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What Is The Correct Side To Wear A Fascinator?

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A fascinator is one of the most beautiful and well-recognized head accessories you can wear on formal events. Most women consider it as a dressy hat to complement their formal outfit. You can explore plenty of styles of designs for choosing the best fascinator.

It is also common to spot this fine-looking hair accessory at British formal events. Companies typically craft fascinators out of wool, feathers, or straw. You can choose a small or large size according to your hairstyle and outfit. You might need to use a hairspray and some backcombing to keep the fascinator in its place.

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Fascinators are gaining popularity rapidly. Just think back to 2011, when virtually every female guest sported a uniquely designed fascinator at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wedding. Do you remember the iconic fascinators worn by Princesses Eugenie and Princess Beatrice?  Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece also wore a bunch of gray-blue roses balanced atop her head.

Royals were not the only ones who donned Facinators. Victoria Beckham opted for a comparatively subtle style with a hat-fascinator hybrid. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson also made waves with her canoe-esque fascinator, which looked straight out of a Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting.

Fascinators have now become more than high-society event staples. It’s become much more common to add a fascinator or two to your well-styled wardrobe and have them ready for the occasion.  The hair accessory is no longer limited to horse-race attendees and wedding guests. Some skeptic ladies wonder if they serve any purpose other than adding beauty and charm to their outfit.

Fascinators offer little protection against the sun and are usually available in bold and extravagant designs. It’s natural for some of us to shy away from wearing such an exotic hair accessory. But selecting the right fascinator can help you upgrade your accessories and style without breaking the bank.

These accessories help you look like a million bucks. Thanks to a vast selection of designs and materials, you can easily find the best according to your preferences and budget. It might need some time and effort to pick a great style and master the backcombing technique. But with a little practice, you can quickly learn to wear all big and small fascinators to create your style statement.

How to Select a Fascinator?

You should consider your hairstyle, fascinator material, and several things when selecting a fascinator. Read on to find out what you should be thinking about when looking for the best possible fascinator that fulfills your requirements and needs.

Your Outfit’s Color

It is always a great idea to select a fascinator whose color complements the color of the outfit which you are wearing. If there is a match in these two items’ colors, it will give you a very classy and subtle look. Furthermore, it will seem as if the fascinator you have put on belongs to the outfit’s set too.

Moreover, if you have clothes boasting a range of different colors, select one color for your fascinator. Ensure that you do not go for some other color that is different from the colors on your outfit. If your fascinator has too many colors, it might give the impression that you are trying too hard to color coordinate!

Seasons to wear the fascinator

When selecting the most suitable material for your fascinator, the season you want to wear is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Fascinators may vary in some material forms that include wool, straw, or felt. Lest you want to put on a fascinator in the summer season, it is wise to select a straw fascinator since it is better ventilated and lightweight.

On the flip side, if you want to wear a fascinator in the winter or autumn seasons, choose felt or wool fascinator. Such a material type is thicker. However, it will be far more appropriate for the wintertime since it goes very well with other articles of your clothing.

Your Hair Style

The particular hairstyle that you will be having when you put on the fascinator will determine the fascinator’s size that you ought to select. In most cases, it’s best to buy a fascinator size that suits your hair length.

It is best to go for a large-sized fascinator if you consider to put your hair down to reveal volume. On the other hand, pick a medium-sized fascinator if you prefer pulled-up hairdos. Furthermore, lest you get your splendid hair cut short or have them slicked back, a small-sized fascinator would be the most suitable option.

Your Hair Style

The particular hairstyle that you will be having when you put on the fascinator will determine the fascinator’s size that you ought to select. In most cases, it’s best to buy a fascinator size that suits your hair length.

It is best to go for a large-sized fascinator if you consider to put your hair down to reveal volume. On the other hand, pick a medium-sized fascinator if you prefer pulled-up hairdos. Furthermore, lest you get your splendid hair cut short or have them slicked back, a small-sized fascinator would be the most suitable option.

The shape of Your Face

  • The fascinators shape ought to be in contrast to the shape of your face.

    For example, if you have a round face, a tall and thin fascinator will help you make your face appear longer and balance out any disproportion. On the flip side, if someone has an elongated facial structure, a disc-shaped fascinator would be a better choice.

