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The 10 Best Makeup Brush Brands on Amazon

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Anyone who enjoys wearing make-up knows the benefits of using well-made make-up brushes all too well. While there are different alternatives like beauty blenders and your trusty fingers, the only way to achieve a flawless look is by using the best make-up brushes made by the top brands.

So, what are the top ten best make-up brush brands on Amazon? According to Amazon customer ratings, the top ten make-up brush brands on the e-commerce platform are:

  1. BS-MALL
  4. Lamora Beauty
  5. MSQ
  6. L.F Cosmetics
  7. Zoreya Cosmetics
  8. Real Techniques
  9. Anjou
  10. Syntus

If you are in the market for a new set of make-up brushes, it helps to know the top brands. These brands have established themselves in the market and have built a reputation for producing quality products. In this article, you will find the top 10 make-up brush brands on Amazon and learn what makes them stand out. There are some product recommendations for you to consider, as well.

What is the Best Brand of Make-up Brushes?

BS-MALL is the best brand of make-up brushes on Amazon.  The brand was the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the year 2015, and it’s not hard to see why. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality products at a pocket-friendly price. They go above and beyond to reduce links in the production process to ensure their products get to the consumer at the lowest price.

For those who believe cheap means low-quality, the adage doesn’t apply when it comes to BS-MALL. With most of their make-up brushes holding a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and above, it’s clear that customers are satisfied with the quality of products they get from this brand and the savings in their bank accounts.

The 10 Best Make-up Brush Brands on Amazon

You can’t afford to pick the first set of make-up brushes you come across online. You need to take some time to evaluate the brushes’ features and find out what makes them stand out from the rest. If you are in a hurry, this can seem like a lot of work. However, if you know which brands to look out for, the process should be a breeze because the top brands have established themselves as authorities in their field and are known for producing quality products.

So, what are the top 10 best make-up brush brands on Amazon? Let’s find out.


Whether you’re looking for professional make-up brushes or you want a set of brushes for personal use, you won’t go wrong with BS-MALL. Over 20,000 customers rave about this brand. Their make-up brushes are not only made of high-quality materials but are also very affordable.

One of their best sellers is the BS-MALL 14-piece Make-up Brush Set.  This make-up brush set includes brushes of all sizes and shapes to ensure you have a different brush for each product you add to your face. The bristles are made of a durable synthetic fiber – soft and silky nylon, and the handles are made of high-quality, long-lasting wooden material that’s comfortable on your hands.


Another brand you should have your eyes set on when you’re shopping for the best make-up brushes is BEAKEY. The company has been in operation since 2016, and they have been knocking it out of the park in terms of quality since then.

The BEAKEY 12-piece Make-up Brush Set is one of their best selling products.  The set includes ten make-up brushes, a make-up sponge, and a make-up brush cleaner. The brushes are made of quality materials that don’t shed, and the handles have a unique and attractive finish that’s typical of the BEAKEY brand.


BESTOPE is a beauty tool brand that specializes in make-up brushes, vanity mirrors, hair curlers, skincare accessories, and much more. However, it’s their make-up brushes that have made the brand stand out on Amazon.

An example of their top-selling products is BESTOPE 18-piece Make-up Brush Set. With 18 brushes in one set, you will be spoiled for choice while doing your make-up. The brushes feature soft, shed-free bristles that are non-irritating and excellent for sensitive skin. The handles are made of a top-notch alloy and wood material that guarantees durability.

4. Lamora Beauty

Lamora Beauty promises to combine luxury and affordability with all their products. Based on the brand’s high ratings on Amazon, it suffices to say that they have achieved this mission. Customers rave about this brand’s quality and affordability, and they keep delivering with every new release.

One of their best sellers is the Lamora Travel Make-up Brush Set. The set includes six make-up brushes for face and eye make-up. The make-up brushes are shed-free and have a unique design that comes in different colors. You’ll also love that the brushes don’t soak up products. This means you can use the brushes to apply liquid make-up with ease.

5. MSQ

If you’re looking for professional beauty brushes, MSQ will not disappoint. The brand has been in operation since 2001 and is known for producing high-quality make-up brushes for beginners and professionals alike.

