why bra straps constantly fall down

Why Do My Bra Straps Constantly Fall Down?

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No matter if you’ve worn a bra for 30 years or a few months, we’ve all had the moments where the bra strap fall off our shoulders, and it’s just annoying to keep fixing it over and over. It’s likely that we never even try to fix it on a long term basis; we’ve just accepted it as part of life.

However, if your bra straps are falling down consistently, you have to wonder why or what you can do to fix it. The most common causes of bra straps falling down are:

  • Ill-fitting bras
  • Loose straps that aren’t tightened properly
  • Bra’s that need to be replaced.
  • Daily adjustment issues

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Most of the time, if you try and fix issues with your current bra, you will be able to save yourself from having to buy anything new. There are a few ways to stop your straps from falling if you can’t go out and get a new bra right now, and they are pretty cost-effective as well.

3 Tips To Keep Your Bra Straps From Falling Down

We’ve all had the issue where we are going through our day, and we have to keep pushing our bra strap back onto our shoulder, over and over again. Sure, we know everyone wears a bra, but do we really want everyone to see it all the time?  No, we want to keep our bra straps in their place.

Adjust Your Straps

While it may seem pretty obvious, a lot of people forget to tighten their straps consistently. Your straps may need to be adjusted daily depending on your body and what it is going through.

Some days you may experience more inflammation in your body than normal due to eating or sleeping habits, this may require you to loosen your straps, and if you are losing weight, you may need to tighten them.

This is likely to fix a lot of issues you can have with your straps falling off your shoulders. Some people think that once you adjust your straps once, you won’t need to adjust them again, but this is just not accurate. Over-time, bras stretch out naturally and need to be tightened up to compensate for that.

Replace Your Bra

It’s pretty standard for people to buy a bra and wear it until it gets a hole or rips. However, most bras are only good for 1-2 years of use if worn regularly. This time can be shortened if they aren’t washed and dried according to the care instructions they come with.

If your straps are always falling off your shoulders, it may be time to buy a new bra. When you go shopping, do some research on what type of bra is best for your breasts and why. Many women are learning that different types of bras are made for different types of breast, and because of that, they fit more comfortably when worn correctly.

With your knowledge of what type of bra is best for your body and how long you can wear them, you should be able to fix your falling strap issues.

Use Non-slip Options

If you have bought new bras, adjusted them well, and research what’s best for your body type, you may need some help from fashion tape. This is an option that many people use to help keep shirts and dresses where they are supposed to be, without it looking like they are using any products.

Fashion tape is basically double-sided tape and is made to stick to skin and fabric. You can put it on your bra straps, the side that touches your shoulder, and it will keep your straps in place all day. You can buy it in clear or nude (skin tone), so it isn’t noticeable if your straps are seen.

The other option you have is to buy bras with non-slip straps. These bras are often lined with a rubber-type substance that helps your straps not slide and move around on your skin. You will most often see this type of substance on strapless bras, but you can find it on bras with straps as well.

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Another Great Tip: How To Keep Your Bra Straps Hidden

If you have shirts that have narrow straps, or maybe your shirts are cut weird enough that you have to constantly tuck your bra straps in, you may need to look into multi-way bras. You can buy bras that are able to be worn in several different ways so you can feel supported while feeling fashionable.

Most multi-way bras are able to be worn in many different ways, such as:

  • Halter Top
  • Racer Back
  • X-Back
  • Low Back
  • Strapless
  • One Shoulder
  • Narrow-front

This type of bra would allow you to move your straps around to fit any outfit you are wearing so your straps can be hidden at all times. There are usually several sets of hooks all around the inside of the bra that you can put your straps on and adjust your bra with.

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What Is The Best Bra For Narrow Shoulders?

When shopping for bras, women that have narrow shoulders, more often than not also have larger breast. While this is rather common, it’s still very difficult to find bras that are made for this type of fit while also working with multiple outfits and all-day wear.

The first thing you want to look for is the way that your bra cups fit with your breast shape. If your cups have a gap at the top of your breast, either your bra is too big, or you are not wearing the right type of bra for your breast shape.

Once you discover what kind of bra is best for your breast shape, you need to look for bras that are fitted in a way that is complementary to your shoulder and back shape. If the back of your bra is a wide and deep U shape, and you have narrow shoulders, you will experience some issues with your straps falling.

With narrow shoulders, you want to look for straps that can be worn as racerbacks, x-backs, or narrow U shaped straps. Any of these options can help straps to stay where they need to stay.

You want your straps to lay right in the middle of your shoulder, between the bone and where it starts sloping up onto your neck. This is where your strap will sit most comfortably, as well as being covered by most normal shirts that you wear.

How Do You Stop Tops From Falling Off Shoulders?

If you are having an issue with your straps or sleeves from your shirts falling off of your shoulders, this is a pretty easy fix. Always start with making sure you are buying the right sized clothes for your body. Even though you may like your shirts longer or flowier, it doesn’t always mean you can size up in everything.

Fashion Tape

If you are buying the right size for you, and you are still dealing with your sleeves falling off of your shoulders, it’s probably time to invest in some fashion tape. Fashion tape will allow you to stick your sleeves to your skin discreetly and keep them in place all day.

You can find nude or clear fashion tape for whatever instance will make it less noticeable. The point of fashion tape is to make your clothes fit how they are supposed to, without making it look like you are using anything extra to help.

Posture Adjustment

If you are having issues with your sleeves, even after fixing and adjusting sizes and adding fashion tape, you may have a problem with your posture. After standing and sitting with incorrect posture for too long, your muscles and joints will start adjusting to the incorrect posture, which can cause your shoulders to slope down.

If your shoulders are sloping down, your sleeves and straps won’t stay on your shoulders without help from tape or sticky substances. You need to correct your posture and maintain the correct form for a few months to correct your muscles and joint issues.

Once you fix your posture issue, you may not have any more issues with your sleeves falling off your shoulders because they are not sloped downward anymore.

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What Type Of Bra Is Best for Me?

Big Breasted

Looking for a bra when you are blessed with a chest can be very overwhelming because it can be hard to find a good quality bra that is actually comfortable as well. Chances are, you want something with underwires because you need support to feel most comfortable throughout your day.

However, you will likely find that standard bra straps in a U shape are uncomfortable because they dig into your shoulders while supporting you. You will most likely be happier with a racerback type of bra because it distributes the support across your back instead of putting it all on your shoulders.

No, you can, of course, experiment with other types of bras to figure out what feels best for you. If you are looking for something to wear when you are around the house, bralettes are usually a good option for minimal support but maximum comfort.

Small Breasted

If you are small breasted, you have a wider variety of bras that you can choose from that are comfortable for all-day wear and that support you correctly. The best bra for you is going to depend on your personal preference around comfort and support or what makes you feel most supported.

It’s also smart to look for bras that will work with what type of shirts you wear most often. You don’t want to get bras with straps that go across your shoulders if you only wear strapless or halter tops. Find a bra that fits your lifestyle and go from there.

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Final Thoughts

Bra shopping can be overwhelming can be frustrating, especially once you get home and have to spend all your time fixing your straps from falling off your shoulders. The good news is, you can fix this.

If you are sure your bra is the right size, you may want to check your posture or the adjustments on your bra straps. Usually, one of those is the culprit, and fixing the root of the problem will stop your straps from falling off your shoulders.