the correct side to wear a brooch

What is the Correct Side to Wear a Brooch?

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Want to know what is the correct side to wear a brooch? Read this post to get your answer.

A brooch is a decorative jewel typically worn on the chest. In recent years there has been much debate about which side one ought to wear the brooch. Some people say it should always be pinned on the left side, while others insist it should always be on the right. So what’s correct?

As a general rule of thumb, brooches are worn on the left side. However, many cultures have different customs and traditions when it comes to wearing broaches in general. Therefore, the correct side is not always so obvious.

 If you are wondering what the correct side to wear a brooch is, then this blog post is for you. Brooches have been around since ancient times. Initially, people wore them on cloaks or shawls as decoration. They are still popular today, but their placement has changed over time. This article discusses everything you should know about the brooch.

What is a brooch?

A brooch is a type of jewelry that’s often fastened to clothes. It consists of two parts, one fastener, and decoration (for example, stones, pearls, or even diamonds). Usually, it has an ornamental design. A pin goes through the fabric to hold it in place securely.

In the past, brooches were used to keep the clothing in place by fastening it and other functional purposes. For instance, in the 18th century, mourning brooches were quite popular. These were used as a way of remembering a loved one. People would either incorporated hair or intricate pictures in their design.

Today, they are most commonly used for decorative purposes and to add a little bit of flair to an outfit. They can be attached to almost anything, from the fabric of clothing such as blazers or dresses to bags, shoes, and even hats! One thing is certain, though; they look fantastic no matter where you place them.

Types of Brooches

There are several different types of brooches to choose from today. However, this depends on your taste and the style that you are hoping to achieve for your outfit. Some of the  most popular types of brooches include:

Pendant Brooch

The pendant brooch is one of the most versatile styles available. The fact that it has a jewel or pendant at the top means that you can attach this to any fabric, including wool, cotton, silk, and leather, amongst many others. This makes them ideal for adding detail to your clothing without worrying about whether they will be suitable.

Besides, these brooches feature concealed bales at the back, allowing you to instantly transform the brooch into a necklace by adding a chain. When you do so, the pin remains invisible.

Bar Brooch

Another popular style of the brooch is the bar pin. This design comprises a flat rectangular body and has two long pins at the back for attaching to clothing. The main advantage of this item is that it can be used in place of buttons or zippers on coats, jackets, and other things where you need your clothes to stay closed without any additional fasteners.

Foliate Brooch

The foliate brooch is also known as a leaf brooch. This type has the same appearance and functions as other brooches, with one key difference: it is designed to look like leaves or flowers.

The foliate brooch is often worn to symbolize love or friendship. In the 19th century, it was popular to add forget-me-nots embellished with turquoise to these brooches.

Portrait Brooch

A portrait brooch is a type of brooch that has an engraving or etching. This piece typically displays the image of someone important to whoever owns it–a family member, lover, or friend.

These brooches were popular back in the 18 century. They were primarily used for sentimental reasons. Nowadays, they are still very popular but tend to be worn as fashion accessories more than anything else.

Enamel Brooch

Enameling entails fusing powdered glass and metal oxides onto a metal surface, to create delicate and detailed works of art. Enamel brooch is one such piece that has been delicately decorated using this technique

This brooch dates back thousands of years but still remains popular today. It is mostly used as a fashion accessory and can be seen on the lapels of many men’s jackets.

Source: Gatsby Jewellry

What Does a Brooch Symbolize?

Today, most brooches have no hidden meaning or sentimentality; they are simply used as fashion accessories. However, some brooches have a deep history and symbolism behind them. Some examples include:

Bol Brooch

The Bol Brooch was one brooch that was given a special meaning. In Telemark, it was the tradition for girls to wear a serpent brooch on their chest as they grew up, and when they got married, she would be gifted with a Bol Brooch. The spent brooch was then moved down from its top position on the chest, and the Bol brooch would take its place.

Today this tradition is relatively unknown; not even the people that tailor Bunads necessarily know about it. The symbolism of these kinds of brooches was derived from Catholic times in Norway.

