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The 5 Best Lash Extension Training Courses Online

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Eyelash extension procedures are popular and lucrative for eyelash extension technicians and artists. Vogue Business notes that Google searches on “eyelash extensions” average 883 thousand a month. A BL Lash article reports that the lash market may grow to a $1.5 billion industry over the next five years.

This article provides overviews of five of the best online eyelash extension training programs. Also covered are what to expect in training and the reasons why certification and licensing are important. Read on to find out how to take advantage of these online training opportunities to become a part of the growing eyelash extensions business market.

Can You Teach Yourself to Do Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure in which artificial lashes are glued, one at a time, to a client’s natural eyelashes. Other eyelash extension procedures in demand include “volume extensions” where extremely thin sets of 2-3 lashes are attached to each natural lash.

Although it’s possible to teach yourself to do eyelash extensions, the best and safest path is to do so in the context of a reputable training program. Otherwise, you may put your client’s well-being at risk as well as open yourself to legal action if your eyelash artistry goes wrong.

Teaching yourself involves covering essentials and details around topics such as:

  • Understanding the anatomy of eyes
  • Set-up, what you need to do the work (fine-point tweezers, trays, adhesives, curls, etc.)
  • Techniques, understanding taping, applying adhesive and lashes, styling, lash removal, and replacement.
  • Practicing with an experienced eyelash artist as a mentor and guide
  • Business planning and set-up.

In other words, there’s a lot involved – enough to read on and consider enrolling in one of the better eyelash extension training classes. (The next main section covers five of the best as a starting point.)

Do Eyelash Extensions Work for You?

Learning how to do eyelash extensions is an exciting prospect with great potential earnings and job security. But before you commit to any of the online training, take a moment and consider the following:

  • Are you good with detailed and delicate work?
  • Do you have good hand-eye coordination?
  • Can you focus for 2 or more hours on a task?
  • Do you enjoy helping and working with people?

If your answers are a resounding “yes!” then keep reading to take the first steps on your new career path!

Can You Get Lash Certified Online?

Perhaps you have a busy life and don’t have the time to attend an in-person lash extension training course. This may raise the question, can you get lash certified online?

You can get certified online, especially if you select one of the better lash extension training programs. Almost all of the better eyelash extension training programs grant you a certificate noting you’ve completed your training.

To receive the certificate, you’ll need to successfully complete all the course modules by passing the quizzes at the end of each, complete a certain number of practice sessions or hours, and submit photographs of your work for appraisal by those managing the credentialing process.

Once all of those steps are complete, then you’ll have passed your training and will be certified by the group offering the training.

You can take certification a step further though and become an accredited last artist. One accrediting organization is the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA.) Their site notes that a certificate is evidence that you passed training in what you’re taught to do, while accreditation shows you are doing that work to an acceptable high standard. 

Although currently there is no recognized national level of certification for lash artists, the NALA does come close with its advocacy for best practices in the lash industry.

How Much Does Lash Extension Training Cost?

You may be excited to jump into your lash extension training, but first, how much does it cost?

According to The Lash Professional, eyelash extension certification classes range in price from $300–$2,000. The cost varies extensively with the content, kit, duration, and reputation of the online training courses you attend.

Sassy Wink notes tuition at just under $2,000, but also notes the potential for a $2,250 weekly and $100,000 annual income based on 5 clients per week at $450 average service charge.

In other words, the investment in high-quality, certified training can be worth the investment of time and money. Xtreme Lashes includes a table on their website that details daily, weekly, and annual revenue based on the volume of a mix of relashing and new full set work.

The 5 Best Lash Extension Training Courses Online

If you search online for “eyelash extension training” you’ll see thousands of results, including those sites nearest you. To help narrow things down, the following 5 sections provide overviews of some of the best and most popular training options.

Sassy Wink Academy

Sassy Wink is at the top of the list for online lash technician and artistry training. Amber Arrington, the founder, also advocated for increased safety in eyelash extension work, resulting in the National Eyelash Education and Safety Association (NEESA) in 2014.

Amber also started Lash Wars – an opportunity to meet and compete nationally to promote contacts and professional growth. Amber is recognized internationally as an expert and leader in the eyelash extension industry.

