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Seven Things to Wear with Sweaters as a Woman

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As we bid adieu to summer and say hello to fall, we also welcome the colder temperatures that come with the change in seasons. Cooler weather means more opportunity to play around with fashion, and women around the world can be heard rejoicing over the start of “sweater weather.” Any proper fall or winter wardrobe contains a solid collection of sweaters.

To get the most out of your favorite cozy sweaters, we’ve compiled a list of seven things that go great with any style. Try

  • Jeans
  • Pencil skirt
  • Shorts
  • Floppy hat
  • Scarf
  • Jewelry
  • Leggings

Beyond being a practical clothing staple for fall, sweaters are extremely versatile. They can be dressed up or down, and mixed and matched with different accessories to create a trendy look.

No matter the sweater that you are rocking, this article of clothing has a world of styling potential behind it. Pairing your sweaters with the right accessories can help you create a variety of looks that are perfect for any occasion. Keep reading for seven things to wear with sweaters.

7 Things to Wear with Sweaters as a Woman

There’s really no limit to the different looks you can create using your favorite sweaters as the foundation. For some extra inspiration, try out these seven combinations to create an autumn-ready look.

Some may be your tried and true, some may be floppy, some may be fitted, some may never see the outside of your apartment and be covered in food stains.

Sweaters are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and come in just about any color, pattern, and even texture. Thankfully, they’re no longer going to be taking up room in storage, now that sweater weather is here.


Jeans are a staple in the closet of every woman and for a good reason. This article of clothing pairs well with so many different items that it’s an easy go-to for styling in every season and for any occasion. Whether your sweater is loose or fitted, knit, or woven, jeans will pair great with every style. (Check out the most popular jean styles here!)

For a loose or oversized sweater, try styling it with a pair of skinny or bootcut jeans. The jeans’ tailored fit will make sure that you don’t look grungy or underdressed.

For a fitted sweater, try matching it with a pair of boyfriend or straight leg jeans. The industrial cut of the jeans will make your sweater look comfortably chic.

To take your sweater look from day to night, throw on a pair of darker fade or black jeans. Some great places to find denim in any cut and style are Madewell, Levi, and Urban Outfitters.

(What goes well with jeans other than sweaters? Check out that article to find out.)

Pencil Skirt

You’ll be ready to head straight from the office to dinner downtown in this chic and sophisticated look. Pairing the sweater of your choice with a patterned or solid colored pencil skirt will create a timeless look that can be dressed up or down with different accessories.

If your sweater is baggy or oversized, try tucking it into the front of your pencil skirt to highlight the structured form of the ensemble.

You can check out some great styles of pencil skirts from Nordstrom in different lengths, cuts, and colors.


We’ve all experienced those weird autumn days where the mornings are cloudy and cold, but by mid-afternoon, it’s suddenly 85 degrees and sunny. Fall can be a fickle season, so to compensate for the bi-polar temperatures, it’s a great idea to pair warm and cooler weather items together.

A warm and cozy sweater on top, paired with some highrise shorts on the bottom, can be the perfect combination. Keep the sweater on top loose and baggy, to highlight the shape of the short. This is a great outfit idea for brunch with the girls or a mid-day walk through the park.

If pairing with a larger sweater, try tucking it into the front of the short to avoid the illusion that you are going pantless.

Denim, leather, tweed, and corduroy shorts are great styles for autumn. You can check out some options at Old Navy and The Gap.

Floppy Hat

For those lazy fall days when you want to look streetwear ready without a lot of effort, toss on a floppy hat to help pull your look together. Floppy hats are all the rage this season and are the perfect accessory to add a trendy touch to your favorite sweater.

These comfy and cute wide-brimmed hats come in a variety of neutral colors to ensure that they’ll pair perfectly with any sweater in your closet. Amazon has a wide variety of floppy hats to choose from to create your perfect look.


As the days get cooler and there’s an extra nip in the air, adding an extra layer will help you stay warm and cozy through the season. Throwing on your favorite wool or knit scarf can help dress up a plain sweater and add new life to your outfit. Having a pair of the warmest winter gloves could also help against the cold and still look stylish!

Extra-long scarves or wrap scarves are great options to pair with sweaters. If your sweater is extra baggy, try to choose a scarf that has a bit more structure to it. A knit scarf on top of a knit sweater can be overkill, so try layering different materials to create a more sophisticated look.

