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What Are The 15 Easiest Heels To Walk In?

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Comfortable heels are not a myth. They do exist!

However, you need to know the best and most famous brands that manufacture the most comfortable shoes and heels for women.

Women are prone to go for kitten, block or mary jane heels when they are searching for nice and comfy heels. Whether you are looking for heels to match your work attire or need to buy something that goes well with your dinner gown, there is always a comfortable pair of heels to let you dress for the occasion.

What Is The Most Comfortable Heel Height?

Before we delve deeper into the best heel height for you, here is a word of caution for all the ladies out there. Wearing heels 24/7 is not a great idea as even the most comfortable heels are likely to cause you discomfort if you wear them for more than 12 hours a day.

According to podiatrists, you must kick off your heels a couple of times a day so that your toes breathe. Do not forget to stretch your ankles at least twice a day to keep your feet happy.

You can also add a good quality shoe insert to benefit from some cushioning. The silicone gel inserts go under the ball of your foot.

Fashion and style gurus recommend wearing a maximum heel height of 3 inches. However, some ladies can also wear heels that are as high as 4 or 5 inches. Just make sure the heels that you are wearing do not affect your posture or promote lower-back pain.

What Are The Most Comfortable Brand Of Heels To Wear?

Today’s most famous brands rely on the latest manufacturing technology to create the most comfortable heels and pumps. It is also common for different brands to partner with each other to invent beautiful and comfortable shoes.

Here are some of the most famous brands, which are popular for designing elegant and the easiest heels to wear for all-day comfort.

  • Everlane
  • Banana Republic
  • Anne Klein
  • Bella Vita
  • Clarks
  • Cole Haan
  • Naturalizer
  • Aerosoles
  • Rockport

How to Buy the Most Comfortable Heels

Before you buy the best and cheap heels online, make sure you carefully check the height of the heel. Extremely tall heels and unusual shapes will jam your toes and cause inflammation to the ball of your foot.

Examine the toe box’s shape to see if it’s curved or pointy. Don’t buy an expensive pair that comes with a sharp and pointed tip to squeeze your foot. If you are prone to fungal infections, don’t buy heels comprising of hard materials, such as vinyl or leather. Choose a breathable material such as suede or nubuck.

Moreover, your foot-size can change over time or even throughout the day. That’s because some women may have a medical condition that causes their feet to swell. For that reason, some stylists recommend buying shoes in the afternoon or evening to choose the best size.

If you are shopping online, refer to the size chart offered by the brand to choose the best fit.

A large number of today’s most comfortable heels come with padded insoles to provide additional cushioning. Brands also incorporate special features, including shock absorption, arch support, and great traction. Moreover, heels fit easily in your luggage so you can wear them everywhere you go.

(If you are on the hunt for the best shoes for being on your feet all day, some heels are great, but there are also some other options. check out that link to learn more!)

What Are The 15 Easiest Heels To Walk In?

Plenty of brands claim to manufacture the most comfortable and easy to wear heels but fail to deliver the support that you need. Do not waste your hard-earned money on heels that look great but fail to give you the comfort you’re looking for in an expensive pair of branded heels.

Remember to check out reviews from other buyers and refer to size-charts to find the best heels for you or your loved ones.

If you are looking for classy and stylish work heels or to build your shoe collection with easy-to-wear heels, we have the right list for you. Below is the compiled list of 15 heels to help you flaunt your pretty feet without experiencing foot fatigue.

1. Women’s Gandia Lace-Up Pump – Pikolinos

If you are a big fan of commuter shoes, you will love this pair of Lace-Up Pumps by Pikolinos. The heels are not only appropriate for work but also look great at any brunch or evening celebration. The pair is a wise choice for all ladies who like strappy but comfortable pumps.

2. Söfft Ophia Sandal

We love this sandal because it looks great and offers ultimate comfort with an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener. The footbed features cushioning and leather lining to add more comfort to this heel. The block heel comes with a woodgrain-look and makes it an ideal choice for women who are looking for a pair that goes well with all outfits. The 2.5-inch heel is perfect for everyday wear and the ankle straps add a trendy touch to this uniquely designed heel.

3. Calvin Klein Genoveva Pumps

If you’ve always loved wearing ballet flats, this pair from Calvin Klein is a must-have addition to your shoe collection. The low pumps look fabulous and provide maximum comfort to keep your feet happy. Thanks to a low heel height of just about 2 inches and a contemporary design, the heels are ideal for festive summer and spring seasons.

You will love the signature gel pod inserts, which add great support and comfort to this design. The heels are perfect for extended wear and prove why Calvin Klein continues to dominate the industry. Enjoy the weatherproof and slip-resistant sole with every step.

4. Aerosoles Women’s Shore Thing Dress Pump

Do you want to add an extra zing to your regular outfits? You will never have enough of these pump shoes from Aerosoles. The design benefits from the inventive heel rest technology to distribute your body equally, so your feet stay relaxed. The 2-inch heel is perfect for daily wear, and the double padded memory foam insole adds more beauty and comfort to this incredible pair. If you are looking for something that gives maximum forefoot stability, the heels give just what you need.

