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The 10 Best Bras Every Woman Needs

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Although bras may not be the most glamorous piece of clothing to shop for, they are a necessity. Whether you love or hate wearing them, it’s hard to avoid them altogether, especially if you want to look your best.

You’ve probably read about the importance of good underwear.  It is a simple way to instantly look more put together.

Well-fitting and high-quality undergarments mean that the clothes on top will lay smoother and fit better.  It’s also a trick to looking more expensive and classy while sticking to your budget.

While bras are definitely important, that doesn’t mean you should just buy one and be done with it.  Different outfits require a variety of bras underneath to look their best.  Plus you don’t want your bra or its straps to show through and detract from your outfit.

It’d be great if there was one kind of bra that could do all this for you.  Then you could buy it in multiple colors and shopping would be so much faster and easier.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Instead, you’ll need to purchase several types so you feel comfortable and confident no matter what outfit you choose to wear.  While every woman may not need every bra on the list, it’s worth considering them in case they could improve your wardrobe.

Some of the bras we will look at include:

  • A multipurpose convertible bra
  • T-shirt bra
  • Moisture-wicking sports bra
  • Backless bra
  • Bralette
  • A demi bra with wide-set straps
  • Push-up bra
  • Wireless bra
  • Plunge neckline bra
  • Bandeau bra

We will look at which bras are the most comfortable and the features of each one.  This article will also cover what clothes to wear each bra with.

If you own a lot of a certain type of clothing, then there may be a bra on this list that you didn’t even know you needed.  Some bras should also be bought in multiples because they will become the favorites you wear day in and day out.

Certain styles should also be purchased in a variety of colors so they can seamlessly blend underneath the clothes and make your look the star.  A bra should enhance whatever you are wearing, not detract from it or make you feel uncomfortable.

Some bras are better for wearing every day while others you may only need a few times a year for special occasions.  Still, you’ll be glad you purchased them in advance so you don’t have to rush to find one with a big event looming.

Don’t be surprised if, by the end of the article, you start to get excited about going bra shopping. Although most women don’t look forward to this necessary chore, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

You will have a shopping list ready and can quickly pick the ones you need out of this list. Then, if you know your size, you can shop online or run to the store to pick up a few.

Bra shopping can also be done gradually over time with a few bras purchased each time. Within a few months, your entire wardrobe will be outfitted and you won’t have to do it again for a long time.

If you’ve read any of our other articles on looking classy in a budget, improving your look, and just hacking your wardrobe so you end up looking more expensive, you know how much we emphasize on good underwear.

We like to say that well-fitting underwear acts like the foundation of a good outfit because it makes everything else look better. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only use one type of bra for all your looks. Unfortunately, there’s no all-rounder that does the trick for every type of outfit – you need to invest in a few different types of bras if you intend to make an impact with every outfit you wear.

What Bras Do I Need?

There are a lot of different types of bras that range from sizing variations to what they’re built for. Bras are meant to offer support and lift the breasts to keep them from sagging or showing through your clothes unexpectedly. Most importantly, they give a firm and smooth silhouette under your clothes that can make you feel confident in what you wear.

We narrowed down the list to ten different types of bras you need. Of course, you may not need some of these types, but we’ve listed them considering that you wear most types of outfits that require a special bra.

1.     A Multipurpose Convertible Bra

Before you start wondering, we’ll answer that question. No, a convertible bra doesn’t work with every type of outfit. It does, however, work in a number of ways so most of your needs are covered. It comes with modifiable straps. You can adjust these straps in a number of ways.

As a result, it becomes compatible with a number of different styles such as strapless, single-shoulder, racerback, and halterneck. Bras are expensive, so you shouldn’t need to get so many types when one can do the trick in plenty of situations.

2.     T-Shirt Bra

Contrary to the popular belief, a T-shirt bra isn’t just great for wearing under T-shirts. In fact, it works really well under other types of fitted tops as well. The term ‘contoured’ is a better term for the essential bra style.

It gets its name from how it molds itself according to your breast shape, which gives a smoother silhouette under fitted tops. With other types of bras, you’d get unattractive bra lines and the sight of ill-fitting cups.

3.     Moisture-wicking Sports Bra

Unlike other types of bras, the sports bra is developed for absolute comfort and support. This is so you can perform your best when working out. Most sports bras are made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. This is so that you stay comfortable, take it off easily because most designs are seamless, and don’t have clips.

Sports bras provide a lot of coverage and support from the shoulders. This is so that your breasts don’t move around and distract you. Not to mention, working out in a regular bra would hurt a lot.

4.     Backless Bra

We all have at least one backless dress or top that we save for special occasions. Have you ever had to put it away because you were confused about how you’d manage to pull it off? Luckily, what you need is a backless bra and you’re all set to look stunning in your backless dress.

Now, based on your cup size, you can try one of two main types. If your cup size ranges from A to C, you can opt for a silicone stick-on bra. With this type of bra, your shoulders give most of the support (it doesn’t have a back strap) while the stick-on bra keeps them in place and close together.

You can guess that a stick-on wouldn’t be enough to support sizes above a D cup – you need the lift and the support of a regular bra, but for a backless dress. Fortunately, some ingenious bras come with a transparent back strap. While it may not be completely invisible, it does give the illusion of no bra, which is the closest you can get to a backless bra for large cup sizes.

5.     Bralette (Lots of Them)

Bralettes are flirty, fun, comfortable, and it’s no big deal if a strap peaks through your neckline (that’s the whole point, duh).  These are usually made from soft lace in beautiful designs and meant to be layered with deep-necked shirts and dresses. You can even wear these as is if they provide enough coverage.

