.

Client posts serve as direct referrals for your business.  The digital aged has blessed us with the ability to see what clients are saying about our services in real-time.  When you get gigs, the best things you can do are:

  • Post on your social media pages and website (with permission)
  • Respond to posts on your client’s pages that your work appears on
  • Follow up with your bridal parties to see how their experience was
  • Offer discounts for referrals
  • Follow the pages of your competition

These are just a few things you can do to keep your name on people’s lips when they talk about weddings.  Weddings usually have incredibly long guest-lists.  If you can impress and interact with this guest list throughout the event’s duration, it will serve you well.

When you show up on social pages of ‘a friend,’ it plants seeds of trust for other brides to be if their friend had a positive experience and if they find you available and engaged.

Gaining the Bride's Trust-Selling Yourself

Trust is built by showing a sincere interest in making your bride’s wedding day as important to you as it is to her.  Confidence in your work and how you can enhance her look is crucial.  It is important for you to:

  • Exhibit confidence in your work
  • Convey a clear message of sincerity
  • Provide trials with a personable, fun atmosphere
  • Take an interest in her wedding day
  • Listen to what she wants for her bridal party’s style
  • Suggest techniques to accomplish her goals and explain why they are used
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills

Talking to your bride like she is a close friend and not a ‘job’ will open the door to a mutually beneficial relationship for you both.  Remember:

  • Your credentials will ‘qualify’ you
  • Your portfolio will get the interview
  • Your experience and reputation will plant the seed for trust
  • Your social interactions with the bridal party will get the job

Remember, it is not only the bride’s confidence you need to gain; it is often the entire bridal party.  Now that you know how to build your empire and rates, it is important to understand what costs you will encounter.

Expenses Bridal Makeup Artists Have

To turn a profit, bridal makeup artists need to monetize their skills in a way that exceeds their expenses.  Now that we have given a few tips on how to increase your rate, some of the continuing costs should be reviewed.  The good news, you can start freelancing at a relatively low cost and build up as your client list expands.

As a freelancer, you won’t need to expend costs on a business lease or utilities.  Traveling to your clients or inviting clients into your home has significant advantages in lowering your startup costs.  This leaves the following startup costs, on average. They include:

  • Education/Continuing education $300-$500
  • Website design & social media $2,500-$3,000
  • Marketing $1,500-$2,500
  • Purchasing Makeup & Supplies $5,000
  • Professional photographer $500

Once you have established your business, the only continuing expenses you will have are:

  • Transportation
  • Marketing
  • Additional Makeup Supplies

This sets the foundation for a lucrative business.  Now that you have all of the in-depth knowledge to excel in your bridal makeup artist career, how exactly do you translate this knowledge to a blossoming career?

Can I Make A Living Doing Bridal Makeup?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes.  With a little:

  • Natural ability
  • Training
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

These are just a few ways that you can make a living as a bridal makeup artist.  The money you earn can be anywhere from $300-$400 per day up to $3,000 a day.  The earning potential is there; the main ingredient to decide how much you can earn is you.

Your ability to earn a successful living as a bridal makeup artist largely depends on your ambition, drive, and skill.  We have provided everything you need to know about becoming a bridal makeup artist. How committed you are to your business directly correlates with how successful your business will be. It all starts with selecting the best bridal makeup courses online.

You can create a profitable business that will make you proud.  If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  If you are ready to start building clientele, some good ways to get going is by keeping up on those social media sites and by some networking such as:

Thumbtack & Similar Sites

Thumbtack is a project-based service that lets clients find you and gives you access to clients looking for your services.  It is easy and has the far-reaching capability to get your name out there when you begin your venture.  All you need to do is:

  • Post your profile
  • Post your portfolio
  • Provide some detail on your rates
  • Any specialized information such as your experience or techniques
  • What you can do for them above the competition

Potential clients can reach out to you directly, or you can bid on their project with your competitors.  This is a great way to see what your competitors are doing and how you size up among them, which gives you an edge on how to market yourself.

As you gain projects, keep to your social media postings and building your portfolio.  Soon, you will generate enough business and word of mouth to have clients seek you out.

Join Professional Organizations

There are several professional organizations on Facebook and other mediums that you can join to interact and network with people in your field.  Organizations often offer:

  • Continuing education & new techniques
  • Professional discounts
  • Virtual networking opportunities
  • Events

One organization is the Professional Beauty Organization (PBO) that offers the above services and more.  Support systems and networking are vital in every industry for both novice and seasoned veterans; the bridal makeup artist field requires even more social interaction than other fields because of its nature.

You Are Your Best Success

Experience will be your best teacher.  Getting as many jobs as you can and treating every client like they are your only client will ensure that you establish a reputation that will encourage clients to seek you out.  Social media and your online portfolio will play a massive role in perking your client’s interest, and your social skills will close the deal.

Finally, it is essential to understand that the social aspect of being a bridal makeup artist never stops.  Your business is people.  Knowing how to navigate social situations with grace and confidence, will give you a great reputation and excellent client retention, including their friends and families.  Free advertising comes through their social engagements online.

Interacting with your clients on all social media platforms will get your name out there and reinforce your brand’s strength while establishing trust with future clientele.  You have chosen a career with high visibility and demanding performance.  Establishing and maintaining your reputation will be a 24/7 endeavor but will be well worth it.