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If you don’t want to indulge in expensive and branded items, there are dozens of affordable accessories for women that can be great additions to your collection. Some of our most favorites and hottest celebrities are also seen wearing affordable accessories. Remember Meghan Markle’s ring and Jennifer Lopez’s glasses? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to shine like a true star.

Not only are such accessories the best way to bring the glitz and glam, but they are also light on your pocket. Be it sparkling rhinestone earrings, wristwatches, earrings, or hats; there is something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Women love accessories because they transform any outfit into an amazing one, and since accessories are an important part of every female’s wardrobe, you never get bored of collecting more items and building your collection. Whether you are looking for affordable accessories for casual days or special occasions, you are always on the lookout for something cheap and trendy.

We have compiled a list of must-have additions to your wardrobe. The key is to use these accessories the best way to look cool and classy. From a baseball hat to a chic purse, there are numerous things you can buy without wreaking havoc on your budget.

Where can I find a cheap jewelry website?


  • We recommend Amazon for a lot of things. Amazon has a wide variety of jewelry (like these) along with other accessories and because of the volumes and demand they are able to ensure product owners and advertisers are as competitively priced as possible.

Forever 21

  • Also a wide variety at Forever 21. They are always bringing simple and inexpensive waves of new jewelry into their inventory.


  • Our last of the list. Etsy has a lot of unique and inexpensive pieces of jewelry.  You can do simple and earthy pieces all the way to bright and gaudy. 
mantra bracelet - never give up

Most Popular Affordable Accessories

Here is a rundown of the top must-have affordable accessories:

We don’t know a woman who doesn’t own a pair of sunglasses. The best part about this accessory is that you have a wide variety to choose the best one. From quirky sunglasses to a vintage pair, the options are endless. Most sunglasses come in vibrant colors to add more glamour to your look.  (Like these on Amazon)  Some women like to match their earrings with the color or design of their frames. Silver rimmed frames go well with platinum or white gold earrings.

Sunglasses serve as handy accessories for eye protection and can create your signature look. You can match a pair with your dress, necklace, or even shoes. Remember to buy a frame that will suit your face cut.

Square Face Shape: Go for curvier frames like butterfly, oval, cat eye, and semi-rimless to balance your striking jaw-line. Such frames also accentuate your eyes to leave a dramatic effect on everyone.

Oval: If you are lucky to have an oval face, all frames will look good on you. But, choosing rectangle frames will highlight your beautiful features.

Round: Geometric shapes or horizontal frames look great and give your face a thinner and longer look.

Heart-shaped: Style gurus suggest that light-colored frames with exaggerated bottoms or thin temples look great on a heart-shaped face.

michael kors - dark tortoise butterfly sunglasses


There is nothing like a stylish handbag that completes your overall look. There are hundreds of different options available in various specs, sizes, and colors to give you the best model for every occasion. From a satchel to a cross-body bag and a tote; there is a right bag for every girl and every event.

If you are more of an organizer, then you might like to carry a satchel because it has ample space for keeping all your belongings safe.

For women who are always on the go, a bucket bag is a great way to enjoy both style and comfort. You can choose a bag that has a fun design and a roomy interior to combine both style and functionality. Some of us prefer holding on to a clutch, especially if we are going to a formal event or dinner. However, if your current lifestyle requires you to carry multiple items, there’s not much a clutch bag can carry.

You can also go for an incredibly affordable tote bag. It is typically made out of sturdy cloth and has a thick leather bottom or handles. The leather version of this bag usually has a pebbled surface. Common fabrics which are used to make this type of bag are dyed or treat to resist mold and moisture. Lately, easy-to-maintain synthetics and heavy nylon materials are also used for manufacturing tote bags. Some brands are also promoting their tote bag collection, made purely out of recycled materials.

kate spade - black leather bag


When it comes to jewelry, basic accessories like earrings are enough to create a fabulous look. Easy accessible and available in multiple designs, earrings brighten up your smile and add that extra dose of sparkle to your appearance. From subtle studs to crystal drop earrings, there are plenty of designs to choose from to add finishing touches to your look.

Here is a little guide to choose the most flattering earrings for your face type.

Round: Choose chandelier earrings or tapered designs to elongate your face

Oval: All types of earrings look great on an oval face. Rounded designs or studs broaden your facial structure whereas teardrop earrings balance your contours

Square: Choose rounded, hoop, and drop earrings to balance out the angles on your face

Heart: Dangling earrings that are rounded at the bottom look great if you have a heart-shaped face. Teardrop and chandelier earrings also suit well.

If you are looking for wraps, clip-on’s, and cuffs to cover your entire ear; choose exotic shapes and diamond accents. Don’t worry about the price tag. Check out some of today’s most popular online stores that offer beautiful and affordable designs for every occasion at discounted prices.

necklaces and Pendants

One of the most luxurious ways to stand out from the crown, whether an evening event or casual, is a stunning pendant.  

The rise of online shopping through the internet has brought to us pendants and necklaces from designers all through the world.  

