what you wear with a leather jacket

Now this is what you wear with a Leather Jacket!

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We all know that a sexy leather jacket is the second sought-after clothing accessory after a pair of jeans. Whether you are a rock musician or a fashionista, you must have a leather jacket hanging in your closet.

Most women shy away from wearing a leather jacket because they don’t want to look like a biker. But apart from being an essential item to add warmth and comfort to your clothing, a sleek real or faux leather jacket is always handy when you want to look cool and feel warm, both indoors and outdoors.

That’s one of the reasons why women of all ages like to wear a trendy leather jacket. But, it’s also interesting to note that the use of a leather jacket is not just common in winters. There are several light-weight and durable leather jackets, which are manufactured to last throughout the year.

Don’t just sport your leather jacket with your old jeans and long boots. There are endless ways to style a leather jacket to look like a runway model. You could be an executive or a school teacher, but wearing a leather jacket adds an oomph factor to your entire look.

In this article, we take a look at how you can wear a leather jacket and shine like a star.

What You Should Wear with a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have never been out of style. They have been around for ages, and it doesn’t seem as if they will go obsolete, ever.  For that reason, brands are always launching new and different versions of the classic leather jacket, both for men and women.

If you don’t know how to wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker, don’t worry. We have it all covered for you. From wearing a bomber to a biker leather jacket, you can go creative with dozens of styles to look classy. You don’t even need to wear expensive shoes or jewelry to flaunt your style.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket without Looking Like a Biker

  • Leather Jacket and Scarf

What could be a better way to look more feminine than wear a nice and pretty scarf? If it’s too cold, you can go for a woolen neck wrap instead of a floral scarf. You will be surprised to see how good it looks with your long boots, jeans, or a dress.

  • Leather Jacket with Jeans

Leather jackets do a great job adding more definition to your curves and are great for all body types. While you would not consider pairing your leather jacket with jeans when avoiding a biker look, complimenting it with the right accessories can create a sophisticated look.

Add more femininity to your look by choosing your accessories and shoes carefully with your leather jackets. You can also wear strappy heels or spaghetti strapped tops to tone down the rugged look.

  • Faux Leather Jacket Poncho Style

Several modern-day brands are creating innovative designs to revolutionize staple items like the leather jacket. It’s easier to find a unique leather jacket that is so much fun and interesting to wear. For instance, a faux leather jacket poncho is now becoming increasingly popular. The best thing is that you can wear them not just with boots but also leggings and stockings.

  • Leather Jacket with a Floral Dress

Who doesn’t want to doll up for a party in summer? But if you want to add some attitude to your look, nothing makes you look more cool and happening than a classy leather jacket. You can sport your floral print one-piece dress and throw on a leather jacket to create a strong impression. Some ladies want to outweigh the floral print so much that they also wear boots, which makes you look like a true diva.

  • Hoodie Tops with Leather Jacket

If you are bored of wearing hoodies, but like to wear them, combine your love for the hoodie with the timeless leather jacket. Brands are launching more hoodie-style leather jackets for both men and women, but they are particularly popular among the fairer sex. If you don’t have any of these, there is nothing to worry. Dress like a star by pairing a hoodie shirt with a shiny sexy leather jacket. You can also stick to your old graphic tees and hide them behind a zipped leather jacket. Sneakers, jeans, and a few casual accessories like a watch or cap are great for completing your overall look.

  • Leather Jacket with Long Dresses

Wearing a long dress eliminates the need for wearing jeans. Lace and floral dresses are the ultimate choices when you are wondering how to wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker. Add more charm to your appearance by wearing a thick waist belt. Wearing a new dress and a new belt every time will give you endless ways to style your leather jacket.

What Season you should wear a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets add warmth to your dress. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear these ageless accessories during the summer and spring. The truth is they look just as great as they do in the fall and winter season. You don’t have to be a biker to wear a leather jacket in the summer. It can be a chic alternative to your blazer in summer. With the launch of lightweight jackets by some of today’s most popular brands, it’s easy to find an all-season leather jacket which looks and feels great all year round. You need it because you want a comfy leather jacket to feel nice and warm after the temperature drops in the evening. It’s best to look for a jacket that you can wear both indoors and outdoors.

What do you wear with a Black Leather Jacket?

Black leather jackets have been around forever. But, as we said, they come in so many variants and designs, that it’s impossible to get bored with them. Your black jacket will go with everything you wear, but you must choose a jacket that fits you well. Your trusted leather jacket should highlight your curves and compliment your waist.

