how to create an online dance class

How do I create an online dance class?

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A passionate dance teacher and entrepreneur is the perfect combination to establish an online presence and reach students beyond the studio. Online classes are all the buzz these days. It is safe and flexible. An online dance class has the potential to increase your cash flow and reach students from the comfort of their homes.

One of the greatest things a dancer can do is share it with the world. To create an online dance class, you need an online platform to host your content and action plan. Set concrete goals for yourself and your students. Flexibility and availability are a must.

Hosting a dance course online is a way to reach a potentially bigger audience across the globe than an in-person studio. In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks for your online dance class and the top online course platforms.

3 Key Tips to Help You Create An Online Dance Class Or Course

You have the passion and skills when it comes to dancing and teaching. How can you take it above and beyond? How can you take advantage of these skills and turn them into a thriving business? Check out these 3 Key Tips to create your online dance class.

(Maybe you need to brush up on those skills. If so, you can learn to dance online!)

Create Catchy And Engaging Content

Be engaging, interactive, and patient. Create content ahead of time. Find out what your target audience is looking for and base some of your lessons off their trending songs or dance moves. Have fun with what you’re doing, and it will show in your videos.

Set Concrete Goals Across the Board

Set goals for yourself and your students. A well laid out plan is a successful one. If you dive into a project without clear goals or a plan of action in mind, things could easily fall apart.

Form a plan to follow, and don’t rush things, or you might miss some details.

Easy to follow weekly plans for yourself and your students will give everyone something to accomplish that produces results.

Be Flexible and Available to Your Students

It is important to always be available to your students. It is important for them to be able to interact with their teacher and make those connections. Because time schedules differ across the world, you could set up a time to be online for any questions or support your students might need.

The 3 Best Online Course Platforms

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy computer genius to build a site. Try one of the top-rated online course platforms to help you every step of the way. These platforms are made to make it as easy as possible to build your site and get your content in front of people.  

  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Kajabi

These platforms are perfect for hosting video content for your dance classes. With customizable features and ease of access, your videos will be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Teachable Values Transparency is an online course platform that was founded in 2013 by minds like yours. This was created by entrepreneurs who wanted to make an income from their knowledge. It was first branded under the name “Fedora” by creator Ankur Nagpal. He knew he could offer an even easier platform that could be customized further with a profitable payment system.

Today teachable has over 100,000 instructors who have joined the movement of online courses.

One of the perks of teachable is you do not need to sign up with a debit or credit card. This is totally free to set up. All you need to get started is an email. Once you have signed up, you answer some of the questions and then start. Teachable limits your students to 10 per class with unlimited courses.

The dashboard has buttons to

  • Sign up for a free live webinar
    • to better understand the platform and how it works.
  • Customize the look and feel
    • so you can design the page how you envision
  • Setup Your Domain
    • This is how people will find your courses searching online.
  • Create a Course
    • This tab allows you to upload your video, give it a catchy name, and upload your course content. This can be as a
    • video
    • text
    • PDF,
    • Quiz
  • Launch your school
    • Let the educating begin!

The platform walks you through each step of creating your content for headache free set up.

(Whether you want to teach ballet, hip hop, or just post a few exercise dance videos, that is the way to do it!)

Thinkific Empowers Entrepreneurs is another online platform that enables the dance teacher and many more to create a space to build their business. Thinkific was created by the partnership of two brothers, Matt and Mark Smith. Together they created the platform that could reach more students globally and create a profitable business.

Thinkific represents over fifty countries with over a hundred dedicated employees and is always expanding their reach. Thinkific gives the course creator full control over how they want to offer their courses.

  • Build your courses
    • Upload your videos.Access the video library for constant access to all of your uploaded content
  • Design and personalize your site.
    • Drop and drag content where you want it, and how you want it. Use pre-made layouts or create your own with the HTML coder design tool.
  • Market and Sell your courses
    • Price your material as you see fit. Offer multiple ways to pay upfront or over time. Make custom coupons to draw in customers and keep them hooked with your creative and interactive courses.
  • Support and communicate with your students
    • Utilize the build in app to create custom quizzes and surveys and start discussions about your lessons.

Like teachable, you can build your courses and set up a landing page. The landing page is what will draw in your customers and convince them to take your online dance class. Customize your page and include your personal logo and color choices that will make you stand out against the competition.

Thinkific allows you to have unlimited students, but you are limited to three courses unless you upgrade your account. As the owner of your online school, there are no transaction fees when students purchase your courses. 

