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7 Best Training Courses to Learn Microblading Online

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The beauty industry is constantly reinventing itself and the trends that come along with it. One notable trend surrounds the eyebrow. That’s right, even those two lovely brows resting atop your forehead have their own trend! From unibrows to heavily plucked eyebrows, the style surrounding eyebrows has evolved ever so constantly.

One of the most popular methods of maintaining your eyebrows, or better known as keeping your eyebrows “on fleek” is through microblading. This involves creating a fuller eyebrow look with the help of semi-permanent make-up. With this becoming such a popular cosmetic trend, many are interested in learning how to microblade themselves. 

Luckily, there are hundreds of training courses you can learn microblading through, all from the comfort of your own home! Here are 7 of the best training courses to learn microblading online. 

What Is Microblading?

Even if you do consider yourself to be a guru on all things beauty, it’s completely normal to be unsure of exactly all that is involved in microblading. After all, it is a fairly new trend compared to the latter methods of grooming eyebrows. Best of all, it provides you the result of natural-looking eyebrows in a quick, hassle-free way!

“The semi-permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows that look totally natural, microblading might just be the hassle-free solution to spending hours penciling in your eyebrows only to get the shape so completely wrong.”


The most common misconception about microblading is that it is the same as tattooing your eyebrows. While this is true to a certain extent, there are still a few differences that set both procedures apart. The biggest difference is in the way it is applied to your eyebrows. Tattooing your eyebrows involves the needles penetrating the deep layer of your skin.

If you’re extremely afraid of needles, you’ll be happy to know that microblading is nowhere near as painful as tattooing. Whether you’re in the chair or the one doing the microblading, the process of microblading itself is quite a delicate one at that.

For starters, microblading uses a very fine nib with several needles that only penetrate the top surface of your skin. The needles used in microblading don’t penetrate the deep layers of the skin, but rather lightly poke the surface of the skin to create a permanent look without the pain or permanent marking of a tattoo.

Another difference between microblading and tattooing, is the time microblading eyebrows last. Microblading is not permanent and typically begins to fade within 12 to 18 months. For more information about microblading and the ease it adds to your beauty routine, visit Elle’s comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about eyebrow microblading here

How Can I Learn To Do Microblading?

With the craze surrounding microblading and eyebrows in general, it’s no wonder that many are curious to learn just how much goes into learning how to do microblading. While learning may not be the easiest part, as with learning anything new, getting access to training is.

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of options when it comes to training as well as the expense. Although microblading is a hands-on method, it is very much possible to learn and train to do it online. You can even microblade from home, in fact, the most efficient method of learning and training to do microblading is through an online course, and there’s no limit to those either.

World-renowned beauty academies, institutes, and even online course platforms like, Coursera, Udemy and some of our favorites through experts are putting them on teachable and thinkific. Offering online classes for microblading and other certifications such as nail technician courses and countless more.  There are also branded sites out there with excellent course options and certificates to help you show off your achievement and give you street cred. 

In order to keep this as simple as possible, we’ll spoil you right here with the list of the Best Training Courses to Learn Microblading Online:

  1. Sassy Wink Academy Microblading Training 
  2. Om Design Microblading Academy 
  3. PhiBrows Microblading Certification Course
  4. MyBrow Online Academy
  5. 3D Brows Microblading Classes
  6. House Of Brows Microblading Training Course
  7. Learn Microblading Online

So, how does one learn to do microblading? 

Well, the first step is to figure out how much training is required, as well as what steps are involved in that. With many professions in the beauty industry, there are those that require certifications, and there are others that don’t. We’ll get into the details of certification later on in this article, but for now, consider thinking about how far you want your training to go.

The next thing to do is explore what training options you have both online and in-person and what you will need to be able to participate in training courses fully. These necessities can include microblading tools, training and course fees, and access to classes, particularly to the online platform you will receive training through. 

With so many options out there, there are so many ways you can learn to do microblading and even great bits info like tips on how to do microblading at home.  As you search for a course and training options, be sure to verify that wherever you receive training is certified and licensed to practice and teach microblading. Overall, if you’re eager and passionate enough to learn, the rest will be a breeze!