One of their best products is the MSQ 28-piece Professional Beauty Brushes set. This set of make-up brushes includes every make-up brush you need to complete a full face of make-up. The brushes are handmade and feature synthetic hair bristles that are soft and gentle on the skin. They also feature handles made of real wood to ensure durability.

6. E.L.F Cosmetics

E.L.F Cosmetics is also a go-to for many professional make-up artists and beginners looking for excellent make-up brushes. The company stands out for manufacturing unique and beautiful make-up brushes. If you are the kind of person that loves to display your brushes, this is the brand to go for.

Among their best sellers is the E.L.F. E L F Silver 11-piece Brush Collection Set. The set includes 11 brushes that are enough for a full face of make-up. They have a unique silver finish, and the bristles are made of quality synthetic fibers that don’t shed when you’re applying your make-up.

7. Zoreya Cosmetics

Zoreya Cosmetics should also be at the top of your list if you’re on the lookout for a brand that manufactures fantastic make-up brushes. They are known for using only the best materials to make their products, and you can rest assured they will feature pocket-friendly prices.

One example of their top-selling products is the Zoreya 15-piece Make-up Brush Set.  The set includes seven essential big kabuki make-up brushes and eight precise make-up brushes. The bristles are made of synthetic fibers and are compactly spaced to ensure you don’t waste any make-up. You will also love the unique handle designs and the fact that the brushes are shed-free.

8. Real Techniques

No one understands the features you need in a make-up brush set better than a make-up artist. That’s why the Real Techniques brand stands out. The award-winning brand was created by Samantha and Nicola Chapman – two respected make-up artists – who have put a new meaning to what quality products should look and feel like.

Over the years, the duo has established brand loyalty by continuously delivering quality products to their customers. And based on customer reviews, it’s clear that they continue to impress when it comes to manufacturing quality products.

One of their customer-favorite products is the Real Techniques Make-up Brush Set with Sponge Blender. The cruelty-free brushes are made of high-quality shed-free materials and have a comfortable handle that makes applying make-up a breeze.

9. Anjou

Anjou is your one-stop-shop for all your personal care products. From essential oils to make-up brushes, this brand gives you everything you need to achieve a flawless appearance. However, their make-up brushes are more popular among Amazon customers compared to any of their other products.

Among their top-selling make-up brush sets is the Anjou Make-up Brush 24-piece Set. The set includes seven large kabuki brushes and 17 smaller brushes to help you achieve a complete professional make-up look. All the brushes are made of soft, shed-free fibers and feature handles made of durable wood that has a rose gold finish. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty – something you won’t get from the majority of brands.

10. Syntus

Syntus is also one of the most loved manufacturers of make-up brushes. This brand mainly stands out because of the affordability of their products. However, despite selling products at a low price, they never compromise on quality – another factor that has contributed to their top ratings on Amazon.

One of their high-rated products is the 16-piece Syntus Make-up Brush Set. The set includes 16 make-up brushes, four beauty blender sponges, and a make-up brush cleaner. With all these brushes at your disposal, you can achieve any look you need. Not to mention, the brushes can be used professionally because the set includes everything you need to complete a professional look.

The brush bristles are made from premium synthetic fibers that don’t shed and are dense enough to blend make-up flawlessly. The brushes also feature handles that are made of long-lasting wood.

What Make-up Brushes do Professionals Use?

Professionals prefer make-up brush sets that include all the brushes they need to complete a full face of make-up flawlessly. They need sets that include big brushes for effortless application of foundation, powders and precise brushes to complete the look. 

(If you have a couple of make-up brush sets, you might want check out the best make up organizers out there so you can have all of your tools set up and ready to go!)

Some examples of make-up brushes that are popular among professionals include:

What are the Best Make-up Brushes for Beginners?

If you are just getting started with make-up, don’t worry! You can easily learn to apply make-up and start from the basics. You will definitely need a basic kit of essential make-up brushes that can help you achieve a simple but flawless look. The following options will not disappoint:

Wrapping Up

In your quest to find the best make-up brushes, quality should be your main priority. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find brushes worth investing in. To keep your brushes in top shape, you can check out our article on how to clean make-up brushes to maintain them in great quality!

You are sure to get quality make-up brushes if you purchase from any of the brands mentioned above. From foundation brushes to lip brushes, they deliver quality without creating a dent in your pocket. What else could you ask for?