Dish Brooch

A dish brooch featured small dishes hanging dishes, which symbolized a girl’s virginity. The brooches were often used as engagement gifts. The more dishes the brooch had, the more boys appreciated their girls.

Barley Ring

The barley ring brooch had pendants hanging from it that represented barley. This symbolized fertility, and these rings were very feminine in their traditional symbolism.

Bore Pins

Bore pins were used as buckles both for the waist-piece of the Bunad and on the belt. They resembled a big button that had an elevated center.

These days, bore pins are used purely for decoration. They decorate both the waist piece and the belt. The pins are not only decorative in their symbolism but also practical in their original design.

Source: Goldsmith Sando

What is the Difference Between a Brooch and a Pin?

Technically speaking, both brooches and pins are used for fastening two pieces of fabric or clothing together. The difference between a brooch and a pin is that pins are usually plain while brooches often have embellishments such as gemstones, enamel work, crystals, etc.

However, it’s not uncommon to find decorative pins. In fact, in some parts of the world such as South America and India, decorative pins are worn with formal attire instead of a brooch.

Can You Wear a Brooch and a Necklace at the Same Time?

If you’re new to brooches, you might be wondering whether it’s acceptable to wear a brooch and necklace at the same time. The short answer is yes, but if your outfit calls for an elegant look then choose one or the other.

For example, wearing a large statement necklace with multiple chains isn’t compatible with most brooches. If you pair both pieces together, they’ll end up competing for attention, and it’ll distract from the overall look.

The best necklace to pair with a brooch is a long necklace with no charms or other adornments. A simple diamond pendant on a delicate chain is also ideal. You can also try a pearl choker for an elegant look that’s perfect for office and formal events.

2 Examples of Brooches and Necklaces That Go Together

Sometimes, you want the best of both worlds, so you decide to wear a brooch with a necklace. But it’s essential to make sure both pieces complement each other. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking too busy or mismatched.

For example, if your favorite necklaces have intricate charms like gold beads or cut-out pendants, try pairing them with simpler brooches. This way, you won’t have to worry about the details of your necklaces clashing with the embellishments on your brooches.

Another thing you should keep in mind is what kind of outfit you’re wearing. If it’s formal, try going for something that will enhance the dress. If you want to wear both accessories and they have many embellishments, it’s best to wear a brooch on your dress and opt for simpler necklaces.

If you’re going to wear something more casual, then feel free to go all out with the details of both accessories! You can even wear them together as long as they aren’t too busy or don’t clash with one another in terms of color scheme.

If you’re confused about which necklace and brooch combination goes well together. These two examples should make you the show-stopper at your next event!

Pearl Necklace Paired with an Antique Cameo or Dainty Blossom Brooch

The pearl necklace is a classic staple that has been around since, well, forever! The antique cameo brooch is a great way to add some sophisticated detail. On the other hand, the dainty blossom brooch can be worn as an accessory for your hair or pinned onto your dress.

However, if you want your necklace to be the point of focus, consider, adding the brooch directly to the necklace. You have several options here. First, you can add the brooch at the nape of your neck so that it covers the necklace’s clasp. This way, you’re giving stunning vibes both at the front and back.

Alternatively, you can slide the brooch pin between two pearls. This way, it looks like it’s part of the necklace. You can play with the positioning until you find one that’s most flattering for your overall look.

Source: SPEY

Chocker Necklace Paired With a Pendant Brooch

Another excellent option to consider is pairing your choker necklace with a pendant brooch. For example, you can wear the pin near your collar bones and let it hang over the neckline of your dress. This way, people will be drawn to both points at once!

Alternatively, you can pin the broach right at your bustline. Because a choker necklace is very delicate, it won’t overwhelm the look. Just make sure to pin it securely so that you’re not worried about losing your brooch all night long!

Another option is pinning the broach directly on the necklace. This works well for plain choker necklaces because the brooch works as the centerpiece.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Now you know everything you need to know about broaches, from the right side to wear one to clever ways of pairing one with a necklace. It’s time to go out and buy the perfect brooch for your next event!

Remember to consider your outfit before making a purchase. And if you decide to pair a necklace and brooch, the pieces mesh well together without overpowering your look.