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Wanna Learn to Dance Online as a Beginner: Here’s How

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Learning to dance online as a beginner wasn’t always an option. Two things prevented me from learning to dance when I was young. First, I was a shy kid, so a class where I might feel watched was out, and second, I thought you had to have some natural talent to learn, and I didn’t believe I did. When I did want to learn, I had to find a solution that worked for me.

Learning to dance online is a great option for anyone that wants to skip on the classroom aspect of dance instruction. To learn to dance online as a beginner, you’ll need to choose a course for the dance style you want to learn, and ensure that it fits in your schedule. Some dance classes require you to sign up and pay an enrollment fee, while others are easy to access and stream at your convenience.

If you’re finally ready to learn some beginner dance moves, there’s no time like the present to sign up and get started. Keep reading for more on learning to dance online as a beginner.

Is it Possible to Learn Dance Online?

Learning dance online is completely doable, and there are multiple ways to go about it. All it really takes is some of your time and a commitment to learning. Learning a new move can take as little as five minutes out of your day, or you can choose to learn a whole new style. If you’re disciplined enough, it’s possible to learn a complete choreographed dance in just a matter of days.

It’s important to consider what style of dance is going to suit you and your lifestyle best. I wouldn’t suggest my 87-year-old grandma with two false knees start taking classes on how to breakdance, for example. Hip hop classes are some of the most popular, but many people love jazz dancing or try their ballet.

Here are a few things to consider before you commit to learning to dance online:

  • Make sure you have space in your home to move around and dance in, and remember that some style of dance requires more room than others.
  • Consider any additional equipment you might need, like a portable dance floor or a barre.
  • If you do need extra equipment, make sure you have the space to store it when you’re not dancing- a barre in the middle of the living room can be a safety hazard.

Learning dance online can mean something as simple as looking up a five-minute YouTube tutorial or paying for a full course of lessons through an online dance school. If every minute of your day is already packed, finding time for lessons that are thirty minutes or longer may be asking too much of yourself.

There are a lot of benefits to learning dance online. Since the lessons are recorded, you can practice a tricky movement again and again without feeling like you’re taking up valuable class time for other people. In other words, you can learn at your own pace.

Online lessons can also be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and some might be downloadable for later. So, even if your local community center or dance studio only has tango classes, you can still learn to dance the rumba without having to travel.

Another benefit is you can make your dance classwork with your schedule, instead of trying to work your life around a structured in-person class. This is handy for early birds, night owls, or lunch breakdancers.

There is a downside to online dance learning- because your instructor can’t see you, it may be harder to catch mistakes, and they can’t give you advice on where you’re going wrong and what areas you should focus on to improve. Practicing in front of a mirror or recording yourself can help with this.

What Type of Dance is Best for Beginners?

This question has a few right answers because the best type of dance to learn for beginners comes down to a few factors. Because of that, we’re going to go over three different beginner-friendly styles and who those types are best for.


Most professionals will cite ballet as the foundation of all dance styles and one of the hardest styles to master. The basics of ballet can be found across multiple other dance styles and is a good starting point for someone who wants to learn several different styles.

Ballet is a great way to improve your posture and provide many great health benefits (source: HobbyLark.com). Ballet focuses on coordination and technique, so it may not suit a beginner without a lot of time to devote to mastering the exacting movements that this style requires.

Jazz Dancing

This is the most popular style of dance because it’s considered the most expressive. It’s one of the more versatile styles since it takes inspiration and influence from just about every other style, from ballet to African Dancing.

Because this style has had so many influences, you can also use it to try and find the style that fits you best without having to find or pay for a ton of different classes. This style is also great for people who want to learn a little bit of everything, and who like to dance to pop music.

If you’re looking for a more structured style, jazz dancing won’t fit the bill for you because it’s freeform by design. It’s also a high-energy dance form, so some beginners may find it hard to keep up at first, which can be discouraging.


Because hip hop dancing developed in the streets and took a while to come into the studio, it’s distinct from other styles of dancing. This is the best form for someone who is looking to let loose, have fun, and dance away their stress because it’s high energy and set to music that is great for self-expression.