The Correct Side to Wear a Fascinator

Buying the best fascinator does not guarantee it will look great on you. How you wear this classy hair accessory also plays a crucial role in deciding your final look.

There are many ways to wear a fascinator.  Even though we have spotted fashionistas wearing it on the front for a bold look, but it is best to attach the fascinator to one side of your head. You should place the accessory just above your left or right eyebrow. Fashion gurus believe there is no ‘correct’ side to wear the fascinator. But traditionally, it is worn on the right-hand side.

There is nothing to worry about if you are wearing this accessory for the first time.  You can watch a video tutorial to learn the right technique or follow our tips to master it. When you learn how to wear the accessory correctly, it will never fall out of place.

How to Wear a Fascinator the Right Way

Tease or backcomb your hair on the side upon which you are going to place the fascinator. Back-combing your head will set a thicker and more robust base for the fascinator comb to have a firmer grip.

Push the comb a little in the opposite direction before sliding it into place to pick up more hair for a secure grip.

It is best to use a little bit of hairspray onto the area. Avoid applying any hairspray on the fascinator to help the hair and comb stick together.

You can also insert a few hairpins to hold the comb in place.

Tips for Using a Fascinator

  • If you are wearing a feathery fascinator, avoid wearing it on the top of your head
  • Pay attention to your outfit and accessories before wearing the right fascinator.
  • You can either match your shoes and bags with your hair accessory or tone with a particular shade in your dress. 
  • Don’t choose over-sized fascinators.
  • Stick to a design that suits the cut of your face and your head-size
  • Keep your hair simple. 
  • A fascinator looks great when you keep your hair simple.
  • Consider Your Hair Color and Hair Length

If you are thinking about wearing a fascinator according to your hair, let the volume of your hair decide your fascinator’s size. If your hair has enough volume to sustain a large-sized hair accessory, then go for it. Otherwise, stick to a minimal design.

Some ladies out there wonder if they can wear a fascinator with glasses. Elastic fascinators serve as an excellent choice for women who wear optical glasses. It will make them feel more relaxed and comfortable, guaranteeing all-day comfort. When reflecting on a fascinator’s design, don’t choose any item that features complex designs or intricate details. Such a style will not look good on you since you already have a pair of glasses on your fair. Don’t wear a fancy or elaborate fascinator if you are aiming for a formal or subtle look.

Additional Rules and Ways You Ought to Use to Wear Your Fascinator

  • You should wear a fascinator on the side of your head. The conventional practice is to wear it on the right-hand side. If you like, you may even wear the fascinator on the front, but it is slightly uncomfortable in that position, and the look comes across as very flashy as well.
  • If you use a headband tosecure your fascinator, the former needs to go behind your ears. It is also best to wear the fascinator so low that it wraps around your neck’s nape area.
  • The fascinator’s detailsought to lie above your eyebrows.
  • The ideal soirees to sport a fascinator are formal get-togethers and events that includetea parties and weddings. Royal events (like the engagement party of a duchess!) are also great occasions for you to wear a fascinator.
  • Furthermore, you must avoid sporting a fascinator when you go to your local cinema. That is because the fascinator will most probably block people sitting behind you in the cinema. Moreover, you cannot take the fascinator off as quickly as when you sport other kinds of hats. Hence, it is in your best interest to leave your fascinator at homewhen you go out for a casual outing!

Can You Wear a Fascinator in the Evening?

You can wear this accessory at any time of the day without looking overly-dressed. You have to choose the right style and the design which suits your look and outfit. (Don’t be afraid to go with your style!)  Fascinators are popular in the evening because no lady would consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat after 5 p.m. You must have a few stylish options in your collection to look classy at any evening event.

You can also wear it in an event where it is impolite to wear a big hat and block everyone’s view. If you are heading to any event where you will need to sit and listen, wearing a fascinator would be ideal.

Should Fascinators Match your Shoes or Dress?

Style gurus recommend choosing a fascinator of the same color as your dress or shoes. Selecting a matching fascinator will make you look classy and sophisticated.

Ladies, who are sporting a pulled-up style, opt for a medium-sized accessory. A smaller sized fascinator goes excellent with a shorter hair cut. Remember, your hair accessory should be cohesive with your overall look. It’s best to follow a color scheme or theme for choosing all fashion accessories, including fascinators, so it doesn’t look odd. 