Initially, most bralettes catered to smaller cup sizes from A to C. Now, however, you can find them available for bigger cup sizes and they offer more support too. We suggest that you get plenty of these whenever they’re on sale.

You can wear a bralette for a stylish look and they have a romantic appeal, making them suitable under most outfits – if it shows, it shows. They also double-up as comfortable and casual lingerie that you can wear around the house when you’re with your significant other.

6.     A Demi Bra with Wide-set Straps

These were popular at a time when square necklines and boat necks were in vogue. A lot of demi-cup bras come with wide-set straps; these are for when you want to prevent the straps from showing and ruining the appeal of your dress.

In case you’re wondering what a demi-cup bra is, let us explain. Unlike the contoured bra, which covers the entire bust, a demi bra only covers half or 3/4th at most. This is for when you want to show off a little bit of skin without worrying that your bust is spilling out of your bra.

If you feel comfortable in it, a demi bra can become your go-to bra for daily use. However, you need to make sure to get the right size that fits you. Not to mention, they’re not available in every cup size.

7.     Push-up Bra

If you’ve ever seen a female celebrity and wondered how they get their busts to look so voluptuous, the secret is probably a push-up bra. These crafty undergarments give a little extra lift and volume to the bust. As a result, your breasts look closer together and symmetrical.

Usually, it comes in handy for when your bust doesn’t sit up higher on the chest or you have a smaller cup size.  A great thing about push up bras is that they come in a bigger range of cup sizes i.e. A to E, and lots of designs as well.

Nonetheless, remember that push-up bras have an underwire, so you’ll need to ensure that the wire doesn’t pinch away at your skin. Instead, it should have a comfortable fit along the end of your bust line.

8.     Wireless Bra

When we talk about most regular types of bras, it’s likely that they come with an underwire. Now, an underwire is great for giving plenty of lift but they can be very uncomfortable, and doctors advise against wearing them fo9r long periods of time.

Consider investing in a wireless bra so avoid pinching underwires without compromising on support for the twins. These are designed to give the fit of a wired bra, minus the feeling of one. This is often the reason why they’re a bit on the pricier side.

9.     Plunge Neckline Bra

Have you ever looked at the gorgeous top in your closet, the one with the plunging neckline, and wondered when you’d take the plunge? When you find the right bra, you’d answer to yourself. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect bra style to go with your plunging neckline.

Introducing the plunge neckline bra; it gives all the comfort, lift, and support of a regular bra except that it’s designed for plunging necklines.

10.     Bandeau Bra

For those of us with a modest A to B cup size, it’s easy to find options when it comes to bras. One of our favorites is the bandeau bra; it’s for when you don’t want to go through the hassle of shoulder straps, itchy seams, and clips.

The bandeau bra is like a tube top. You need to wear it over your head and it gives an instant fit that molds with your bust line. Unfortunately, your shoulders will need to give most of the support, so it isn’t a suitable type for bigger cup sizes. Since bandeau bras don’t have straps, they’re an easy option for strapless dresses.

What’s The Most Comfortable Bra?

No bra, duh. There’s no such thing as a fully comfortable bra because they all start to get annoying at some point. But we think that the bandeau bra or unlined bra would be the best if you’re looking to avoid stuffy padding and pesky underwires.

If you have a larger cup size, a bralette would also fall into the category. However, we wouldn’t suggest that you get too comfortable in your bralette – strenuous physical activity can damage the delicate fabric.

What’s The Best Bra For Daily Wear?

Among the types that we’ve mentioned, it entirely depends on your lifestyle and what you spend most of your week doing. If you’re like the rest of us and work a regular day job, options like a T-shirt, wireless, or demi bra would work well for daily use.

These types are suitable for wearing under blouses, dresses, and other kinds of tops provided that they have a modest neckline and cover your shoulders (and back).

Of course, if you’re a student who doesn’t have a lot of options, to begin with, you can choose whatever works for your cup size and lifestyle. A lot of women who need to take classes and have a packed schedule opt for sports bras or bralettes for daily wear.

The Best Bra To Avoid Sagging?

We’ve all heard it before – wearing a bra can keep the bust from sagging i.e. as long as you wear a bra, you can outrun the natural process of sagging. This is a myth because sagging doesn’t occur due to not wearing a bra, and is actually caused by gravity and aging.

We’re not denying that working out and engaging in strenuous physical activity can do serious damage to the breasts’ supportive tissues, but you can’t completely avoid the natural phenomenon.

Nevertheless, the best option in terms of support is a well-fitting sports bra. If the abovementioned myth is keeping you from sleeping comfortably without a bra, you need to change your habits. Giving the girls room to breathe and space to move after a day of binding them is essential. So, relax and slingshot your bra across the room before going to bed.

Lastly, make sure to get your bras in the right size – not too tight and not too small. Sure, it costs a little extra when you need to make the trip and buy your underwear in person, but it’s worth it. Doctors explain that a well-fitting bra can help keep breasts from sagging.

What Colors Should I Get?

When it comes to your bras for daily wear, we suggest getting a flesh-colored i.e. nude bra. No, we don’t mean beige or peach, make sure that it’s the closest match to your actual skin tone. This prevents the color of your bra from clashing with that of your outfits, except in the case of black clothes. For that, we suggest you get a black colored-bra that conceals itself properly.

The black and nude rule can apply to all sorts of bras and is great if you want to be prepared with the basics for every kind of outfit. But it’s very rare for women to have every kind of bra in a nude and black color. At the end of the day, you’re the best judge when it comes to deciding which bra you need based on your lifestyle and wardrobe.

After all, bras come in so many fun colors, you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to just a few. 

This was our take on the 10 bras every woman needs. Which one of the ones we mentioned do you have? let us know in the comments!