  • With a Summer Dress

A daring bold-printed summer maxi dress presents an inventive contrast to the roughness of leather jackets. Your summer dress can be long or short and be of any pattern or print. Just make sure you complete your look with the right accessories like a casual handbag, a funky watch, or a quirky hat.

  • Go Monochrome

You can go all-back and still look like a million bucks. That’s because black looks great and make you look sophisticatedly cool. You can choose minimal jewelry and heels/boots to add subtlety. Some women also wear black loafers for a casual look.

  • Leather Jacket with lace

There’s nothing that can go wrong with lace. The combination of a leather jacket and lace is a beautiful marriage between masculine and feminine elements. This contrast can lead to the creation of hundreds of beautiful looks and add more elegance and beauty to your personality. 

  • With a Bright-Colored shirts

No need to stick to only blacks and browns. Your leather jacket is an eternal fashion accessory which looks great with all colors. If you don’t believe us, try pairing it with a tangy orange or neon yellow. Not only you will get the perfect look for summer; you’ll be able to wear your leather jacket without looking like a biker.

  • With Vintage Dresses

Teaming up ‘60’s inspired frocks of vintage dresses is a fine way to sport your leather jacket. Feel free to rummage through your mom’s closet to find a classic top you can pair it with your trendy leather jacket. You will be refreshingly surprised to see a completely different version of yourself.

What do you wear with a Brown Leather Jacket?

Don’t underestimate the magic of a brown leather jacket. It is a great alternative when you don’t want to wear a black one. If you want to go for a brown leather jacket, here is how to wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker.

  • With Striped Tee and Jeans

You don’t have to buy a shiny black leather jacket to stand out. A matte brown leather jacket job does a great job to highlight your personality. Wear it with a striped t-shirt and your favorite blue or black jeans. Choosing mid-calf boots add more style to your outfit.

  • With an All-Black Outfit

Your brown leather jacket will look stunning on all-black outfits. That’s because brown will enhance the majestic black and add more depth to your dress. You can pair it with skinny black jeans and ballet flats or a little black dress to look great on all occasions.

  • With a Mini Crochet Dress

If you can wear your black leather jacket with a mini-dress, why not wear your brown one with a dress too. Opting for a mini crochet dress gives you a unique outfit for a morning or evening get-together. You can wear leather ankle boots or heels to look fresh and sexy.

  • With Grey Jeans and V-neck Sweater

That’s a great outfit for casual Friday work attire (if your workplace allows). You will look all set for the weekend groove dressed in a brown leather jacket with a V-neck sweater. Finish off your look with some cool faded grey jeans. Nude lip shades and strappy sandals with a matching brown purse keep you all geared up for the weekend madness.

  • Wear Plaid Scarf and Striped Tee

A plaid scarf is a perfect way to make you look more adorable. But you can wear a black and white striped tee-shirt to complement your brown leather jacket even more. Wear brown high boots and skinny blue jeans to make things more exciting.

  • With White V-Neck

Pairing a brown leather jacket with a white v-neck is the perfect representation of what this fashion accessory can do to transform your appearance. Add suede ankle boots and complement your leather jacket with a few dazzling earpieces or necklaces to make your look more exciting.

  • With Green Sweater Dress

Brown and Green is a nice combination for all ladies out there who want to look great without making an extra effort. Opt for a comfy layered look and let the green color do its magic. Black skinny jeans will look great with both the brown and green shades for giving an elegant touch.

  • Wear it with a Jumpsuit

If tops, dresses, and t-shirts sound too boring; go for a quirky jumpsuit. Some girls also like to pair it with a catsuit. No that is a daring choice but worth it. Go for a checker-printed or a cheetah-print piece to show off your wild side. Brown leather looks great with these prints, and you can become the center of attraction without wearing any jewelry or too many accessories.

Why do we love Leather Jackets?

Looking at the various styles and looks we can create with a classic black and brown leather jacket; it’s easy to see why they are so popular among both men and women of all ages.

Durability: Not only leather jackets are affordable; they are also tremendously durable, which is why you shouldn’t shy away from buying an expensive one. Most brands claim that their leather jackets can last for up to 20 years. Longevity is one of the best benefits of a leather jacket, and that’s why you should always have one in your wardrobe.

Elegant and Stylish: Your leather jacket has the potential to make you look both sexy and elegant at the same time. All you need to do is to choose the right accessories and sport the right hair-do, according to your mood and the occasion.

Leather jackets are great fashion accessories for people who want to leave a strong impression on the world. If you want to create your signature look, a leather jacket presents endless opportunities to make you stand apart. You can experiment from the styles we have suggested above to create your exclusive look, without looking like a biker.