If your dress features several colors, you can pick one or two for taking inspiration. Avoid choosing a design that features too many colors, or you will end up destroying your look. Choosing any color that is different from your shoes, bags, or dress will make it look like you don’t know how to experiment with colors.

Accessories like jewelry, shoes, and clutch play a crucial role in creating a consistent appearance. Remember to match your fascinator with your jewelry. If you are wearing copper, gold, or silver jewelry, choose a fascinator with metallic accents.

Pay attention to the pattern and texture of your clothes. Less is more when you are trying to look classy and sexy. Choose elegant and smooth designs and avoid wearing anything flashy. If you want to make a statement, you can experiment with bright colors, unusual designs, and odd shapes.

Ideal Choice of Fascinator for Ladies who Wear Glasses

In case you are someone who wears optical glasses, you will require a different fascinator style. An Elastic securing fascinator is the kind of fascinator that you need to be on the lookout for in the market. With the fully secure arrangement behind your headband, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable when you wear both of the fascinator and sunglasses at the same time.

Moreover, you should steer clear from selecting a fascinator thatfeatures intricate designs or details. Since you will already be wearing glasses on your pretty face, adding an overly fancy fascinator will make your head and face look sort of “too much” ( if you know what I mean!). You should avoid at all costs if you are aiming for a formal and subtle look.

Can You Wear a Fascinator with Pants?

Although we have spotted women wearing fascinators with their dresses, some of us like to pair the fashion hair accessory with pants. You can try out this combo if you want to look unique or add a different touch to your regular outfit.

Wearing a fascinator with suits and pants can re-define your fashion statement, giving you a chic appearance. Match it with the color of your pants or something from your top to look cool and sexy.

But if you are wearing fascinators with long evening gowns, choose a design and size that will go well with the outfit. Celebrities usually match the material of their accessory with their dress. You can choose wool, felt, or various lighter materials such as silk, parasisal, or sinamay to select an option according to the season and occasion.

When exploring different options, you can study art deco, Hollywood glamour, and flapper-style for adding a unique touch to your outfit.

Once you’ve purchased a fascinator online, you should wear it to see if it looks good. Some ladies take a hairdresser appointment to get the best hairstyle for a flawless appearance on the day of the event.

In case you have bought an elastic fascinator, then the chances are that the elastic won’t be tough enough to be used alone. You can backcomb the area with bobby pins to create a platform base for your fascinator.  

If you have chosen a fascinator with a comb, remember that the comb goes forward towards your face. You can also use a few bobby pins to secure your fascinator. However, if you have purchased a fascinator with an elastic band, make sure you move your head side to side to see if it fits nicely. Make sure the fascinator is stable but too night so as not to give you a headache.

Benefits of Wearing a Fascinator

Besides adding a bit of color and style to your appearance, a fascinator serves as a highly functional ornament. This accessory offers plenty of benefits, but it is also a contemporary alternative to a traditional hat.

Be it a wedding or a formal dinner; you can wear it on any day or evening event. This hair accessory is also incredibly popular among bridesmaids and is sure to add glam to all outfits. You get an exquisite blend of both traditional and contemporary elements to compliment your dress. It is also reasonably convenient to securely attach the fascinator to the head, using a clip or a comb.

Wearing a fascinator is a neat way to re-define your appearance. Being a perfect hair accessory, it offers several advantages and is available in multiple designs and sizes. It is an affordable and lightweight hair accessory that adds a classy touch to your outfit. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, there is a fascinator for you.

Women who have thinner hair should choose elastic bands, whereas clips are great options for ladies with medium thick hair. Combs work best for ladies who have coarse or very thick hair. Don’t forget to follow our tips for matching the fascinator with your dress and accessories for creating a dramatic effect. Now that you know how you can choose the best fascinator according to your hair, clothing, and accessories, don’t forget to build your collection by adding beautiful, classic, and contemporary designs and dress like a star.

Bottom Line

You must wear a fascinator gracefully and with style!

I sincerely hope that all of the information mentioned above and tips will help you find the most suitable fascinator for yourself and wear it the way it all the pros do! If you keep every crucial detail in mind, there is not a chance that you will err with your fascinator choice!