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How Do You Wear Spanx Under A Dress?

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities look all toned up, despite having given birth or after experiencing drastic weight loss?

The answer to a hot figure under a sensuous dress is not always a perfect body, but Spanx!

Spanx has now become a household name and specializes in foundation garments which make people appear thinner.  Spanx have taken the clothing market by storm.  Even online clothing stores like Amazon can’t keep them on their shelves. (Check out the Top Rated Spanx on Amazon).

It is not just available for women but also men to hide love handles and extra inches.

The miracle garment has revolutionized the underwear industry as the shaping briefs discreetly slims your body. Now you can flaunt smoother curves and a voluptuous body, even if you have a sagging tummy or flabby arms and legs.

What’s great about Spanx is that the product is available in multiple sizes, specs, and designs for women of all ages and body types. From a full-body suit to smoothing bras and waist-cinchers; the world of Spanx has something for everyone.

How To Choose The Best Spanx For Wearing Under A Dress?

Most of us have a hard time losing post-pregnancy weight. It is also usual to experience excess or sagging skin after you go through an extensive weight loss program. But if you know how to wear the perfect Spanx shapewear, you can easily hide your flaws.

In case you are trying to cover up your big hips but have a small rib cage, avoid a high-waisted style under a dress. It is unlikely that you can find a Spanx to fit both your ribs and hips. Choose open busted slips and bodysuits or go for high-waisted styles which feature additional straps.

If you are wearing a strapless top or a dress, choose a couple of different Spanx styles to make your bodysuit. You can also go for a style that doesn’t cover the bra line.

Women who are looking for shape-wear for a short dress or skit should choose knickers to avoid flashing their Spanx in public.

Go for extra firm control Spanx products if you want to make a big difference to your appearance. However, it is important to choose the most appropriate size to stay comfortable and sweat-free. The key is to buy Spanx according to your current size. Don’t commit the mistake of choosing the size you would like it to be, or you will end up buying a smaller size which won’t fit at all. When you buy the right size, the Spanx will taper off where it finishes, leaving a smooth line under your clothes.

Tips For Wearing Spanx Under A Dress

Check out the below steps for putting on Spanx!

1)     If you’d showered, wait until your cool and dry.

2)     Use talc if needed to dry and smooth your skin

3)     Roll the Spanx into an ‘O’ shape

4)     Insert legs and work them up

5)     Pull up high over your bottom

6)     Move around and let the Spanx settle

Fashion gurus warn against putting Spanx on straight after a shower. Allow some time to cool down your body and let it dry. You can put a bit of talc to dry and smooth your skin to avoid rashes or skin irritation. It takes some time and effort to get into Spanx. It is a great idea to roll them into an O shape so that you can work them up your legs. Then pull your body up and roll the legs down. When wearing Spanx under a dress, you have to ‘seat’ your bottom in them. This way it is easier for you to pull them up high over your bottom. Once you are done, don’t forget to do a big wiggle with your legs and arms to allow the Spanx settle into a comfortable and natural position.

The Spanx Story – By Sara Blakely

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You no longer have to deal with uni-bum flat bum shapers as many new styles now come equipped with additional bum shaping features to help you push up your bottom. The effect is a much rounder bum to make you look great under any dress.

Spanx is comfortable to wear because they do not cling on to your clothes. But if you are prone to static electricity, you may have some trouble wearing Spanx under your dress. You can resolve this issue by getting a tumble drier sheet and rubbing it all over the inside of your dress and your Spanx. This tip works wonders for getting you rid of all static electricity.

When you are wearing Spanx, there is no need to wear knickers. Not only will you feel hot but knickers will also add more layers and bulk to your outfit. You can also go for Spanx gussets which are lined with cotton to replace your traditional undies.

It’s best to hand-wash your Spanx accessories to lengthen the lifespan of Spanx. While the brand claims that Spanx is machine washable, friction and heat can damage your shapewear and reduce their slimming magic. However, you can also wash Spanx in your washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. Avoid using a fabric softener. Avoid winging or twisting Spanx and lay them flat to dry.

What Are The Three Best Spanx To Wear With A Dress?

With a plethora of Spanx shapewear products available in the market, it is easier to make your body suit. And since there are many types of dresses, here are three of the best Spanx items you must buy to look stunning in any type of dress. 

Higher Power Shorts

Do you secretly yearn for long and toned legs? High Power Shorts are where it’s at!  We all want to flaunt leaner thighs and celebrity legs under a dress. While you accomplish a well-toned body after spending some quality time in the gym, turn to Spanx for a quick solution.

This style will take care of your thighs and butt, and takes care of your protruding tummy. The higher rise design will fix muffin tops, and the no-slip waistband will make sure your Spanx stays in place, throughout the day. Thanks to a seamless and lightweight fabric, Spanx never makes you feel too uncomfortable and you can easily mover around wearing these shorts.

High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Shorts

This style is great for all ladies out there who don’t need thigh coverage but looking for a tummy-control solution. The high-rise brief offers firm control around your midriff and the entire tummy area while a silicon waistband will keep your shapewear in place. If you want to want to flaunt an hourglass figure in an evening dress, this Spanx underwear takes care of all bulges.