Many of the top name designer brand necklaces and pendants are even available on sites you wouldn’t normally think to shop for jewelry on like Amazon.  (check out the top selling necklaces on Amazon here).


Kate Lynn Pendant


A traditional wristwatch with a leather band is the best accessory any girl can wear to make a style statement. But, if you are someone who appreciates a fancy watch, a large number of contemporary brands offer affordable wristwatches. This everyday accessory is a must-have addition to your style collection.

Wearing a watch right is also important.  Check out our article here on How to Wear a Watch for Ladies.

Even though high-tech fitness trackers and smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, there is nothing like a classy or hip wristwatch to make you look cool. Your humble analog watch says a lot about your personality and allows you to make your style statement without having to buy expensive tech-gadgets.

When it comes to keeping tabs on time, fishing out for your phone every two minutes is a big hassle. Wearing a watch is one of the easiest ways to look chic and trendy without spending tons of money on wearable technology.

Unless you’re trying to attract attention to your wrist, your watch should be an extension of your outfit. It is easy to find affordable and beautiful wristwatches, in terms of both brand and style. Some watches come in at less than $100, so you can buy multiple items for every occasion.

michael kors pyper stainless steel watch


Unless you are buying a ring for your wedding or anniversary, you can easily find cheap and affordable rings. There are plenty of designs available, having various shapes and different settings.  (Here are some of the best-sellers on Amazon.)

Before you buy the best affordable for building your accessory collection, make sure you take a look at the setting of the ring.

Cocktail Rings are flashy and big enough to make a dramatic impact. Don’t style cocktail rings with other rings and keep them for special occasions. If you are looking for delicate rings, there are many elegant and sophisticated designs which create a beautiful look when paired with other rings.

You can also choose simple and classic gold bands which are used for layering up. Delicate midi-rings are also becoming popular which are worn just over the knuckles. Rings are available in packs which make them one of the most affordable accessories to style your desired look.

oxford diamond co wave design


Looking for an antidote to bad hair days and beyond? There’s nothing that a hat can’t do to put an end to your hair woes. Hats and caps remain popular all year round from sun hats to bucket hats and beanies. You can also find baseball caps, fedoras, and floppy hats to suit your needs.

Fedoras have been more popular among men than women. But these unique hats have now been re-invented for ladies. Fedora hats are available in multiple designs and colors. If you like neutral colors, you can go for black and gray shades.

Hats are available in all sorts of designs from leopard prints, funky stripes, and fitted wool felt. For a formal event, you can choose hats with flowers, pins, accents, and embellishments. For a more casual look, you can also choose a baseball cap to accessorize your regular jeans and tee look.

Jacket and Coats

A natural trench is a customary accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Even when the time arrives to shed your puffy winter jacket, you need the comfort of your favorite jacket to keep you nice and warm through spring. Jackets are an ideal accessory for work and all occasions and are typically available for less than $100. Owning a classic trench means you have an item that goes well with everything you wear, your skirts and jeans.

If you want to add a feminine touch to your jacket, a belt cinched around the waist will make you look pretty. Jackets are available in all materials and designs. Choose one that highlights your best assets.

Accessorize your outfit with a pea-coat or a puffer for looking elegant, without going overboard your budget. A faux-leather coat or jacket is going to be one of your most loyal accessories.


Lace-up, leather, and suede boots are the most affordable accessories to complete your overall look. Fashion boots add an extra oomph to your skirt, dress, or jeans. Whether you are going to kick off a night out with your friends or want to make a stylish statement during the day, the right boots and shoes gear you up for all-day comfort.

If you are wearing skinny red jeans, try black leather boots but if you want to sport a rugged look, go for suede or vegan leather shoes.

Boots are also great affordable accessories to add some warmth to your short dress. Buying a few pairs go a long way to let you accessorize in style. Fashion gurus consider spring as the best time to buy boots since stores are closing them out to make room for sandals and summery footwear. Moreover, you can easily score some sweet deals online to buy the best boots available.

Tips to Follow

Remember to follow trends and load-up on appropriate accessories, looking at your face and body type. Accessorize according to the occasion and theme of the event and avoid wearing too many accessories. In some cases, it’s enough to add a cocktail ring or a chunky floral necklace to complete your look.

You can also try out these accessory swaps for adding more color and variety to your collection.

  • Collect enamel earrings with neutral spring colors like beige, navy, and white
  • Swap your aviators for a pair of yellow Wayfarer-style sunglasses
  • Substitute your black bag for something more vibrant or brighter
  • Choose a colored patent leather to swap the belt on your trench coat
  • Dump your usual black pumps and buy a pair of bright heels
  • Swap your usual gold or silver bracelet for rose gold

Final Thoughts

We know how it feels every morning when you are scratching your head to think of what to wear to work. The same happens when you have to go out with friends or family. Building a transitional wardrobe keeps you covered for the most part of the year. Invest in affordable but trendy accessories so you can stay warm and dry without wearing expensive clothes.

The next time you are out shopping or browsing online stores remember to stock up on these must-have affordable accessories to dress like a star, every day.