Nordstrom has a great selection of scarves to choose from.


We all know that the right combination of jewelry can take any outfit from drab to fab, and styling your favorite sweater is no different. Throw on some flashy statement jewelry to really elevate your autumn attire.

A pair of gold or silver hoop earrings can easily make you look dinner-time ready. And a bold statement necklace will add flair to an otherwise simple sweater. Forever 21 carries a huge selection of chunky statement necklaces and eye-catching earrings, and at a super affordable price.

Add a few new pieces to your jewelry collection, so you never run out of ways to spice up your outfits.


We tried to get away with leaving leggings off of this list, but it just felt wrong! A big cozy sweater and a trusty pair of leggings may as well be the female fall uniform. A long sweater can easily make leggings look fresh and fashionable, and the best part is, this outfit is insanely comfortable!

To dress things up, try rocking your sweater with a pair of leather leggings from Revolve. Or, simply stick to your traditional spandex legging. This outfit is perfect for a lunch out with friends or a visit to the movies. And once you get home, it’s perfect for lounging in bed, a win-win!

What Kind of Shoes do you Wear with Sweaters?

It’s easy to add extra oomph to your favorite sweater by pairing it with the perfect pair of shoes. Sweaters are versatile and look great with tons of different shoe options. Depending on the shoe, your sweater can be styled for a day, night, work, or relaxing.

Over the Knee Boot

Over the knee boots are all the rage for fall and winter because they not only look incredibly chic, but they keep you extra warm during chilly days.

Throw on a cozy baggy sweater over a pair of jeans or leggings, and some over-the-knee boots will have you looking date-night ready. We love Steve Madden’s Gorgeena Fashion Boot, which comes in three different neutral colors, making it easy to pair with any sweater in your closet.


For a look that is a bit more subtle but still very chic, try styling your sweater with a pair of leather ankle booties.  Booties go well with virtually any type of sweater because they don’t attract too much attention but still manage to quietly elevate the entire look.

With booties, you can rock a heel or a flat, making them a great option to style up or down your ensemble. This shoe is a great option for a day at the office or dinner out with friends. The Women’s Rate Boot by Dr. Scholl’s is cute and stylish but comfortable enough to be worn all day.


Wedges are the perfect shoe for those early fall days that haven’t quite dipped into foot-freezing temperatures. If you’re not quite ready to say farewell to summer, then toss on a warm sweater and hit the streets in some open-toed wedges.

These shoes look great with a baggy or fitted sweater and can pair nicely with jeans, skirts, or shorts. The Majorca Sandal by Tom’s is affordable, comfortable, and comes in a variety of colors. This wedge will give your outfit a girly boost and look cute and stylish with any sweater in your closet.


Fashion isn’t just about looking your best. It’s also about feeling your best. Women lead busy lives, and between work, meeting with friends, hitting the grocery store, and later the gym, we need to have comfortable footwear to support our hectic lifestyle.

Sneakers have come back onto the scene as a fashionable choice of footwear that can add a hip touch to your sweater ensemble. You can sport your sneakers and sweater going to and from the gym, or just moving about town. Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus is a popular sneaker style known for its practicality in both fitness and fashion.

Ballet Flat

Ballet flats are a classic shoe that most women already have in their closet. Because this shoe is small and dainty, it’s an easy way to play around with color and add a pop of print to your outfit.

Go for a pair of bright-colored or animal printed flats to really add some flare to your favorite sweater. Or opt for a black or neutral flat to keep the look classic and reserved. Sam Edelman’s Classic Ballet Flat comes in a multitude of prints and colors to help you create a unique look.

The Verdict

Welcoming the cooler temperatures of fall and winter is an exciting time for women who have been eager to bring out the cuddly and cozy styles in their wardrobe, and of course, pumpkin spice coffee.

These chillier seasons offer a lot more opportunity to style a winter sweater and play around with layering different fabrics. Sweaters are an essential item in an autumn closet, and they are easy to pair with a myriad of accessories.

Jeans, leggings, hats, scarves, and jewelry are some of the go-to items for styling your favorite sweaters. In addition to these, the right pair of shoes will elevate your look even further. Get creative with your look, and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and pieces.

And if you are wondering ‘what to wear on Christmas day‘ you can totally wear a sweater as well. You’ll be stepping out looking toasty and tailored in your favorite sweater ensemble.