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How to Style your Wardrobe in 10 Easy Steps

In Outfit Ideas & Style Tips by shubham JL

Over the years we have all accumulated a multitude of clothing.  But sometimes no matter how much we shop, it never feels like we’ve got a handle on our style.  Even though our closet is growing, there still seems to be something lacking.

If you’ve ever felt this way, then this article is for you.  You’ve probably also noticed that continuing to shop and add more pieces isn’t the solution.  That just makes your closet fuller, more disorganized, and you end up overwhelmed with choice.

There must be a better way that will allow us to have a wardrobe we love and make sure getting ready every day is a breeze.  Wouldn’t it be great if every piece you pulled out was one of your favorites and made you look amazing?

One of the secrets to achieving this is to be strategic about where you put things.  You want to be able to see what you have in one glance and find items quickly.  This makes getting dressed a painless process while saving precious time in the morning.

In addition to your wardrobe or closet, there are other ways to put certain pieces on display so you remember that you own them.  After all, it’s easy for clothes to get lost in a full or cluttered closet.  What’s the point of owning something if you forget about it and never get to wear it?

Another thing we’ll look at is how to arrange your clothes according to the season.  Haven’t you always wondered the best way to rotate your wardrobe when the temperature changes?  Now you’ll see just how to do it so you always have clothing that’s appropriate for that time of year.

The ten steps we’ll focus on are:

  1. Know Your Colors and Organize
  2. Divide By Style
  3. Keep Clothing By The Season
  4. Get Rid Of Unwanted Clothes; Buy One, Give One
  5. Create Outfit Pairings in a Style Diary
  6. Keep Basics Close By (And Keep Many)
  7. Keep Statement Pieces on Display and Ready to Wear
  8. Keep Your Shoes in Order
  9. Keep An Album of Style Pieces to Plan an Outfit
  10. Keep Your High-End Clothing in Good Condition

Once you know how to effectively coordinate your clothes, then you’ll find out ways to ensure you always have the things you need.  Basic items that you constantly reach for should always be nearby so you’ll have to buy extras of those.

There are also tips on how to put together outfits and keep track of them so you have ready-made pairings to choose from.  This will ensure you’re never unsure of what to wear a certain top with or how best to style that skirt.  Reducing decisions will also mean less stress while still looking fashionable.

You’ll also learn the importance of taking care of what you already own so it lasts longer and you get the most out of your investment.  Proper handling of all your clothes also ensures they look nearly new and you are always polished even in a t-shirt.

So many girls fall victim to the same dilemma every morning. They have so many clothes but nothing to wear. In these cases, it always seems like your wardrobe is lacking something, maybe a miracle.

However, it may be that an overflowing closet is making it difficult for you to pick out stylish items and build an outfit. Here are a few awesome tips to wear a great outfit every day by organizing your dream wardrobe:

1. Know Your Colors and Organize

If you have a certain color preference, whether it’s solid, pastel, or even floral, go for it, but make sure to organize it in your wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter if you pick clothes based on what looks flattering for your skin tone, or want to collect a rainbow wardrobe, color organization can make it much easier to dress how you feel. For example, you want to celebrate the first day of spring with a floral dress; this’ll be easier to do when everything is divided by prints and colors.

2. Divide by Style

Some of your clothes are great for an evening dinner, while others are suitable for a movie night. No matter how many styles of clothes you have, divide them reasonably so you can wear what you want at the right time without having to look through your entire closet, not finding it, and settling for something less.

Divide them based on your lifestyle or routine. For instance, most of your clothes should be in the work category if you spend more time there, and others should be in the casual section if you like going out on the weekends. This way it’ll be so easy to pick a dress for a special occasion, like a date.

3. Keep Clothing by the Season

If you live in a city where it’s hot for over half the year, you should organize your closet based on the season to avoid issues with space. Clothes you don’t need during the season, like a pair of shorts in December, can be put away in a storage unit until spring. The same goes for winter items.

This lets you wear a large number of items out of your wardrobe during the season, as opposed to wearing the same jacket all winter and not getting a chance to wear your nicer coats.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Clothes; Buy One, Give One

It’s always a great idea to organize your closet by donating or discarding what you don’t need, don’t want to wear, or doesn’t look good on you. Whenever you’ve worn a certain item multiple times in the last few months, put it at the end of the rack so you can try other things. At the end of the year, donate whatever you didn’t wear.

Moreover, keep a ‘buy one, give one’ policy for your closet. For every new item you add to your closet, you should donate something. This is a great way to limit spending and hoarding clothes at the same time.

5. Create Outfit Pairings in a Style Diary

One of the best ways to not have an outfit to wear is to have different outfit pairings. Whenever you manage to come up with a stylish outfit, record it in your style diary so you can use the combination again. This way, you’ll have a diary of different outfits for types of occasions, and don’t have to try something risky.

6. Keep Basics Close By (and Keep Many)

Basic and essential items like solid color t-shirts, well-fitted jeans, a tank top, and chunky sneakers should always be easy to access. In the case of t-shirts and trousers, always have more than one at hand so you don’t leave the house looking like a mess if the item you want to wear isn’t washed and ironed.

7. Keep Statement Pieces on Display and Ready to Wear

When in doubt, always pair basic items that can never go wrong and you’re sure will go great together. Whether it’s a white t-shirt and jeans or a black tank top with pinstriped trousers, you’ll always manage to look presentable.

Nonetheless, even basic combinations can get old if you don’t style them up from time to time. Hence, keep accessories like scarves, wraps, and statement jewelry on display so you can add a touch of flair to an otherwise simple outfit.

8. Keep Your Shoes in Order

Just like how a few stylish accessories can transform an outfit from drab to fab, your shoes can give you a boost of confidence and make you look put-together. Invest in a decent shoe rack so all your shoes are on display for when you’re going out.

If you’re worried about dust, put a picture of your shoes on the box so you can quickly find which pair you want to wear without scouring through a mountain of boxes.

9. Keep an Album of Style Pieces to Plan an Outfit

No one likes to plan an outfit early in the morning when they have no time and need to get to work in 20 minutes. Similarly, no one has the time to carefully plan the next day’s clothes only a night before. Our advice?

Keep an album of your wardrobe on your phone, so you can scroll through and put together great pieces without physically going inside your closet. This allows you to plan clothes and combinations when away from home and prevents you from losing inspiration that can strike at any minute.

10. Keep Your High-end Clothing in Good Condition

You don’t need to be too strict with yourself. If a certain dress makes you super happy, even if you get only one chance to wear it every year, you should keep it. Nevertheless, it’s essential that you keep these pieces in good condition to avoid deformation and staining.

Keep these clothes in a garment bag, and make sure that it’s in a wearable condition because you’re more likely to reach out for it if it’s clean.

Of course, you can always rely on other different ways to organize your wardrobe to maximize your style. Remember that great style comes from how you manage and organize your clothes rather than what you can afford to buy. Hence, these are our favorite organization tips that you can use to stay ahead of the trend.