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Killer Spring outfit ideas for school or work

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Spring is the time of rebirth. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and you are ready for a new outfit. Between the fluctuating temperatures and extreme weather conditions, especially if you live in the midwest like me, it can be difficult to pinpoint what the killer outfits for this beautiful time of year. 

What are some great spring outfit ideas for school or work?

The key to any spring outfit is cute, light layers. Flirty layers allow you to dress for the weather while also allowing you to take your outfit from work to date night in a few seconds. Coupled with the perfect DIY accessories you will have mastered the chic spring style.

If you are not sure how to start transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring, the key is in the colors and the details. Light neutrals work well with layering and give a spring vibe. Meanwhile, bright floral accessories add the final touch to complete a killer spring outfit.

As we become more aware of ethical shopping practices, it makes sense to keep in mind both items that can transition and DIY accessories. However, if you do need to purchase a few pieces for your spring wardrobe, it is important you feel confident and empowered in your purchase, buying pieces you love.

There is nothing to worry about. We have taken a vast amount of information on the internet and synthesized it to create a comprehensive guide to creating a killer spring outfit either for work or school. The final touch is to simply add your beautiful self to the outfits for instant chic.

Killer Spring Outfit Ideas For School Or Work

When it comes to creating the killer spring outfits for work or school, the key is light layers that can be combined to create endless options. These pieces can be combined to create different looks that evoke an effortless spring vibe. Below we outlined the essentials needed to create the perfect spring closet. 

Spring Closet Essentials

  1. Button-up, white blouse
  2. Crisp, white shirt
  3. Floral Kimono
  4. Printed, Oversized Cardigan
  5. Floral Maxi Skirt
  6. Kimono Dress
  7. Light wash jeans
  8. Navy and white pencil shirt
  9. Khaki capris
  10. Denim jacket

These ten staples can be combined in many combinations to create killer spring outfits for either work or school. The best part is that you may have some in your closet already.  Do not worry if the thought of mixing these stresses you out. Keep reading for three work outfits and three school outfit combinations.

(And if you are wondering how you should dress for your first day of work, we recommend you to check out that article!)

Creating work outfits requires pairing flirty spring vibes with professional attire and appropriate layers because most office building heat seems to be controlled somewhere far away, leaving you to wonder whether your office will be frigid or a sauna.

For work, clean and professional lines mix with floral layers. One great combination is the navy and white striped pencil skirt with the the button up blouse. The skirt evokes nautical themes while the white blouse creates a crisp spring feel. If your office building is cooler, add the printed oversized cardigan for an extra layer.

Another great option for work is combining the khaki capris, white shirt, and the floral kimono. This combination effortless dresses up a plain white teeshirt making it a comfortable wear-to-work option. A flirty floral kimono is a finishing touch, crafting a killer spring outfit.

The third work option is pairing the kimono dress with the white button-up blouse. Kimino dresses are killer spring outfits on their own, but adding the second layer increase the professional chic of the outfit while also adding warmth for cool office buildings.

School or weekend outfits evoke a laid back vibe in the spring. Careful pairing of classic pieces, like denim jackets and white teeshirts, with florals, makes for killer spring outfits.

The first outfit is perfect for either a day at school or hanging out with friends on the weekend. The light wash jeans paired with the white teeshirt create a base outfit that is timeless. Adding the floral kimono takes the outfit to the next level with a boho undertone to this killer spring outfit.

The second school outfit also has undertones of gypsie fashion. A denim jacket and white teeshirt may be a classic fashion trope, but the addition of a floral maxi revives this outfit for spring.

Finally pairing the kimono dress with an oversized cardigan creates a Coachella vibe while still providing enough layers for cooler spring days. Any outfit that reminds fellow fashionistas of Coachella is clearly a killer spring outfit.

There are many more outfits that you can make out of these ten pieces. If you are worried about creating a killer spring outfit with your wardrobe, keep reading to discover the formula for pairing wardrobe pieces the perfect spring outfit that is to die for.

Killer Spring Outfit Ideas For School Or Work

So now that you have several inspiration outfits, you may be wondering how to incorporate other pieces from your closet to make a killer spring outfit for either work or school. With the following formula, you can mix floral favorites with winter staples to make outfits that help you transition from ice queen to spring beauty.