Another outstanding feature about thinkific’s course building tools is the option to set up quizzes and surveys that can influence the way you design and offer your courses to your students. The site is mobile friendly to reach your students from the convenience of their phone or tablet.

Whether you’re new to site building or a professional, take advantage of the free webinars and site training to help you build the best for your online business.

Kajabi Is Simple And To The Point is the all in one dashboard for your business. From the dashboard, access all of your content and tools. This platform is an easy to use system with a minimalistic approach. The simplistic approach cuts out any extras and gets you right to business. This is great to keep in mind when design or technical details could seem overwhelming.

Kajabi prides themselves on a reliable system that is easy to use for the new user or the professional. With Kajabi you can start from scratch or use their generators to build your site. Kajabi keeps it simple by bundling everything you need to run your site on the dashboard.

  • No outside email system
  • Easy built-in campaigning
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Mobile friendly
  • Training courses
  • 24/7 customer support

Start building your dance courses on kajabi with a free 7 day trial, or purchase one of their monthly packages to start sharing your knowledge.

How Much Should I Charge For My Online Dance Class?

Everyone is looking for the best deal for their buck, but that doesn’t mean you need to sell yourself short. Compare prices with in-person studios and other similar online courses to help determine where to set your price. People want affordable courses with high-quality content. According to Thumbtack, a dance instructor typically charges $50 to $60 per hour up to $100 per hour. You want to:

  • Be affordable
  • Competitive prices
  • Offer Coupons or Discounts
  • Cover Your Investment Cost
  • Value Your Hard Work

You have put so much hard work into crafting your course, and you are worth it. Believe in your content and what you have to offer. You want to stay affordable to everyday people, yet you want to charge a price that will bring you profit and make the customer feel like it is worthwhile. With all of the platforms, there are different levels of subscriptions and charges to offer your students. You can have options, like:

  • A Free or discounted course:
    • this could draw them in and make them want more. So make sure it is catchy and engaging, while promoting your skills as a teacher and coach. Everyone loves to save money, so offering a coupon or discount can be beneficial for newbies.
  • Basic Plan:
    • which could be a low cost, one course at a time purchase, or by week.
  • Monthly Payment Plan:
    • for those who can not make a bigger investment right up front.
  • Annual Plan:
    • a yearly subscription with an overall savings amount for upfront payment.
  • Business Plan:
    • for the big groups or classes.

How do I get visitors to my online dance class site?

Getting visitors to your site is all about getting the word out there, aka marketing strategies. With advances in technology today, it is easy to share your course near and far. The platforms have built in marketing tools that will walk you through the steps. However, you can go above and beyond to drive traffic to your course; take advantage of these tips.

  • Catchy Slogan or Keywords
  • Social Media
  • Grow your email list

Catchy Slogans and Keywords Increase Search Engine Optimization

The most popular brands all have a catchy slogan or a name that sticks in your head. This is exactly how you get people to remember you and come back for more. For instance, you could name yourself “the dancing teacher,” or something with your style as a keyword.

The keywords are what people would enter in the search bar on google. Think about what keyword you want to use and use it everywhere. You could even have a specific quote or tune you play in every video. These are things that will stand out in people’s mind and make you memorable.

Social Media Is All the Buzz

Utilize social media to promote your class to friends and family. Encourage them to share by offering an incentive. Create a free and fun dance routine sample and share on multiple social media platforms with a signature hashtag that will lead people to your course. Social media platforms allow you to take advantage of paid advertising. For a small fee, the site will put your content in front of people you may not typically be able to reach on your pages alone. You can fine tune these advertisements to targeted potential customers based on common interests. You can create a group for those interested in dancing and have an email sign up list.

Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list can go a long way in bringing people to your course and keeping potential or repeat customers in the loop. Once you acquire a list of emails, you can easily send out marketing emails to draw in your students. This can be done by offering coupons or discounts on top of basic email marketing. On your landing page, have a place where people can sign up to receive offers and savings. Everyone loves a good deal.

Dance Teach Repeat

You have the skills and the drive; now it is time to take it to the next level. Choose a platform that offers what you need, with less stress. Turn your talent into a career that is not only enjoyable but profitable. Hosting your class on one of these platforms will put your content in front of the right crowd, a place where people come to look for courses just like yours.  You are ready to teach, and students are looking to learn. The sky’s the limit!