The 7 Best Training Courses to Learn Microblading Online

There are so many courses through which you can learn microblading, and the majority of them are online, making the process of training even easier.

With that being said, the abundance of learning options can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what qualities to look for in a microblading course or beauty academy that offers training. 

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a good training course online, but you also don’t want to take training from somewhere that’s not reputable or worthy of your money. Remember, this is solely for you, and you deserve the best training there is out there. 

To save you the time and hassle of looking for training courses, consider exploring 7 of the best courses to learn microblading online below. 

1. Sassy Wink Academy Microblading Training

First up on the list is Sassy Wink Academy. This amazing course offers microblading training through its virtual platform comprised of 50+ training videos detailing the basics of microblading and how to apply what you’ve learned to the actual procedure. Sassy Wink Academy offers both a Professional Microblading Training and a Microblading Essentials Training

The Microblading Essentials Training course offers you the basics of microblading:  how to apply different hair stroke patterns, how to skillfully apply all training acquired to the actual procedure of microblading and master the art of designing eyebrows to complement certain facial structures. 

Those who have already completed the microblading essentials training are eligible to apply for the extensive training course. The most advanced microblading course offered, the professional microblading training, starts at a whopping $997 which is worth every cent.

The Professional Microblading Training is for those who would like a more in-depth approach to the more advanced techniques involved in microblading and, most importantly, would like to be able to apply their skills to a live model. 

In this course, you will learn more about how to work through common issues and mistakes, be able to work on live models as well as synthetic skin, and brush up on skills learned through the essential training course, to name a few.

The lead trainer for this course is Amber Arrington, an esthetician professional with over 20 years of licensed experience. You can read more about Amber Arrington and the Microblading Training courses here.

2. Om Design Microblading Academy

In the OM Design’s Online Microblading course, you can expect to gain the skills necessary to become an expert at microblading, the online training needed to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Om Design Academy, and the experience to go on and start your own business one day!

The Om Design Microblading Academy is well regarded amongst former students and experts in the beauty industry. It’s master instructor, Lisa Om is an expert in the beauty industry and is highly certified, given her 20+ certifications from institutes and academies around the world.

In addition to being a master instructor, Lisa also holds the titles of founder and business leader of the Om Design Academy. You can read more about Lisa here.

Om Design’s microblading course is packed full of content, tools necessary to complete the course, and ongoing opportunities available beyond the training offered. The course is split into 5 sections that each cover their own various topics pertaining to microblading as well as starting a business. 

They are as follows:

  • Section 1 — this is the introductory section of the course and takes you through all of the basics from learning all about the anatomy of the skin and eyebrows, pigments, and color theory to sanitary practices, precautions, and aftercare following microblading procedures. 
  • Section 2 — in this section of the course, you’ll dive deeper into the aesthetics of microblading, such as brow styles and shaping, pigment types and colors, and how microblading works on different skin and hair types. 
  • Section 3-4 — this is the part of the course, you will be anticipating the most, as it’s where most of the actual hands-on training will occur. That’s right; you will finally get to apply what you’ve learned and begin microblading training! You will learn everything you need to know from setting up a workstation to microblading successfully on a step-by-step basis.
  • Section 5 — last but not least, this section is an overview of taking your skills to the next step and putting them towards a high-paying business venture. This section offers marketing and branding advice, as well as how to remain successful in the industry after your training.

In addition to these courses and training, you will also receive an Om Design customized kit with all the supplies you will need for training and access to a community of students also taking the course. For more information about the Om Design microblading course, visit here.

3. PhiBrows Microblading Certification Course

The PhiBrows Microblading Certification course is also one that is top-rated. This course is offered through the PhiAcademy and can be completed fully online through the Craft Master app. Through this 6-month long course, you will have the luxury of learning how to do microblading all the tips of your fingers!

This course, in particular, is unique, being as though it can be fully completed through a mobile/tablet app. Through the app, students are able to receive training, communicate with instructors, and listen to lectures and videos, up until they complete all 11 different levels of the course. Once this is completed, you will be able to obtain certification.