While florals and pastels add the final flirty spring touches, it is important to note that the base of your outfit should be classically simple, able to transition from winter to summer to fall- timeless elegance.

There are three main pieces to your outfit: bottoms, a top, and a signature accessory. While tops and bottoms can both be your flirty spring touches, it may be easiest to add floral fun or pretty pastels in the accessories, letting you transition your favorite outfits from winter to spring while retaining killer style.

Flirty Spring Accessories:

  • Pastel sneakers
  • Kimonos
  • Rose gold jewelry
  • Floral Handbag
  • Muted tropical tones
  • Rain boots
  • Trench coats

 Pastel sneakers are a great way to add a spring touch to your classic school outfits. Light pink or tropical green sneakers paired with light wash jeans and a graphic tee makes a killer spring outfit. These sneakers can also transition to work when paired with a midi skirt, graphic tee, and a blazer.

Kimonos are spring by nature. The light flutter of fabric resonates with spring auroras. Kimonos can be paired with tee shirt dresses, tee shirts, or even bathing suits. Versatile and effortless, having several kimonos on hand can help you transform a classic outfit into a spring killer outfit.

While floral tones are inherently spring, for professional affairs rose gold jewelry raises the sophistication of the classical floral trope. Rose gold pairs the pastel florals with a vintage vibe to create jewelry that can be dressed up or dressed down. Rose gold necklaces and earring make a large statement when creating a killer spring outfit.

Nothing is more spring than a bright floral handbag. Combing this staple with an outfit that is already exuding a spring aurora takes the outfit to the next level.  A bonus for a bright floral handbag, when the outfit changes to reflect summer styles, the bag can easily transition to make sure you are killing it in the hot summer months, as well.

While tropics are often associated with summer sun, muted tropical tones can bring spring to mind. After all, spring is the season where the florals of the tropics are reborn. These tones can be added to any accessory from scrunchies and hats to shoes and nail polish.

April showers bring may flowers which is why a pair of high-quality rain boots is a perfect spring accessory. A pair of nice Hunter or Uggs in a bright color creates the perfect spring ambience. Paired with a trench coat, this is a sophisticated outfit. Not only are the accessories cute, but the rain boots are perfectly functional with spring showers.

Pairing these accessories with simple, multi-seasonal outfits takes your look from casual to springtime beauty. Classic crisp white blouses become spring elegant when combined with the perfect accessories. With a few key pieces, you can take your wardrobe to the next level and create killer spring outfits for work, school, or play.

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DIY Spring Outfits and Accessories

Now that you know how to add spring flair to your outfit, you may be looking for ideas on how to DIY accessories or outfits for the perfect killer spring outfit. Whether you are working toward ethical or sustainable fashion or are simply short on cash, there are ways in which you can use some crafting and DIY magic to add flirty floral tones.

When DIY-ing, it best to start small, within your realm of comfort. Small floral DIY projects allow you to experiment without descending into the realm of the tacky and bizarre.

DIY Spring Accessories and Outfits:

  • Flower hair crown
  • Anthropologie inspired floral necklace
  • Floral pearl bracelet
  • Floral patterned scarf
  • Floral wool hat transformation
  • Felt floral barrettes.

Nothing is more spring or bohemian than a floral headband. With a trip to the local craft store for some wire, flowers and ribbons, you can create a floral favorite in less than an hour. The customizable features, flowers and ribbon colors, helps you create a look that no one can steal.

Another quick internet search can show you how to DIY an Anthropologie inspired floral necklace with a few supplies and some patience. The same can be said for making a floral pearl bracelet or even sewing a patterned scarf.

If those seem to be above your crafting level, these last two DIY accessories are perfect for you. Stumbled upon some to die for felt flowers? Hot glue them to a metal barrette for an instant spring hair accessory.

Likewise, if you are wanting to transition that super cute wool hat into a spring accessory, simply tie a floral scarf to the hat for the perfect hat for spring.

With all of these tips, you will have all of the tools to create a killer spring outfit. With ten simple pieces, you can mix and match to create a spring wardrobe that is to die for. Mixing classic spring accessories with classic outfits will help you elevate your style while adding DIY accessories will add one of a kind couture vibe.

With these tips and tricks, every outfit you step out in this summer will be one of a kind. Your style will be designer sleek, making this the best spring yet.