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What Is a Mary Jane Heel?

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Although Mary Jane shoes were once popular as accessories for children and young girls, these pretty shoes continue to remain among the most popular styles of shoes for women of all ages.

When we trace back the history of these shoes, we are happy to note that this style is an American invention. This type of shoe has a closed rounded toe and a low heel. Other design features include a strap and a buckle.

While Mary Jane heels make an incredible choice for young girls, this style is hugely popular among women who need a pair of timeless shoes for their pants and dresses. They’re one of the easiest heels to walk in and you can wear these heels every day as they’re comfortable and becoming more and more popular.  

If you want to simply dive in and start shopping check out Top Selling Mary Jane Heels on Amazon.  If you’re looking for more info on how to style with Mary Jane’s, what we’re going to cover in the article below is:

  • Why are Mary Jane’s called that?
  • Tips for choosing the perfect Mary Jane shoes
  • What are 10 Simple black closed toe heels?
  • What to style your Mary Jane’s for day and night.
  • Can you wear socks with Mary Jane’s?

The versatility of this style never disappoints when it comes to exploring options for grown-ups. Every woman must have a pair of Mary Jane heels in her shoe collection to style with different outfits. Whether you are heading to work, stepping out for a club-night out with friends, or dressing for an occasion, the limitless choice of these shoes never fails to amaze us.

Mary Jane heels are popular among both teens and women as they feature a chunkier heel as big as 3”. That’s just the right height of heel you need to enjoy trendy and comfortable shoes for all-day comfort. 

Why Are Mary Jane’s Called That?

The name comes from a 20th-century character, invented by the Brown Shoe Company, called Mary Jane. The company invented this character to accompany Buster Brown, their boys’ brand. Hence, the original Mary Jane was a friend of Buster Brown, and the types of shoes she wore were named Mary Janes.

However, Mary Janes have come a long way. The style of this unique pair of shoes is no longer restricted to young girls anymore. Although the Brown Shoe Company made this style famous for young girls in the 20th century, the style became hugely famous among modern adult female buyers. Lesser-known fashion subcultures also played a huge role in the resurgence of the style.

Mules are another contemporary update of this old style. The mule comes with a more squarish toe, so you can also wear these shoes to work.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mary Jane Shoes

How to buy the best Mary Jane shoes?

There are hundreds of flattering Mary Jane heels available on the market. Thanks to a multitude of choices, buying the best pair is often tricky. Some women avoid this style as they fear the strap of this shoe will shorten the length of their legs, most flattering pair. If you have a petite figure, avoid any straps that are thicker over 1 cm.

You can also go for thinner straps that reduce the attention at the ankle. One of the best ways to divert unwanted attention away from your ankle is to opt for a style that comes with a low-setting strap.

If you have wide feet, you would want to lengthen their appearance. Make sure you don’t choose the conventional round toe box since a pointed one will look better on you.

While Mary Jane shoes are great for a retro look, they come in contemporary designs so you can style them with your modern outfits too. They are comfortable and great-looking shoes, which add a nice touch to your signature look.

What are 10 Simple Black Closed Toe Heels?

A good quality Mary Jane heel is manufactured out of premium quality leather. The style is available in a wide variety of heels, flats, and platforms. You should choose the style that goes well with your outfit.

Old and new brands are manufacturing great-quality Mary Jane heels. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best-closed heel shoes, which are great for all occasions.

1.      Star-Studded Flats

The Italian billionaire fashion designer, Miuccia Prada, is largely responsible for the resurgence of Mary Jane heels. The little black patent shoes come with the tiniest heel, and beautiful crystal stars add just the right amount of sparkle to these shoes. If you are looking for a pair of embellished Mary Jane heels, this one is a must-have in your shoe collection.

2.      Double Strap Mary Jane Heels

Add a Victorian charm to your look by pairing your dress with these heeled Mary Janes. The item also comes in red, but we love the black colored heels. Ornamental buttons and a double strap add both comfort and style to this shoe. The shoes are made in Italy, and the design features a rounded tow for a contemporary look. Thanks to its blocky 2-inch heel, you get just the right height without any pain or discomfort.

3.      Sharp Mary Jane Shoes

This pretty point-toe shoe may break with tradition, but you are bound to fall in love with its angled blocky heels and a rose embellishment over the thick strap. The unique floral design makes these Roger Vivier shoes a classy addition to your collection.

4.      Suede Mary Janes

If you are looking for the perfect pair of Mary Jane heels for the office, these low-heeled Mary Janes are the ideal choice. The shoes are manufactured out of soft goatskin suede, and the timeless design adds both elegance and comfort to your look. You will love the ribbon on the strap, which adds a whimsical touch to the shoe’s beautiful design.

5.      Glamorous Heels

Who said you couldn’t look glamorous wearing a pair of Mary Jane heels? Steal the spotlight with these glamorous Mary Janes that impress with classy crystal embellishment on the strap. With its 2.5 inch heel, you will stay comfortable all day and night. The stunning black velvet pair is the perfect accessory for your little black dress.

