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When New Your Fashion Week started and what came from NYFW this year?

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When did New York Fashion Week Start?

Since its inception in 1943, the event has enjoyed immense popularity but also endured a multitude of name and venue changes.

But it was in 1993, when Fern Mallis, the executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America attempted to streamline the various processes of editors and buyers running around to multiple runway shows all over New York. The only time the show was canceled was during the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

In 2018, the city celebrated the 75th anniversary of the event that we now know as the New York Fashion Week.

Before that, there were dozens of shows that were organized in multiple cities.  However, the New York Fashion Week show highlighted the very best of American designers and revolutionized the fashion landscape forever. Following the success of renowned designers like Calvin Klein and several major celebrities, the NYFW soon became a must-cover event.

NYFW (New York Fashion Week) 2019

Fast forward to 2019, and the show is still a massive hit. This year, the fashion event featured a profusion of statements, prints, and colors. Interestingly enough, the 2019 NYFW has an abbreviated schedule. In the past few years, the extensive fashion weeks had tendencies to drag, so everyone warmly embraced this change. 

The holiday season is still away, but the celebrations are already in full swing for fashionistas. New York’ biannual event brings top designers from the industry to unravel their collection. Industry gurus like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Ralph Lauren impressed the audience and the press with their beautiful and creative collections. While upcoming designers have also offered some of their best work to date.

This year, the event delivered stellar performances and diverse locations with unlimited creativity, in five jam-packed days.

As expected, the NYFW merged social activism with big-time glamour. Gone are the days when fashion shows were just conventional displays of brands and products. Today, showgoers expect so much more from the featured designers as well as the makeup and styling crew.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the American designer and in our opinion one of the best fashion designers in the world, Marc Jacobs, who is famous for his sartorial interpretations of trending popular culture, opened his runway show with a march of his models clad in a rainbow selection of various ornamentations. That was a grand entry that made a great fashion statement.

Another major highlight of the event was Ralph Lauren’s fall collection. Attendees were asked to wear black tie and Janelle Monae, who is a budding American singer, performed a medley of songs following the runway show. Ralph Lauren has succeeded in offering enviable lifestyles and with his fabulous fall collection; he is one of the few designers who showed in-season clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger and Pyer Moss creatively celebrated the theme of African American culture. The Pyer Moss show began with a sermon by Casey Gerald that shed light on the black experience in American society. After the talk, a choir gave a special gospel and soul performance. Of course, there was also a display of classy and impressive clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger, along with design collaborator Zendaya, immersed the audience in an unforgettable event that was about both music and fashion, in Harlem outside the Apollo Theater. All the models looked stunningly beautiful wearing customized clothes and grooving to live music.

In addition to that, Michael Kors sparked quite an interest with his crossed out “hate” on a navy and white sweater. There were other designers who allowed us to indulge our fantasies with their whimsical collections. In his sophomore show, Tomo Koizumi impressed the audience again with his tulle confections.

Thanks to cooler September temperatures, we witnessed some new fashion trends for this year’s fall season. Forgoing the traditional summer wear for more layers, tons of classy cardigans, matching sets, and printed suits featured in NYFW.

Even though some of these items gravitated toward the monochromatic look in hues beige, purple, and green; one color that proved to be this season’s favorite was none other than hot pink. A large number of designers added the color to a muted look to make things more exciting.

Top Styles, Trends, and Designers from NYFW

Combining bold blazers with thick belts, incorporating the popular waist belt bag and styling monumental earring; this year’s NYFW was all about confidence and embracing your individuality. From chunky sneakers to compact handbags and suits, here are the top trends, styles, and designers from the New York Fashion Week spring 2020 season.


The street style set combines styles and functionality, guaranteeing all-day comfort. This year, we saw many loose-fitting suits in traditional striped patterns and neutral tones.

Monochromatic Dressing

Monochromatic dressing never gets old and always grabs the attention of street style photographers. This season, we enjoyed different looks in green, purple, yellow, and pink which made the trend even more popular.


Without a doubt, Katie Holmes is responsible for giving a brand new cool factor to the plain old cardigan. One of her photos last month went viral last month in which Holmes is at Elie Tahari and wearing an oversized cardigan with a jean jacket and skinny black jeans. Now that’s just the perfect layering look for fall this year.

Matching Sets

Whatever the inspiration may have been, be, this year NYFW witnessed the resurgence of colorful makeup. However, the trend can also be owing to the increasing popularity of matching sets. Artists generously used vibrant colors, including the bold, bright yellow.

Hot Pink

Not too long ago, the New York Street style set shied away from the infamous color. However, it seemed as if Hot Pink was the color of the season. We saw many looks which paired the electrifying color with animal print or classic denim along with fabulous head-to-toe monochromatic looks.

Tiny Bags

One of the biggest trends of the NYFW 2019 was tiny little bags. We spotted some beautiful tiny purses which were so small that you could easily mistake them for jewelry.

Chunky Sneakers

The oversized sneaker continues to reign as a street style favorite. We saw plenty of pairs mixed with a large variety of elegant outfits to give a relaxed chic vibe.