This dance form is extremely high energy, and some of the moves aren’t as easy to learn indoors in your home or may not be possible at your current fitness level, so you may find yourself moving furniture to practice or learning more slowly than you expect. If you want or need a more structured style to learn, hip hop might not be the starting style for you.

If you’re still unsure of what your own style is, there are plenty of other options available, you just might need some inspiration to get started.

5 Tips to Help You Learn Dance Online

Learning to dance online does take a certain level of commitment and determination. Here are five tips to help you make the most of your learning to dance online experience.

Schedule Your Time

It’s much easier to form a new habit if you schedule it in. Setting aside time specifically for your dance course online makes you more likely to follow through. Scheduling this time also allows you to feel free to block out distractions so you can focus on your new moves.

Get the Right Equipment

The last thing you want to worry about when learning to dance is if your tap shoes will damage your floor or if your clothes are too tight. Check what type of shoes are best for the style you want to learn since dance shoes are specifically made to both support your feet and provide the flexibility you need.

You don’t have to renovate your basement into a dance studio for a beginner’s class, but a small piece of portable dance floor and some nice loose clothing may make your experience much better.

(Make sure you have all the right equipment is you are taking watching dance exercise videos!)

A quick note for anyone planning to try ballet: Do not buy pointe shoes as a beginner. They can cause damage and injury if you use them before you’re ready. Stick with ballet slippers instead.

Get a Dance Partner

One of the best ways to stick with a new habit is to do it with someone else. A roommate, sibling, or friend who wants to learn with you can help keep you on track. Learning together also gives you a chance to help each other figure out what you might be doing wrong. You can also perform for each other for fun!

Having a partner is known to help you stay accountable with a new habit or skill and can also be a great bonding experience.

Pick the Right Course

Not all classes are created equal, and the course you pick can have a huge impact on you. Not only should you make sure it’s a style you want to learn, but you also need to consider other factors like price, length, and reviews.

There are many free classes out there, but as you move up in skill, the fewer free classes you’ll find. It’s important to make sure that you’re not trying to fit an hour-long class into thirty minutes and can take it at your own pace, rewinding and replaying as needed.

Have a Goal in Mind

Learning to dance for the sake of learning is totally valid, but you may find it helpful to set a goal that you can work towards and feel a sense of accomplishment for doing. You can design your own dance routine, plan a performance for your family or friends, or find a routine you want to master in a certain amount of time.

Having a goal or direction to work toward also lets you structure your learning. For instance, you can plan to learn one move of a routine per week until you’ve mastered the whole dance or making videos to share with people you love once you master a new move or routine.

Can you Teach Yourself to Dance HipHop?

Teaching yourself to dance hip hop is possible. Hip hop started as street dancing and was totally freeform for a long time- so the first ‘masters’ of hip hop were self-taught. All dance is a form of self-expression, but hip hop really takes it up a notch.

Hip hop has plenty of online classes that you can use to teach yourself, and you can learn a few moves and then start freestyling to hip hop or rap music. You may want to get a pair of sneakers made specifically for hip hop dancing and make sure to wear loose clothing that you can move around in.  

The Best Online HipHop Dance Course Out There

When looking for the best online hip-hop class, there’s one name that seems to pop up on everyone’s list. STEEZY Studios teaches things like crumping, house, whacking, and other elements of hip-hop in addition to a general hip-hop class.

Why STEEZY is the Best:

  • Ultimate Control- You can switch the view of your instructors, loop a tricky dance move, or slow down the whole routine as you practice
  • Covers Dance Basics- Learn how to do things like shifting your weight or move on rhythm before moving on to the big stuff
  • Multiple Programs- Go from beginner to master without having to find (and pay!) for a new course every few months.

Find STEEZY here to get dancing today!

Final Thoughts

Learning to dance is a great way to get fit, let loose and have fun. There’s no need to take an in-person class if you’re busy, self-conscious, or dislike learning as part of a group. You can find classes on any style and learn to dance online, so go on and bust a move!

(Once you’ve mastered your beginner’s class, you may be ready to learn how to create an online dance class!)