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Learning to Apply Makeup Online Was Never Easier!

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There’s no question that online learning has quickly become the standard and most sought after option for anyone looking for advanced education or to learn and acquire new skills. You can learn just about anything online these days, and learning to apply makeup is no exception.

How do I learn to apply makeup online? Choose an online makeup course to learn everything from basic applications, contouring, highlighting, shadow techniques, airbrushing, and so much more. Online makeup courses are one of the most efficient and accessible ways to take your makeup skills to the next level. Regardless of your experience level, there is an online course geared to help you learn.

Online makeup courses are a great way to learn the ins and outs of makeup techniques wherever and whenever you’d like. The convenience and flexibility these courses offer make them the perfect choice no matter what your makeup dreams may be.

Whether you are looking to learn how to apply your own makeup beautifully, or your dream is to become a professional makeup artist and launch a new career, online makeup courses are a great way to learn, develop, and master your skills.

How Can I Learn to Do Makeup?

There are so many ways to learn how to do makeup, and ultimately your end goals will determine which method is right for you. Makeup artistry is a creative skill set that requires education, training, and practice.

It is important to remember when you first start out, that many of the techniques and movements, such as blending, contouring, and feathering brushes, take a lot of time practicing and getting used to. Remember not to get discouraged after your first few applications.

Traditional in-person makeup classes can be found in a variety of places. Some cosmetology schools offer makeup artist certification, for example. Professional makeup artists offer private one-on-one coaching and makeup tutorial application appointments.

You can also find brand-specific classes taught by representatives at your local beauty supply store. These options may not be for everyone and are only available during the schedule the school or the store has available.

Social media platforms are a useful resource for finding video tutorials that cover just about every niche and topic there is in makeup artistry. Makeup gurus share their tips and tricks on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, from creating the perfect smokey eye to flawless foundation coverage.

No matter what your preferred style is, there is no doubt that there is a guru for you. Of course, when browsing social media, it is always helpful to have some idea of what you’re looking to learn. These types of quick lessons and instruction can be overwhelming to a beginner.

While these are all valuable ways to learn makeup application, learning makeup artistry online is an excellent marriage of the benefits these more mainstream and traditional methods have to offer.

Can I Learn Makeup Online?

You sure can! In fact, online makeup courses can offer the structure and in-depth foundations that you find in traditional in-person classes along with the flexibility and convenience of the social media makeup tutorial videos.

These types of classes can be introductory classes, masterclasses, bridal makeup courses, specialty classes, and even full-blown academies. The cost of these classes ranges and can be monthly subscriptions, payment plans, or one-time payment investments.

Having more options means you can learn as you go. There are classes available just on the proper tools and how to use them. Foundational courses are particularly helpful if you are especially new to the makeup artist category.

You can also focus your learning on areas of specific interest such as skincare, or lip and brow techniques if you have a particular skill set you are looking to improve or develop. Most online schools offer you long-term or lifetime access to your lessons, so you always have the information at your fingertips for refreshers and to practice, practice, practice.

Taking your learning online also allows you to learn from the best, and the right fit for you, no matter where the teacher is located. You can fall in love with a makeup academy in another country or a signature technique from an artist 1000 miles away. Thanks to online education, you are still able to learn from and be trained by them.

The online education space keeps getting more accessible and user-friendly for both students and teachers. So if you are looking to become a beauty expert, learn about make-up or even wanting to get certified as a nail technician you can find endless beauty courses online. There are more online makeup classes available now than ever before.

How Do Beginners Put on Makeup?

Like many things, there is an order or general roadmap to follow when applying makeup.  Breaking the process down into simple steps is an excellent way for beginners to get started and to begin building their confidence and learn the foundations of makeup application.

Great makeup always starts with great skincare. The skin is your canvas. The better quality canvas you have to work on, the better your results will be. Make sure the face has been properly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized.

Once you have properly prepped the skin, you will start by applying face makeup first. The recommended order for this application is:

  1. Primer
  2. Color Correction
  3. Concealer
  4. Foundation
  5. Bronzer, Highlighters, Blush.

(You can check out our article on the best make-up brushes to apply the make-up mentioned above!)

After you have completed these steps, you can move on to creating the look for the eyes. Follow these steps when applying eye makeup.