6.      Fringed Heels

If you don’t shy away from receiving compliments, these Mary Jane shoes are the perfect heels. The shoe is made out of black velvet and impresses with its delicate rounded tow, as well as a crystal-studded embellishment. The 4-inch heels add more drama to your appearance and will let you garner lots of attention.

7.      Grosgrain Strap Heels

One of the most beautiful Mary Jane heels currently available on the market, the design of these shoes is as elegant as it can be. The grosgrain strap of these black leather pumps come in patent Gucci red and green stripes. The 4.15-inch Italian shoes are manufactured in Italy and feature a beautiful buckle closure.

8.      Floral Mary Jane Flats

Mary Jane flats are as popular as Mary Jane heels. Not only they are comfortable; these shoes are great for sporting a girlish look with an attitude. The metallic leather shoes look pretty in a delicate floral print, and a pointed-toe adds a bit of drama and edge to your appearance. You will also love the flattering elongation, which adds more glam to this shoe.

9.      Casual Pumps Office Shoes

If you are specifically looking for the best office shoes, this simple yet elegant one-bar buckle ankle strap design gives you a professional look. The soft insole of these Cinak shoes keeps you comfortable throughout the day, and the chunky heels don’t look odd in a professional work environment.

10. Trary Mary Jane Round Toe Flat Shoes

That’s the perfect pair of ballet shoes for every occasion. Whether you are stepping out for a theme party or watching ballet, the Trary ballet flat shoes are the best and most comfortable Mary Jane shoes. The premium quality rubber sole, along with the cushioned-foot bed, makes these shoes incredibly comfortable.

How to Style Your Mary Janes for Day and Night

Since Mary Jane heels come in all heel-sizes, designs, and shapes, you can buy a few of these shoes for all types of dresses and occasions.

Here are a few ways to style Mary Jane Shoes for fun, casual attire, and work.

For Casual Outfits

If you are wearing Mary Janes with skinny jeans, you can choose pointed or almond-toe shoes instead of rounded-toe styles.

For a summary outfit, choose a bright pair for adding a fresh look to your appearance.

If you like floral prints, you can choose suede, fabric, or leather Mary Jane heels, which come with floral designs.

Add a pair of stockings of knee-length socks if you are wearing Mary Jane heels with a skirt.

You can also wear these heels with a cardigan.

Bring back the 90’s style with chunky Mary Jane platforms and wear these heels with a shorter dress and pair of socks.

If you can’t find heels for your shorts, Mary Jane heels are the best solution for your casual and summer outfit needs. Just choose the right designs and style that goes well with the length of your shorts. Pairing your shorts or skirt with Mary Jane heels will remind you of your school days. However, these shoes don’t look best with denim shorts. But they go great with fitted shorts.

For Club or Party Outfits

If you are wearing a skirt or a dress that has a short hemline, avoid choosing a strap that sits too high as it will make your legs look shorter. Go for a design that features a strap that sits lower on foot.

Some ladies like to wear these heels with a pair of fishnet stockings to look great. But, if you are going out on a colder night, it’s best to choose opaque or warm tights which protect you against the cold.

You can opt for velvet Mary Jane heels for a classy look. Patent leather is a great choice for sporting a modern look.

Short or long tight-fitting bodycon dresses also look great when you pair them with a stunning pair of Mary Jane heels.

For a Professional Look

When you are choosing Mary Jane heels to wear to work, don’t choose exotic designs of floral embellishments. Go for a solid color and avoid something too flashy.

You can choose low or flat-heeled Mary Jane heels for a professional look.

Square-toed, almond, and pointed Mary Jane heels look great with professional attire. You can choose toe-style according to your preferences.

With Dresses

When you are wearing a dress, go for heels instead of platforms.

Opt for designs that feature a thinner strap and a pair that is delicate in appearance.

You can add more glam to a simple dress by choosing a design with glamorous embellishments. You can add a dramatic touch to your look by choosing solid-colored and high-heeled Mary Jane shoes.

Can you wear socks with Mary Jane shoes?

You can wear a pair of Mary Jane heels with socks if you are looking for the quintessential schoolgirl look. But most teens and women avoid wearing socks with these heels. If you like wearing Mary Jeans to work, you may want to choose striped or solid knee-high socks for a professional look. Most ladies wear socks with Mary Jane heels and a pencil skirt when they are going for a night out with friends.

You can also wear stockings with this style of shoes. Pay attention to the style and color of your outfit. Tights or stockings also protect you against the cold, so you dance the night away in your Mary Jane heels. 


It seems as if Mary Jane heels never went out of style. Thanks to a plethora of options, girls, teens, and women can buy the best Mary Jane heels for every outfit. Whether you are heading to work or going out with friends in the night, there is always a pair of Mary Jane heels to complete your look.

In this guide, we offered some of the best and most popular Mary Jane shoes for you to feel comfortable, look great, and impress everyone wherever you go. While it’s true that most Mary Jane heels come in a close-toe design and a strap over the top of the foot, several variations can add more variety to this timeless design. Follow La Riviere’s guide to buying the best Mary Jane heels if you are looking for simple black closed-toe heels.