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Heels for Work: Dress Classy & Stylish

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No matter where you work or if a strict dress code exists, we all want to look professional and polished.  Being put together will not only give you a boost of confidence, but will mean being taken seriously.  Who knew that fashion could have the power to advance your career!

Heels are a classic work shoe for a reason.  They look good on everyone and can be worn with anything, from a power suit to a relaxed dress for casual Fridays.

Even if your company’s dress policy doesn’t specifically require wearing heels, they are always a good idea to have on had.  If you have an important meeting with a client or get unexpectedly invited to lunch, you’ll want to slip a pair on to look and feel your best.

However, we know that heels aren’t always the most comfortable shoe.  If your job keeps you on your feet a lot or you have a busy commute, then you may cringe at the thought of wearing them all day.

Even if you’re able to sit at your desk for the majority of the workday, heels can still be challenging for your feet.  If you work in a position that interacts with the public and don’t have the chance to slip into flats, then finding the perfect heels will make all the difference to your work day.

Luckily, many companies realize the importance of combining comfort and style. New technologies and accessories are constantly being introduced to make sure your feet are taken care of even after a day in heels.

In this article we’ll outline…

The most comfortable and stylish heels perfect for any work environment:

(links will take you to brand store or Amazon to check the prices)

With a range of styles, toe shapes, and heel heights, there is something here for everyone. You’re sure to find at least a few pairs that catch your eye and could be perfect for how you should dress for your first day of work or your current office environment.

Find ways to style them so even the most basic shoes in a neutral color can become a fashion statement which expresses your personality.  Just because a pair of pumps are black or beige doesn’t mean your entire outfit has to be boring!

Many of these styles are timeless and you will be able to wear them for years to come without looking dated.  After all, heels never go out of style and pumps are a classic for a reason.

By purchasing a few pairs of high-quality shoes from the best high heel brands, will save your feet and you’ll get miles of wear out of them, making them a worthy investment.

You may end up loving them so much that you’ll even wear them outside of work.  Jeans and heels are a great combination for the weekend.  You can easily transition a work look to the evening for a dinner date or special occasion with friends.

Does your office have a strict dress code policy? If yes, it probably means that you need to wear heels with your attire for a professional look. Although we can agree that heels don’t determine how professional you look, it’s very important to follow the dress code in some workspaces. For more ways on how to look stylish as a young professional on a budget, check out that article.

But we know that standing on your feet in heels for over 8 hours or even sitting at the desk in heels can be a nightmare for your feet. This is especially if you can’t change into a pair of flats at work. We recommend you to check out our article on the easiest heels to walk in, to be comfortable and still look fabulous! 

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most comfortable and stylish heels that you can wear for work.

1. The Everlane Editor Heel

These are the most practical and stylish kitten heels out there. Just like Everlane’s other designs, these are made from Italian leather that feels soft on the feet. With a little wear, they eventually mold to your feet.

Available in black leather and rosewood suede, this design is great for long work days. You can even pair it with a smart casual outfit on other days. With a great finish and fit, these can last you a long time, and the price is rather affordable – making them a great investment for your work wardrobe.

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These heels offer optimal stability at the forefoot so they don’t irritate the nerves lying at the base of your toes, which results in pain in the balls of your feet. Aerosoles Shore Thing Dress Pumps are designed with Heel Rest Technology that properly distributes your body weight towards the heel. Hence, the balls of your feet carry a smaller burden.

Sounds great, right? They’re available in different colors and textures such as leather and patent, so you get the finish you want. Oh, we almost forgot! They’re super affordable too!

3. Naturalizer Reva Dress Pumps

These Mary Jane heel style pumps have a contoured footbed that provides amazing arch support throughout the day. With a stable block heel that won’t keep you on your toes, Naturalizer’s Reva Dress Pump has cute straps that keep you balanced all day long.

They’re available in a few good colors, but we love the Camelot Suede design, which gives a vintage look. Get these and look stylish all day long.                                                       

(If you are wondering what a Mary Jane Heel is, check out that article!)

4. The Everlane Day Heel

Yes, we already put one pair of Everlane heels on this list, but these heels are so good they need to be on here. The Everlane Day Heel is the one type of heel you can wear all day without tiring out your feet. If pointed pumps are for you, then these are exactly what you need.

These heels have a wider front that reduces pressure from the toes so you can walk comfortably, even when you’re out of the office. They have a firm block heel that provides plenty of support and they’re made from Italian leather that molds to your feet. We should mention that these come in leather, suede, and metallic finishes, and plenty of color options.

5. Nine West Flax Pump

These gorgeous pointed toe pumps are super comfortable and fit true to size. They look best in black with a leather finish. They have a 3.5-inch heel in case you’re looking for some extra height, but at the same time, they don’t put any pressure on the balls of your feet.

So, you get plenty of ‘heel’ to elongate your legs, and don’t have to worry about sore feet either. These super-affordable heels are also available in a bunch of other colors, so making an investment in your work wardrobe will be worth it.

6. Michael Kors Dorothy Flex Pumps

Who said a comfortable, high-quality pair of work pumps have to be expensive? Because these Michael Kors Dorothy Flex Pumps cost only $99 and are very comfortable on the feet. With a heel that’s just a little over 3 inches, you can get longer legs and a great fit.

These heels are available in a bunch of unique colors like soft pink and cashew, in case you’re looking to diversify your work wardrobe.

7. Calvin Klein Gayle Pointy Toe Pump

Calvin Klein’s Gayle Leather Pumps are a total steal. These come for under $100 and in a variety of colors so you can buy a pair for fancy occasions as well. These closed-toe leather pumps have a rubber sole that keeps you grounded and a 3-inch heel to give you longer legs.

A padded footbed means being comfortable from 9 to 5 without getting sore feet. Also, the seaming details and logo plaque on the heel are stylish accents that make a statement.

8. Cole Haan Juliana Pumps

These kitten heels from Cole Haan are sure to make a statement when you pair it with an outfit from your work wardrobe. These are available in black patent and leather, and you can customize the width for a true fit that suits you. A delicately pointed toe shoe for an everyday formal look? Yes, please.

9. Naturalizer Hope Pumps

These tailored pumps are a refreshing take on the classic style that most women wear to work. The supportive block heel means you get plenty of support at the heel, while the broad toe box means less pressure on the balls of your feet.

The V-shaped front keeps your feet balanced and in place all day long for a smooth fit that you’ll love. In addition, you can get these in different colors because they are a great staple for any wardrobe.

10. Banana Republic Madison Pumps

Dubbed the 12-hour pumps, these heels are designed to help you stay on your feet and long-legged for a solid 12 hours.  With a 3-inch heel, pointed toe and a black leather finish, it strikes the ideal balance between stylish and professional.

They have a flexible upper that offers optimal durability, and a skid-resistant outsole that helps you stay grounded. The breathable synthetic lining on the inside means no more sweaty feet.