  1. Eyebrows
  2. Shadow
  3. Liner
  4. Mascara

Finally, you can move on to the lips. It is recommended to line the lips with a lip liner to keep the lipstick from smearing or bleeding outside of the lip line. Once you have finished lining the lips, apply your favorite lipstick.

Setting your makeup application is a crucial step to ensuring the longevity of the work you have invested your time in creating. Setting sprays come in a variety of finishes and work to help prevent the makeup from slipping or wearing off throughout the day or night.

Remember to practice proper makeup removal techniques at the end of the day to continue the best skin care practices. This will keep your face looking its best and your makeup looking even better.

Source: LorealParisUSA.com

Is Online Makeup Academy Legit?

Online makeup academies offer a range of different certifications and diplomas. There are many legitimate online makeup classes out there for you to choose from.

Like anything, research and due diligence go a long way. Not all online makeup academies are accredited, and unfortunately, as it is with almost everything on the internet, some of these schools aim to take advantage of a novice artist.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a quality online makeup academy and to help you weed out some of the imposters.

  1. Hands-on Assignments and Feedback– To improve and grow your skills, you must practice the techniques you are learning. Make sure that the school you are looking into has clear directives on how assignments will be assigned and how you will be receiving feedback from your instructors. Without knowing where and how to improve, your education will not do anything to help you grow.
  2. Read the Reviews– This is where due diligence comes in. Make sure you take the time to read multiple reviews across different platforms. Look out for suspicious activity such as numerous reviews using the same language, or a lot of reviews on a Facebook page but not many followers. Take the time to read longer reviews that tend to offer a balanced opinion on the pros and cons of the academy.
  3. Talk to a live person- Even though your education will be online, accredited, and quality schools run their businesses professionally. This means that you should be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone. If there is limited customer service available, that is generally an indication that the school isn’t fully committed to the success of their students. Call your prospective academies and ask all of your questions and make sure to address any concerns you may have.

For a compiled and researched list of the best online makeup courses, be sure to check out this article.

Does Sephora Do Makeup Classes?

Sephora is a favorite amongst beauty lovers and pros everywhere. One of Sephora’s offerings is their Beauty Insider program. This membership is free and allows you to earn and redeem points for the money you spend in their stores.

One of the perks on their Beauty Insider program is free education. You can attend free beauty classes in any of their stores nationwide.

These classes range in topics from skincare to eyeliner techniques, and makeup trends. You can find and sign up for these classes online.

There are a wide range of techniques available to learn, and because Sephora carries so many well-known and diverse brands, you can gain exposure to a wide range of tools, techniques, and product lines.

Sephora’s makeup classes are geared to the general public and are an excellent way for beginners to start learning new things. To search and find courses and events at your local Sephora storefront, visit Sephora’s website.

Does MAC Offer Makeup Classes?

MAC offers a variety of different kinds of makeup courses with the main focus on industry professionals. Because MAC is a well-known and respected independent brand, their educational opportunities are specifically geared to the use of their products and tools exclusively.

A membership to their MAC Pro program requires an application process and a membership fee of 35$. You must be a professional working within the beauty industry or a student at a qualifying beauty school.

This membership allows you access to MAC masterclasses and events where you can learn in-depth theory and technique and more about the MAC culture and makeup philosophy. You can apply for the MAC Pro program online.

For one-on-one or group lessons that are primarily focused on beginners to makeup, MAC offers a series of education available at their locations across the country.

You can choose from private and group classes, and they are 90 minutes long. You can schedule these classes and find availability by visiting maccosmetics.com



So, if you want to learn how to do make up, microblade from home or any other beauty speciality: There is no better time to start learning. With limitless resources available, you can guarantee to find the right level and format to suit your needs and goals.

Start with your list of goals, questions, and concerns. Be honest about your skill level and expertise. There is no right or wrong place to start from, and every master makeup artist got their start at the very beginning you may be finding yourself now.

Online makeup classes will continue to become more popular and plentiful, only opening up more possibilities for a beginner makeup artist and raising the standard for accredited schools and online certifications.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself throughout the learning process and continue to practice as often and as much as you can. If you make a mistake, wash it off and start again. Choose the right online academies or courses for you and start learning how to do makeup today!