Firm Control Slip

That’s a perfect item for all-over compression so you can look sleek and sexy under any dress. The firm control slip usually features rear-lifting panels for covering you up from all angles and adjustable strap to guarantee all-day and a perfect fit.

How Do You Wear Spanx When Pregnant?

We love celebrity mums-to-be when they look fabulous, despite their weight gain. That’s because most of today’s stars get into Spanx to maintain their celebrity look, even during pregnancy.

It’s safe to assume that shapewear is a woman’s best friend, even if she expecting! There is no reason why Spanx should not be a part of your pregnant wardrobe unless your gynecologist has advised you against it. It’s a great way to feel comfortable and confident throughout your term so you can enjoy wearing all your favorite dresses.

Maternity Spanx adds support to your bump and creates a streamlined silhouette so you can continue wearing hugging outfits in pregnancy. But another thing that’s great about Spanx is that they are good for your back. You can improve your posture and support your spine to avoid back pain.

Invest in the ultra-popular maternity mid-thigh shaper shorts which provide lower back support and tones your thighs and rear. You can also add a few high-waisted pants, tights, and leggings to continue wearing dresses with all the baby weight. Don’t worry about your growing your tummy, thighs, and butt as the soft yarns will stretch to have room for your growing bump.

Maternity shapewear is expertly designed to provide all-night and all-day comfort. There is no bunching or slipping so you can wear maternity Spanx right from day one to your final trip to the labor room.

How Do You Wear Spanx Under A Wedding Dress?

Teens and ladies dream about their perfect wedding dress for a fairytale wedding. But sometimes even the best bridal lingerie fails to make you fit into the wedding gown of your dreams.

That’s where Spanx comes to the rescue. You can find a wide range of bridal bodysuits or figure-flattering briefs to help you feel confident in your wedding dress.  And there are different colors too, for bridesmaids dresses. (Check out the colors you are not supposed to wear to a wedding here.) From strapless smoothing bras to briefs and high-waist half slips; there are endless options to choose from to look gorgeous and flawless on your bid day. Bridal Spanx is available in flesh-tone and neutral colors for a natural feel and look. 

Since Spanx is made by women for women, the creators behind this amazing product know what it takes to invent no-show undergarments. It doesn’t matter if you are a little over-weight or can’t seem to fit into the dress of your dreams. Wearing Spanx will shrink your waistline and reduce inches to tone your arms and legs.

 Available in multiple sizes, specs, and features; you can find all items ranging from XS to 3XL in different styles. Regardless of your wedding dress, you can always wear Spanx underneath your long or short wedding gown to look great on your big day.

Spanx does a fine job at hiding your bulges under luxurious curve-hugging gowns. Your cute and fancy lingerie might fail to smooth your curves, so all you need on your big day is the right Spanx bridal shapewear. You can choose a high-waisted mid-thigh Spanx which comes with side panels and a bonded tummy. Butt pockets are also featured to make your rear look great. But there are several low-back mid-thigh pieces available for covering your low-back area. Convertible and adjustable straps ensure that no bra-straps appear in your portraits.

Say no to bulky undergarments on your wedding day as they might add more inches to your figure. Be mindful of body fluctuations if you are following a weight loss diet before your wedding. Any weight-gain or weight-loss means you will have to buy the right size. Don’t forget to try on your dress before and after wearing the right Spanx shapewear, so you know exactly how you will look on your wedding.

Benefits Of Wearing Spanx

We all know how Spanx shapewear reduces excess skin and reduce love handles. The supporting garments conform to your body for giving you a nice and comfy feeling and offers great support to your figure. You appear healthier, curvier, and sexier in any summer or winter dress.

Unlike the restrictive and poorly-manufactured undergarments of the past, Spanx offers comfortable and premium quality shapewear. Here are a few benefits of wearing Spanx.

·         They make you look athletic and slimmer

·         Spanx give support to your upper and lower body to reduce backache

·         They are available in multiple designs, sizes, and styles

·         Spanx shapewear is suitable for everyday use

·         They are available are for both men and women

·         Spanx are affordable

Do You Wear Spanx With Underwear?


The whole point of wearing Spanx is to eliminate excess bulk. Since Spanx creates a seamless line underneath your dress, it does not add any layers or inches to your outfit. That’s one of the reasons why today’s models and celebrities have switched over to Spanx for looking slimmer under just about any dress. Say no to your old underwear collection and add more Spanx to your wardrobe to look smart and sleek all year round.

Final Thoughts

Wearing black is also great to highlight and compact your figure. With many perfect little black dress styles to choose from and a good spanx to wear underneath, you can rock that figure in no time.

For a small price, you can successfully cover a lot more areas than traditional underwear. If you don’t have time for crash diets or exercise sessions. The simplest and quickest way to look fabulous and forget about your extra inches is to wear Spanx under your dress. Wearing Spanx can make you look ten to fifteen pounds lighter. You can also find Spanx swimsuits and swimwear to enjoy a great beach adventure.

Spanx looks great under any dress at all occasions. No extra skin at the bra line and no muffin top! That’s just what you need to shine like a star at every event, indoors and outdoors. That’s one of the reasons why Spanx continues to become more popular over time.