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What Do You Wear On Christmas Day?

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With Christmas quickly approaching, you’re probably wondering what on earth you’ll be wearing these holidays. With so many brands and seasons out there, it’s almost impossible to pick an outfit. Not to mention, the list of options is endless, considering that no brand releases an exclusive Christmas collection. Hence, you’re left to pick out an outfit from a plethora of fall/winter collections.

Sure, you can narrow down your options by looking at the latest aesthetic, but it’s still vague. Nowadays, people don’t really abide by any dress code when dressing up for Christmas, which leaves plenty of room for imagination. Nonetheless, it also means that you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got plenty of inspiration for your Christmas day outfit.

What Do You Wear On Christmas Day?

Let’s start with the general wardrobe and style that surrounds Christmas day outfits. What are some of the common trends you see people wearing on Christmas day? You should know, however, that for many people, dressing up on Christmas day is more about being comfortable. Hence, it’s likely that you’ll get less style when you ask what people generally wear on December 25th. Some common responses are

  • Pajamas
  • Christmas sweater
  • Festive socks
  • Knit dress
  • Cotton blouse with pants
  • Christmas-y T-shirts
Tipsy Elves Women's Christmas Onesie Pajamas

Can You Wear Black On Christmas?

It’s no secret that most people have a lot of black in their closet. Hence, it can be awfully inconvenient when they’re told that they can’t wear black on Christmas. But who says you can’t wear black? Although it’s a common assumption, it’s just a rumor – it’s entirely up to you if you want to wear dark tones. This strange rumor stems from how black looks like the opposite of joyful and cheerful Christmas.

In case you’ve looked around the Christmas section at the supermarket, you’ll know that these colors comprise green and red. However, it’s not like everyone has something in a holiday color palette. Instead, they’re likely to have plenty of black, so why not let them use it to their advantage and come up with fascinating new styles.

Try Making It Festive

Although black works as great color inspiration on Christmas, it’s important that you still try keeping the look festive with sparkly accessories such as earrings or necklaces that grab attention.   A great set of sparkly earrings goes great with a classy cardigan sweater (link to our recommendation on Amazon).  A little bit of sparkle can go a long way in transforming a simple black outfit into something embodying the Christmas spirit.  

Get The Best Shoes

Getting the right shoes for your outfit can make an enormous difference. In fact, simply getting a new pair of sparkly shoes can do wonders for bringing your outfit together. In the end, it depends on the kind of look you want to try this year, as well as what you’ll be doing on the 25th. 

Will you be slaving away in the kitchen, making donations at the local Non-Profit, or going out to meet friends and family? Not to mention, will you be outdoors for long periods of time? All of these factors can impact what shoes you end up wearing.

Boots are always a good pick if you’re going to a luncheon or visiting friends. On the other hand, if you’re attending a party, heels would be well-suited with a maxi dress, a sparkly midi dress and even a little black dress. If you’re meeting with colleagues, oxford shoes look somewhat professional and trendy at the same time. Lastly, a pair of brand new pumps will never go out of style when it comes to Christmas fashion.

black cardigan sweater

How To Dress For Christmas Lunch?

What you wear to a Christmas Lunch highly depends on who you’ll be dining with, so let’s start from there.


If you’re eating with the extended family on Christmas, dress up in a way that fits the setting and makes everyone happy. So no slogan t-shirts, or political outfits. Most family lunches on Christmas are a formal affair, so it’s wise to opt for silk blouses and tailored pants or skirts. If it’s a more casual setting, cotton shirts with khaki pants are a good idea. Just don’t show up in sneakers, jeans, or sweatshirts.


If you’re   having lunch with friends on Christmas day, consider yourself lucky. This means you can dress up as you like. A casual approach would be a gorgeous pullover sweater with your most flattering high-waisted jeans. Tailored pants with a tapered fit also look great with soft-flowy blouses. 


In some rare cases, people need to meet with work colleagues for a Christmas lunch. In this scenario, you needn’t dress too differently because it is Christmas, after all. Nevertheless, whether your outfit will lean on the casual versus formal side will entirely depend on your office culture.

If your office has a formal dress code and environment, opt for something more conservative as opposed to flashy. Sure, you can still choose accessories that sparkle and radiate a Christmas spirit, but it’s still a good idea to dress in a way that aligns with the general atmosphere. 

For informal environments, what better way to attend a Christmas lunch than showing up in a sweater or jumper featuring Christmas colors, characters, or elements. You can pair it with an a-line skirt or even some jeans.

What To Wear To Church On Christmas?

