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Should I Wear a Bra to Bed or Just Pajamas?

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We’ve all wondered whether or not we should wear a bra at night when going to bed, and our views usually lean towards whatever our moms tell us. Every girl develops certain habits about bra-wearing once she starts wearing them.

These habits are based on her individual routine and activity, so while some of our moms may have said that wearing a bra to bed is necessary, the rest of think that wearing one can do more damage than good. Some women even believe that wearing one can cause cancer, but what’s the final answer?

We’ll look into why you should wear a bra, whether you should wear one at night, and some of the comfortable options when it comes to pajamas.

Is It Necessary To Even Wear A Bra?

Bras are essential, but what are they for? Do they keep your boobs perky, give a smoother silhouette, prevent back strain, or provide support? The answer is a mix of all those things. Essentially, a bra acts against the pull of gravity to support the breasts. No, this doesn’t keep your breasts perky forever because age, gravity, and genes will have their way eventually.

In certain situations, it does become a necessity to wear a bra, even to bed. Doctors explain that based on your cup size, medical condition, and other health factors, it can be important to wear proper support.

When Should You Wear A Bra?

Even if you don’t mind the effects of age and gravity, wearing a bra during the day is still beneficial because it gives a smoother silhouette and helps clothes fit better.  Depending on your size, wearing a bra can mean getting better support and preventing strain on the back.


Regardless of whether or not you wear a bra any other time, every woman needs to wear an adequate sports bra while working out. This is to prevent the delicate breast tissue from strain and excessive gravitational pull during most workouts.

Should I Wear A Bra To Bed?

We already mentioned why you wear a bra in the first place – to prevent the pull of gravity on the twins. But that’s when you’re standing up when gravity is working against you by pulling them towards the ground. Now we guess that you don’t sleep standing up or while hanging upside down – our best guess is that you sleep on your back like the rest of us.

When you’re lying on your back, or even on your side, gravity isn’t really working against you. In fact, you can even say that it’s working for you. When you are lying on your back, the breast tissue is pulled back towards the body. This reduces the pull and the breasts maintain a naturally defined shape. So when you wear a bra despite this, you’re not really preventing age-related sagging (or contributing to it), it’s useless.

Comfort Factor

Another thing you should consider when wondering whether or not you should wear a bra to bed is your comfort. To get comfortable, we do a number of things like engaging in a relaxing nighttime routine, putting on our favorite pajamas, and even having some soothing green tea.

Some of us may even put on a soft, supportive bra before sleeping because it helps us feel comfortable. If that’s the case with you, go right ahead, because comfort comes first, before all else.

However, comfort doesn’t just apply when you’re sleeping, you need to take care of it at all times, even during the day. It’s important that you don’t wear an ill-fitting bra during the day or while you sleep. Tight bras can lack breathability, which chokes the delicate tissue and affecting its elasticity in the long run.

Underwire bra is a savior for many of us because they provide miraculous support and left for a youthful appearance. But this comes with a trade-off – underwire bras are almost always uncomfortable. That means they should never be an option to wear while you sleep. Elements like tight straps, clasps, and stabbing underwires are a recipe for disaster. 

Wearing a Bra to Bed after Surgery

One of the reasons why one may need to wear a bra while sleeping is if they’ve had surgery. We’re not necessarily talking about breast enhancement surgery, but any sort of upper body surgery. Wearing a bra can while in bed can help in reducing the strain on them.

A soft, breathable, and flexible bra keeps everything in place, well-supported, and secure. This allows the body to work on the healing process instead of using energy to deal with the strain. Of course, we wouldn’t suggest that you wear just about any bra; there are special bras designed for this. Different from traditional bras, these are easier to put on and take off when you’re dealing with an injury and recovering after surgery.

Back Pain Relief

If you deal with back pain on a regular basis, more especially in your upper back, wearing a bra while sleeping can relieve discomfort, allowing for better sleep. Typically, women with a larger cup size have trouble supporting the weight and over time, it can require that they wear adequate support to reduce some of the strain.

It’s usually because they find that going to sleep without one contributes to the pain and they typically wake up with their back and sides feeling sore.

What Are The Best And Most Comfortable Women's Pajamas?

Now let’s talk about women’s pajamas. They’re supposed to be breathable, comfortable, and loose-fitting, while some designs give in-built support. Of course, not all types of pajamas provide some support for the twins, it’s usually only camisole-type tops that can do so.

You can choose to wear a bra under your pajamas if it’s what keeps you comfortable, but either way, you still need some great pairs of pajamas that keep you feeling cozy all night. Let’s go over some of the best options women swear by. We’ll cover a variety of pajamas so there’s something on the list for everyone.