Benefits with training online through the app include sparing the costs of commuting, conveniently learning and training on your own time, and receiving help whenever you need it. With the course, you will receive a premium training kit worth $1,200 that is fully packed with premium supplies you can use during and beyond your training.

The cost of training through the PhiBrows microblading certification course is roughly $1,800. If you’re not fond of dropping that amount of money all at once, the PhiBrows does offer financing for those paying with PayPal Credit. For more information about the course, visit here

4. MyBrow Online Academy

In six months or less, you can be on your way to becoming a certified microblading artist through MyBrow Online Academy’s Online Microblading and Manual Microshading course. At the cost of just $457.00, you will be able to receive adequate training for a relatively low price. The cost of gaining lifelong skills, however, is priceless!

Based in Georgia, MyBrow Online Academy’s course is comprised of 12 modules or lessons that each follow a certain aspect of microblading as well as how to start and run a microblading business successfully.

Some of the topics covered throughout each of the modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety and sanitation procedures
  • Skin and color theory
  • Brow symmetry and eyebrow mapping
  • Microblading techniques
  • How to set up a workstation
  • Marketing strategies to build and grow your own business 

Before you register for the course, it is required that you complete two required prerequisites: Blood Borne Pathogens course and a Basic First Aid course. These courses can be completed each for a fee from anywhere that is accredited. You can also take these courses in-person or online, whichever you prefer. 

Once you’ve completed the prerequisites, all you simply have to do and send your certificates from both courses to the academy, and once they are accepted, you’re free to register for microblading training.

Likewise, before you can receive certification after completing all modules of the course, you must have a least 100 hours of practice 1 month from the enrollment date. For more information about the course, visit here.

5. 3D Brows Microblading Classes

The 3D Brows Academy, based in Utah, offers online microblading training and classes completely online. Through the online training available through the academy, you can become a fully certified microblade artist in as little as 6 to 12 months! 

Through the classes offered at 3D Brows Academy, you will learn all the basics and fundamentals of microblading and everything that falls under that. From learning how to master the technique of shading to tattoo removal even, you’ll take an in-depth approach to learn all the basic essentials of microblading. 

Once you’ve completed the course and all training within that, you will be eligible to receive an assessment-based certificate that proves to all and any of your future clients you are a certified microblade artist. 

Behind this wonderful course is a team of dedicated professionals of the beauty industry as well as a family-owned business dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to those interested around the world.

The founder of the 3D Brows Academy, Patty Willardsen, has many years of experience as a trainer and is an expert in the field of microblading. You can read more about Patty and the team behind the academy here. To learn more about 3D Brows Academy, visit here

6. House Of Brows Microblading Training Course

The House of Brows beauty center, based in Conyers, Georgia, offers an affordable Online Microblading Training Course at $598, and for a limited time, you could even take the course for just $499. The Online Microblading Course offers students the chance to learn all the essentials of a live microblading course completely online.

When taking the course online, it is believed that you will have the opportunity to learn more over a longer course versus the limited amount of time you would have to learn techniques if you took a class in person. With the course offered by House of Brows, you have the luxury of taking 6 months to as long you wish to complete the course.

By taking more time to complete the course, you give yourself the benefit of fully mastering certain microblading techniques taught. This will not only allow you to master certain skills, but it will also allow you to retain the information better.

Through each of the modules of the course, you are expected to learn all aspects of microblading as well as microblading techniques. You will also have hands-on training, something that is often confusing with an online course, but rests assured, it is possible.

In fact, you are required to complete training via pictures and videos before becoming certified. 

Included in the course is access to House of Brows’ training platform for 6 months, a student microblading kit valued at $99, and lifetime support from the wonderful instructors at the academy. For more information about this online microblading course, visit here

7. Learn Microblading Online

Through Learn Microblading Online’s microblading training, you can be on your way to becoming a microblading technician in no time! Learn Microblading Online is self-described as “America’s #1 Microblading Academy” and offers a comprehensive course outlining just about everything you need to become a certified microblading technician.