Formal attire is the best option for Church service if you’re trying to play it safe. The guideline for church clothes is that they shouldn’t be revealing, so even your formal apparel can’t be too tightly fitted. On the other hand, you can also opt for cotton dresses, such as prairie dresses with a high neckline, to wear to church. Here are some ideas:

  • A midi skirt with tartan shirt and nude pumps
  • Tailored pants with a neutral-colored sweater and leather flats
  • Cotton shirt-dress with mules
  • Chiffon prairie dress with boots

There are also many types of dresses you can choose from!

5 Fun Christmas Day Outfits

If you’re all out of ideas and need to come up with the best pieces for the ultimate Christmas day outfit, here’s some inspiration that you can rely on. In fact, with these five staples for Christmas Day, you’ll never go wrong.

1. Bright Christmas Sweater

The only exclusively Christmas apparel people can wear is a brightly colored Christmas sweater. These unfashionable sweaters are known for looking tacky and ill-fitted. Although they’re a good way of getting in the Christmas spirit, they aren’t the best choice if you’re going to meet guests or hosting a dinner.

Outfit Inspiration

We love this jumper from Tu Clothing because it’s a subtle version of a Christmas sweater. You can pair this with black jeans and Chelsea boots, and you’re all set. When it comes to black jeans, we’re currently in love with Everlane’s ‘The High-Rise Skinny Jean’. Also, if you’re looking for Chelsea boots that you can walk in for long, try the Clarkdale Arlo boots from Clarks.

2. Party Dress

If you’re invited to Christmas party or dinner and you’re sure you won’t be spending time in the kitchen, it’s a great opportunity to pull out a formal dress. You can flaunt it with sparkly accessories that, in case you didn’t notice, will light you up like a Christmas tree.

Outfit Inspiration

If you want to look festive, then a sequin dress is a great option. We think that this sequin wrap skater dress from Boohoo is just what you need for a Christmas party this year. Pair it with a beautiful faux fur coat, like this one from Nordstrom, for an exclusive appeal. Let’s not forget that block-heeled sandals are in vogue, so consider investing in a pair this Christmas. The sparkly Lindsay Sandal from Jeffery Campbell would look stunning with a sequin dress.

3. Pajamas and Loungewear

For starters, there’s the option of staying in your pajamas, and let’s be honest – that’s how you’d want to spend Christmas day if it’s super chilly and you want to spend the rest of the day at home.

Outfit Inspiration

If you like to stay in your pajamas for a while but want to feel dolled-up for Christmas day, we recommend this cashmere robe from Bloomingdales. It looks fancy, so you don’t need to worry about what pajamas you’re wearing underneath. On the other hand, if you need to quickly put on something presentable without compromising on comfort, we lounge tops like this one by Project Social T are a great option. You can pair them with pretty lounge jogger pants like these from PJ Salvage for a ‘Christmas cozy’ look. For something more graceful, a chic pullover like the Cozychic from Barefoot Dreams is your best bet to looking luxe while at home.

4. Casual Apparel

On the other hand, you can dress up cozy for Christmas was some casual apparel, like a cardigan or cashmere sweater and jeans. You can always add in Christmas-y accessories like a Santa hat or even a headband with reindeer antlers. Casual apparel is a great idea if you’ll be working inside the kitchen, and you don’t want to spill wine all over your good clothes.

(Check out this article to see what goes well with jeans)

Outfit Inspiration

This velvet skirt from Nordstrom is the ideal length for anything ‘Christmas.’ Pair it with a high-neck sweater (we adore this minimalist, fitted, high-necked sweater from Zara) and headband for a cozy look that leaves everyone in awe. In case you’re wondering what headband you should buy, you should know that padded headbands are trending, so they’d be the best accessory for the season. Check out this padded headband in black velvet from Asos.

5. Blazer and Tailored Pants

If all else fails, you can opt for a combination of tailored pants and a blazer for a comfortable suit. It helps you look professional but laid-back at the same time. Tailored pants offer a slimming effect, but unlike jeans that can be too tight, they offer some breathing room after a hearty Christmas dinner.

Outfit Inspiration

A good example is these high-waist twill pants from Nordstrom; their tapered fit will look great with any formal blouse. We think it would match well with this cozy, bottle green blazer from Macy*s (the bottle green color totally matches with the festive aesthetic). This outfit would look super chic if you match it with pointed-toe heels or flats, based on whatever you’re comfortable with. We like Sam Edelman’s Hazel Pointy Toe Pumps, but if you like flats, Tory Burch’s Crystal Buckle Flats is a gem of a pair.


This was our guide on what you should wear on Christmas day. With so much fashion inspiration, you can choose the best outfit for you, pair it with some warm winter gloves and you are ready to go! Whether it’s for church service, a luncheon, or Christmas party you now have the perfect Christmas outfit!