Here are some labels and designers who wowed the audience with their creations.

Eckhaus Latta

A bi-coastal American brand, there are many reasons why we love Eckhaus Latta. At the NYFW, their spring-summer 2020 collection showed impressive clogs which were from their famous collaboration with UGG. We just loved their entire clog styled shoes, particularly the elegant and monochromatic blue shoes which were a perfect match for the models’ sequin dress.


Barragán impressed us with his signature experimental style. He showcased his semi-sheer miniskirts and ripped toys to add a unique flavor to the event. Seasoned makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez crafted hickeys on his models. His skirt suit brought a new dimension to the show. He continues to be one of the most sought-after Latin American designers who have taken over the industry by storm.  Barragán’s work is cherished by anyone who would rather be ugly than forgettable.

Sies Marjan

Established in 2018, Sies Marjan is a luxury ready-to-wear brand. Sies Marjan’s collection was another major highlight of the show. Their show was not just a display but a lesson in color theory. Be it their denim suit or an all-yellow look; we loved every bit of their collection. The head-to-toe red outfit emerged as a winner thanks to its beautiful cuts and texture. With a cowl-neck top, a silky skirt and a satin blazer, the overall look was completed by croc riding boots and a glossy red lip. Now we know what’s all the hype about Sies Marjan.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch’s show captured the grace and timeless beauty of Princess Diana. The show was set in Set in the Brooklyn Museum and offered a gorgeous morning feast of tarts, scones, and crepe cakes; all part of a classic English breakfast. The tasteful display practically gave all an opportunity to appreciate Princess Diana’s elegance. We saw dresses with dramatic necktie blouses and balloon sleeves. Other elements, including the famous polka dots, were also used beautifully.

Embroidered handkerchiefs were also a part of the show and portrayed Burch’s take on the ’80s. Even though the outfits look simple, but upon closer inspection, we see the beautiful details that contribute to the overall beauty of each dress. All the guests took home an embroidered kerchief and lifelong memories to cherish the Queen of Hearts.

Tomo Koizumi

Tomo Koizumi made a comeback to the Marc Jacobs flagship stores with an all-star team. With Guido Palau on hair, Pat McGrath for makeup, and Katie Grand for styling; there’s nothing that could go wrong.

Koizumi’s first season was an epic success with a cast of celebrities modeling his ruffled dresses. For NYFW 2018, the casting simplified to only Ariel Nicholson, a trans model who performed her way through seven looks. 

Being the lone Tomo Koizumi model for this season, Ariel Nicholson, tried on a variety of dresses with the help of three dressers. The outfits ranged from peachy pinks to highlighter yellow and cerulean blue. Koizumi doesn’t want to make something that is not commercial, and that’s one of the reasons why he emerged as a true star of the event. The Japanese designer has become a sensation with his out of the box designs and inventive dresses.

Matthew Adams Dolan

He has earned so much hype that he had almost all of the Vogue team waiting in the front row, at his show. Dolan’s collection gives your everyday clothes an inherent cool factor. Being a prolific creator, Matthew Adam Dolan has become a pro designer whose collection gave us plenty of new and interesting ideas this year.

His collection is a stamp of his maturity and gifted abilities. We loved his voluminous jackets, plaid suiting in bright colors, coats, and jeans.

Dion Lee

Lee’s label has now attained a solid reputation at the New York Fashion Week. The Australian designer took his creativity to another level by designing a pocket bustier with two functional pockets! Now you can keep your credit card in your dress without a bag. How convenient is that?

He brings another monochrome masterpiece with red-on-red party outfits and ice blue suiting that instantly upgrades your style.

Ryan Roche

In an event where embellished garments are all over the place, Ryan Roche brings soothing simplicity to the New York Fashion Week. The designer has returned to the event after a short hiatus and has managed to score great reviews. Roche’s chic collection featured sophisticated but modern outfits for both men and women. Her debut collection for men features fitted turtlenecks, beautiful cashmere sweaters, and clean-lined trousers. Her husband, Garret, is the primary designer for this venture.

Roche already enjoys a massive fan following including renowned celebrities like Angelina Jolie. Her clean-lined trench coats, fitted slips, and chunky cashmere sweaters are her trademark creations. Hence, we were naturally surprised to spot more flamboyant colors in her outfits.

Final Thoughts

The who’s who of fashion flock to New York, twice a year (February and September). The celebration of fashion continues in Paris, Milan, and London, where people from all around the world are anxious to get a glimpse of the most popular faces in the fashion industry.

New York Fashion Week is that time of the year when the eyes of consumers, influencers, and the press are locked on the runways. It seems as if everyone wants to be a part of the glamorous event.

The September NYFW season marked the first for Tom Ford as he overtakes Diane von Furstenberg who held the seat for 13 years. One of Ford’s initial agenda was to re-invent NYFW and make it more attractive.

This year, the New York Fashion Week has given us a plethora of show-stopping moments, innovative designs, and a decent share of inventive fashion trends. The event featured plenty of wild looks and some interesting experiments. We spotted tons of unique styles, and there was no shortage of cool mini dresses, pretty hats, and funky shoes.