Soft Silk Pajamas

If you want something that feels smooth on your skin, silk pajamas are the way to go. If you’re the type to spend less money on yourself, it’s about time you spoil yourself to a pair of silk pajamas. And we don’t just mean any knock-off pair, but real silk. The MYK Silk Women’s Pajamas have a  classic design but don’t fall for their minimalist appearance – they have a luxurious feel.

With regard to the material, you should know that this isn’t ordinary silk, but 100 percent Grade6A mulberry silk. MYK Silk’s fabric is OEKO-TEX certified, which means it’s eco-friendly. It has a silk weight of 22 momme, so they’re not heavy, but not too sheer either. They’re somewhere in between, making them perfect for sleepwear during warmer weather.

Sure, these are on the pricier side, but you’ll definitely feel the difference when you start wearing them. Not to mention, they’re fashionable too. The shirt has a signature pajama V-neck collar with contrasting accent buttons. The pants don’t pinch on the waist for a comfortable fit and feel soft on sensitive skin. Although its machine washable, you’re suggested to wash it by hand it if you want to retain its quality for longer. 

Cozy Cotton Nightgown

Some of us don’t like the feeling of being restricted by a pajama set, and would much rather wear a nightgown. We like this soft cotton nightgown from ENJOYNIGHT. It’s great for all types of weather because it’s warm yet breathable so you stay cozy but don’t get the sweats.

Unlike other cotton nightgowns, this one won’t let you overheat while you’re sleeping, so your body stays at a comfortable temperature throughout. Aside from being comfortable, they’re super affordable and come in a variety of cute prints.

Pick a darker color for winter and a lighter one for summer, or collect a variety for every day of the week. The adorable graphics make these pajamas super great to lounge around in.

Silky Satin Pajamas

If you’re on the lookout for a pajama set that feels great on your skin, but can’t afford the hefty price tag of real silk pajamas, how about satin? Just like silk, it’ll feel smooth and breezy on the skin, just not as quite.

A button-down shirt and smooth pants, it features a classic V-neck design. With an affordable price point, you’ll feel great in this comfy women’s satin pajama set. It also comes in a variety of colors like black, purple, pink, and powder blue. Since the size fits very well, you’ll be surprised at how they look even better than in the picture.

Buyers love this set because it feels luxurious, minus the price tag. They also feature durable stitching that won’t come apart easily. In fact, plenty of users reviewed it, saying that it felt very similar to satin pajamas from more expensive brands.

Fleece Pajama Set

If you live in an area that gets colder winters, you need a dedicated pajama set for those chilly nights. Fleece is the best option because it keeps you warm and cozy without overheating. We adore the fleece pajama sets by Angelina Cozy because they look cute when in bed and even when you’re lounging around the house.

Since fleece offers minimal stretch, the fit is baggy, so you can move around in your sleep without feeling restricted.  They come in plenty of sizes so you don’t compromise on adequate sizing. At the same time, they’re available in numerous cute patterns and are typically affordable.  

They have well over 1000 reviews on Amazon that rave about how comfortable these feel while sleeping. Be careful not to wear them during the day, you might have to tuck yourself in early.

No-Sweat Pajama Set

No one likes going to sleep on a warm night and waking up in a puddle of sweat. While many of us think it can’t be helped, it turns out that the pajamas you wear while sleeping can make a huge difference. A breathable and moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the body, leaving your skin feeling cooler.

To help you deal with terrible sleep-sweating, we suggest the popular pajama set from Latuza. With close to 1300 reviews, this set is the favorite of many women who are prone to overheating while they sleep.

Users say it has everything you can look for – it’s stretchable, soft, and most importantly, has a cooling effect. In addition, this amazing pajama set stays durable and comfortable despite numerous wears and washes. This means it won’t go rough, worn out, or pilled after consistent use like other types of pajama sets.

Aside from being highly functional, we love how they come in a variety of colors, and since they’re so affordable, you can buy them one for every day of the week. The secret to their cooling effect is that they’re made from bamboo, so your temperature stays on the cozier side.

Of course, where would we be without cute pajama sets? This no-sweat pajama set has a feminine touch to it – a satin trim along the neck and leg holes make it look elegant.

100 Percent Cotton Pajamas

We know that you probably already have a pair of worn-out sweatpants at home, which you like to pair with an even more worn-out T-shirt. But you really need these pajamas. We’re talking about the Dreamy Cotton Pajamas by J. Crew.

They look like the perfect example of nighttime cozy aesthetic, and they’re also made from 100 percent cotton. Since they offer a little bit of stretch, you don’t have to worry about them pinching or squeezing you.

The pants feature a drawstring and elastic, plus the set fits just right (it isn’t too tight or too baggy), so if you like a loose fit, size up. Sure, you won’t get a lot of variety when it comes to color because they only offer grey and navy stripes, but you will get it in petite and regular sizes.