5. Cole Haan Warner Ankle Strap Pump

The on-trend sandals provide a double-cushioned footbed along with a comfy rubber sole, which makes the heels one of the healthiest shoes available on the market. The contemporary design of the heel makes it a great accessory for all modern outfits. The metallic leather adds another beautiful feature to the suede design, which makes it a great pair of heels to last throughout the day. The heel measures 2.25 inches. That’s just the right height if you are looking for 24/7 comfort.

6. Everlane the Day Heel

Without a doubt, the Day Heel from Everlane ranks among the most loved heels. The elegant design features a wider and rounder front, which is a great choice for all women who shy away from a narrow toe box. Thanks to its 100% Italian Leather, the heels are sure to withstand years of use. You will love the ballet-inspired design and the comfy 2-inch heel for making your feet feel and look great.

7. Pikolinos Java Gladiator Sandal

Pikolinos has become a household name for sandal-lovers. The brand produces elegant shoes that come with exceptional features, including comfortable forefront beds, spacious toe-boxes, and comfortable block heels. The wider heel of this beautiful pair relaxes your leg muscles and is a great option if your job involves standing for extended hours.

8. Naturalizer Women’s Pressley Platform Sandal

The platform design and the 3-inch heel of this strappy sandal will make you fall in love with this pair at first sight. That’s a great sandal if you need a pair of heels to run and walk around for long hours. Thanks to its supportive straps, the 100% leather sandal impresses with its synthetic sole. Now that’s a great sandal for your wedding outfits and evening dresses, without compromising on comfort.

9. Franco Sarto Women’s Rosalina

We don’t recommend this beautiful design if you have a bunion. However, it’s easy to see why women of all ages love these Franco Sarto sandals. The comfy 2-inch block heel is perfect for everyday wear, and there are plenty of colors to choose from to make sure you match the sandal with your outfit.

Made out of leather, the sandal stretches with your feet, which means there is less pressure when you walk or move around. Franco Sarto is popular for creating inventive shoes for women, and this pair is proof of his artistry and the brand’s manufacturing excellence.

10. Rockport’s Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump

The pumps are manufactured using trueTech technology and impress with superior-quality retention foam. The pair also comes with extra special features such as impeccable shock-absorbing capabilities to relieve women experiencing knee pain or shin splints. The shoe’s midsole plate comprises of polyurethane so you can walk easily, despite the 3-inch heel.

The heels have scored rave reviews in terms of durability, thanks to its full-grain leather construction. Just give them a quick wipe down and get ready to receive tons of compliments.

11. Ranbetty Snake-Effect Leather Slingback Sandals

The slingback design is not for the faint of heart. The adventurous snake-effect leather and contemporary design make this sandal one of the prettiest heels currently available. They heels offer the perfect combination of style and comfort. The shoes are perfect for a shopping trip and also work if you have to make an appearance at a fashion show. Unlike other regular sandals, the straps don’t dig into your feet, and you walk around with confidence and comfort.

12. Banana Republic Madison 12-Hour Pump

The pumps are great for all super-fancy events as they make you stand apart without causing any discomfort. As the name suggests, these pumps from Banana Republic will keep you comfortable for as long as 12 hours so you can enjoy an all-day event. The pumps are available in a variety of colors and are fairly affordable.

13. Allegra K Ankle Strap Sandal

With hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers, the strappy sandals are incredibly popular among heel-lovers. If you’ve always wanted a combo of style and comfort, the Ankle Strap Heels from this brand give you the perfect blend. The chic shoes come with a chunky heel, and the ankle strap adds more stability to its design.

Available in more than a dozen colors, the sandals are ideal for all occasions and every outfit. The heel height is perfect, and the open-toe design lets your pretty fine shine.

14. Vionic Blaire Heeled Sandal

Another beautiful strappy design, the suede heels, will win your heart with a timeless design. With its special cushioning features to support your soles and a special deep heel cup, your feet remain relaxed. You will love its adjustable strap, which makes the heel easy and quick to wear. The pair is available in a wide range of colors and specs. Vionic is popular for creating comfortable and elegant designs that benefit from biomechanical technology to guarantee all-day comfort.

15. Rockport Women’s Total Motion Kalila Pump Dress

Women love kitten heels will find this pair straight out of heaven. The chic heels guarantee maximum comfort, while the contemporary and breathable design is perfect for extended wear. The design features a foam-backed textile lining, which makes ensures breathability, and the cushioned insole adds more appeal to the pumps. The full-grain leather is convenient to maintain and clean. The foam lining gives a glove-like precision and superior support to your feet.

Final Thoughts

We love wearing heels because they make us feel empowered, confident, and classy. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take note of comfort when you are buying heels. You can check out the best high heel brands in that article! And don’t forget to consider all the factors we have mentioned in this guide. Strappy sandals, boots, pumps, wedges, and everything else; all deserve a place in your shoe collection. 

Heels are available in vibrant or neutral colors, and you can choose from a wide range of materials. However, whatever you choose, make sure the pair is easy and comfortable to wear.