Sassy Wink emphasizes both safety and artistry in their eyelash extension training. They stress that mentoring and support continue after training is completed. They believe that 1-2 day in-person training is too intensive, many schools try to pack too much into those days without allowing sufficient time for practice and support.

Amber emphasizes that there’s a lot to learn before application techniques – anatomy of the eye, eye shapes, lash curl options, and similar. She also stresses the need for certification and insurance.

 Here’s an overview of what they offer as part of online training:

  • 27 modules and 70 videos
  • Students can rewatch videos and take their time without feeling pressured to complete the courses.
  • The course material is available for access for a year.
  • “Hands-on training” is facilitated via an app called Voxer which can be downloaded for free. Using Voxer, Amber works one-on-one with students to answer questions, review photographs of their work, and more.
  • Work in-person is available via a training coordinator who will help schedule time with Amber and her staff in Arizona.
  • Both classic and volume series are available.
  • Training modules consist of PowerPoint lectures, PDF materials, and videos. Each module must be passed to proceed to the next one.
  • Practice kits and steps to success after training are provided.
  • The cost for online classic training is $797 (as of this article.) However, there are options for discounts and payment plans.

You can contact Sassy Wink via  or 480-406-9770 for more information.

This Sassy Wink page will give you a closer look at training details.

Fixe Beauty

Fixe Beauty offers lash pro certification in under two days. Lash Boss revolution focuses on empowering women in a flexible career.  Gets good reviews for education and support. In-person and online, with manual and credentialed with National Association of Lash Artists. Offers continuing support and community beyond the course. Facebook presence.

Online, they offer Lash Pro online certification specials (recent one is for $197), which includes a free Lash Pro starter kit.

Fixe Beauty is a great success story. Started by two single moms based in Calgary Canada, they successfully switched from providing services in-person to online lash extension and beauty courses.

One of the founders, Jessi Penner, noted that by taking their business online they were able to “create 24 home-based jobs” for women who had experienced job losses. The company supports empowering women to start their own lash and beauty businesses, including funding a scholarship.

In addition to their Lash Pro online certification training, Fixe Beauty also offers volume lashing training and certification online. As with the Classic Training and certification, this online class provides educational videos, PDFs, downloads, and access to support and the Fixe Beauty community.

Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes was founded in 2005 by Jo Mousselli, a registered nurse. Xtreme Lashes was a major player in pioneering the eyelash extension industry, remaining one of the most recognized brands and leaders in the field today.

Xtreme Lashes offers a range of training in the form of different “Career Builder Packages.” Whether you’re new to the field or a more experienced lash stylist, there are educational options available. As with most online lash extension training, there are options to help manage cost via payment plans and periodic specials and discounts.

The focus is on “live, interactive training” – this training is not pre-recorded. Students select a place (home, salon, etc.) and time. Classes are then taught “live” by Xtreme Lashes certified trainers within the following four options:

  • “Classic Lash Extension Certification Training Career Builder Package” – Recommended if you’re just starting or you want to refresh your skills.
  • “Advanced Omni Volume ™ Lash Extension Certification Training Career Builder Package” – For those comfortable with basic lash extension techniques ( for example, single layer lash applications.)
  • “Group & Private Lash Extensions Training Options” – Xtreme Lashes offers options for training the stylists at your salon, private group training, or group training at one of their certified training centers.
  • “School Partner Lash Extensions Training” – If you’re associated with a beauty school, technical college, or similar, Xtreme Lashes will partner with you to bring their training in-house.

The training programs offered by Xtreme Lashes are some of the most flexible, designed to meet lash extension educational needs in a variety of contexts and payment options.

Elite Lash Society

This eyelash extension company offers accredited eyelash courses in-person and online (primarily video-based.) Elite Lash Society also offers their own eyelash extension product line.

Training is progressive, beginning with basic (classic) and continuing through specialized courses. Certification involves successfully completing all online modules and materials, practice, and before and after photographs of student work at each level. Eyelash extension kits are provided with each course offering.