If you have no experience, fear not, this course is perfect for beginners and experts alike. As with all of the courses mentioned previously, you don’t need any experience to partake in training. The online master classes offered by Learn Microblading Online are easy to follow and broken down for your convenience.

The course is split into three separate chapters, each with 6 to 8 lessons. The chapters and lessons are as follows:

  • Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Microblading
  • Chapter 2 Health & Safety
  • Chapter 3 Hands-on Training

In the first chapter, you will take a walk through all of the essentials of microblading, including tools and standard procedures, types of blades and pigments, and how to complement certain skin undertones, to name a few. 

The second chapter walks you through the health and safety aspects of microblading, such as health and safety regulations, how to perfect certain brow shaping techniques, and you will also have access to a full step-by-step microblading procedure. Last but not least, in the third chapter, you will get the actual hands-on experience. 

Hands-on training will include showcasing and improving your skills on a latex demo as well as a live demo. This is where you will put the techniques you’ve learned into practice and actually begin microblading. Exciting right? For an additional fee, you can access additional premium topics. For more information on this course, visit here

Do I Need To Be Certified To Do Microblading?

When it comes to becoming certified in the beauty industry, the process and requirements can vary based on the state you live and work in. The most important thing, however, is distinguishing the difference between licensing and certification. One is required while the other is optional or only required under certain circumstances.

You do need to be certified to do microblading, but you DO NOT need to be licensed to do microblading. You only need to obtain licensing if you plan on opening your own beauty salon or spa, or your state requires you to be licensed. As far as simply being able to work on clients, that only requires certification.

Any type of accredited course or training program for microblading requires you to complete all courses, practice hours, and requirements before obtaining a certificate. To become a certified microblade artist, you must enroll in an accredited training program and prove that you are adequately trained to become certified. 

By becoming certified to do microblading, you can give clients peace of mind knowing that you have completed all training required and are fully qualified to do microblading. 

When it comes to licensing, this is something offered through your state, and the requirements for obtaining it can be a bit unclear, depending on your location. For this reason, it’s recommended that you do some research on your state’s licensing requirements before moving forward.

For more information on certification/licensing, visit here

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make?

Whether you plan on working as a solo microblading artist or with a company in the beauty industry, it’s worth learning the rates that are charged on average for microblading sessions. Taking this simple number into account will help to give you an idea of just how much you can make as a microblading artist.

To the surprise of many, you can actually make a lot as a microblade artist, and not just a couple thousand either, more like a hundred thousand or more! Because microblading is one of the biggest growing trends in the world, there are plenty of clients available who are desperate to partake in the trend. Even better, they are willing to pay big!

The average microblading session ranges from $250 upwards to $800, and this isn’t even how much you are expected to charge, this is how much clients are willing to pay. Think about it; this means that you could make anything between $1,000 to $3,500 and even more, all in one day.

“The average rate for a microblading session is about $400 hourly, so if you’re taking into account a two-hour session, you could make $800 on a single microblading procedure. Bring in two clients a day for 2-hour procedures, and you’re looking closer to $1,600 daily.”

Source: Elite Beauty Society

Needless to say, microblading artists make a lot of money, and best of all, there is no limit to that income, as there will always be a client willing to pay for this booming trend. For a better picture of just how much money you could potentially make as a microblading artist, visit here.

Are You Ready To Become A Microblader?

By now, you’ve probably thought to yourself, why didn’t I ever think about this before? Microblading is an industry worth getting into, and what better way to do that than now? You have the ease of training online, and at your convenience, and best of all, you can take as much time as you please.

With so many options available for training and becoming certified, microblading is something just about anyone can uptake. It doesn’t matter your level of experience either, as long as you have confidence in yourself, your skills, and, most importantly, your potential to succeed, you will be pleasing clients in no time. 

So, are you ready to become a microblader? 

If you are, consider enrolling in one of the courses described and working your way up to financial freedom doing what you love! With the skills obtained through one of the many training platforms available online, doing so will be easier than ever.