Online courses include the following:

  • Classic Course – Fundamentals of classic eyelash extensions and business start-up.
  • Volume Course – Advanced class building on fundamentals.
  • Elite Masterclass – An intense combination course covering all lashing techniques.
  • Lash Lift Course – Covers lash lifting (modifying the shape and tint of natural eyelashes.)
  • Educators Course – Information to help you set up your own eyelash artist training classes.

A note that the Elite Lash Society website is one of the best organized, with easily accessible information summarizing course content, pricing, and certification. There’s also a blog with initial information around pertinent topics.

The Glam Beauty Academy

The Glam Beauty Academy  provides both lash and brow training and certification. Although the course is designed to go over two full days, students go at their own pace and course materials remain available for six months. Given no experience (or license) is needed to enroll, this is a great option for beginners who want to explore an eyelash extension career.

The course is $99 (as of this article), with a practice kit available for an additional $100, bringing the full cost to $199. The course includes video tutorials, learning modules, and post-module exams. Lifetime access to mentors is provided as well as a certificate upon course completion.

Glam Beauty Academy currently focuses only on basic or classic eyelash extension training. A note that they are a BBB Accredited Online Training Course with an A+ rating. They also note they’ve successfully trained over 1500 students.

It’s worth including the Glam Beauty Academy course curriculum here as it will give you a great idea of what the basics are for classic eyelash extension training:

  • “Eyelash Extension Manual
  • Eyelash Extension Products & Equipment
  • Eye Styling
  • Adhesive 101
  • Workspace Preparation
  • Health & Sanitation
  • Mannequin Step by Step Tutorial
  • Live Model Step by Step Tutorial
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to do a fill
  • Eyelash Extension Consent Form
  • Marketing 101
  • Eyelash Extension Test”

Given the relatively low cost and high level of accreditation and expertise, again, the Glam Beauty Academy is a great choice if you want to explore eyelash extensions as a new work endeavor. You can always take refresher and more advanced classes further along in your career.

Can You Do Lashes Without a Certificate?

Maybe you are well-versed in cosmetology and have taken an interest in doing lashes, but don’t want to sit through hours and hours of training. Can you do lashes without a certificate?

You can do eyelash extensions without a certificate, but in most states, you cannot do eyelash extensions without a license. In fact, many lash extension schools require that you be a licensed cosmetologist or similar in your state prior to taking their training.

If you do eyelash extensions without a license, you’re opening yourself (and more importantly, your clients) to potential health and safety risks. Given you work so close to someone’s eyes and use glues that can be formaldehyde-based, not knowing exactly what you’re doing can be disastrous. And, expensive – resulting in fines and other possible actions. (You can purchase salon or insurance to cover liability – see Beauty Bodywork Insurance, for an example.)

Each state will have its own set of requirements for becoming licensed in the cosmetic arts, but almost all require graduation from a cosmetic arts program, passing written and practical exams, and paying a licensure fee.

EBL Lashes, another leader in providing eyelash extension training (online and in-person) and products, provides an excellent web page summarizing licensing requirements for each state.

Here are some additional links to state licensing information:

Back to certificates for a moment – displaying a certificate reassures your clients that you have successfully completed eyelash extension training and that you are serious about your eyelash artistry profession. Displaying certificates certifying training and a state license gives your clients the absolute assurance that you’re a skilled lash artist, licensed to practice.

The Business of Eyelash Extensions

Once you’ve gained experience and a client base, you may start thinking about building or expanding your eyelash extension business. There are several things to consider – do you have the funds necessary for a start-up? What do you charge?

There are several online sites devoted to the business of eyelash extensions and related products. One of the best is Ilashes. Check out Ilash details around set-up and marketing to understand what you’ll need to consider as an eyelash extensions business owner. Ilash also provides some great references to help you decide whether or not to take the next business steps.

Starting Your Eyelash Extension Artist Journey

This article has given you the information you need to start exploring online eyelash extension courses and certifications. Remember, be sure to read all the details each program provides to be sure what’s being offered is right for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking for advanced training, the details around course content, continuing support, pricing and payment options, and certification matter. Good luck on your eyelash extensions training journey!