do lash extensions ruin your lashes

Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?

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Lash extensions are a time saver for most women because they give you the illusion of wearing makeup without having you put in the time. The lash extensions make you look like you are already wearing mascara and can create an authentic put-together look.  But can these lash extensions ruin your lashes?

Lash extensions do not ruin your lashes if applied correctly. But it is essential to do research beforehand and go to a reputable esthetician. An unsanitary and unlicensed person may perform the same job but can cause disease and may harm eyelashes due to not knowing the proper procedures.

Doing your research beforehand and knowing what to expect can help you be prepared to get lash extensions. Read on to learn about the details of lash extensions and how to make the best decision for you.

(Here are some more things to know before getting lash extensions!)

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions are placed on top of each eyelash. An individual eyelash lasts between 4-6 weeks per cycle. You are losing 4-5 eyelashes every day.  Lash extensions are meant to fall out with the individual lash. An eyelash extension will therefore last 4-6 weeks, depending on when it falls out.

Because lashes do not fall out all at once, there is a cycle with lash extension appointments that ensures your lashes are always 60-80% complete at all times. This means your extensions are permanent until you decide to take them off completely. Maintaining the eyelashes with lash appointments and daily maintenance will limit the effect eyelash extensions can have on the original lashes.

Losing eyelash extensions will be much more noticeable because they are heavier and darker than those of your natural eyelashes. Once you notice your lashes are beginning to fall out, you should get them refilled. This process will typically start around four weeks. The lashes are not being completely redone, but they are maintained and kept healthy by getting refilled.

If you have decided not to go for the whole lash set initially, you can get pieces of your lash extensions filled in overtime. In fact, it is recommended that you only do the top eyelid at first to make sure you are getting the look you want before you do the whole treatment.

To get the most out of your lash extensions, you need to be maintaining them. Using baby shampoo and a lash conditioner will help you get more out of your lash fitting. If you do not use these products, your lashes can lead to infections which can cause damage to your eyes.

How Do Lash Extensions Stay On?

Lash extensions require a light glue adhesive to stay attached to your lashes. There are many different types of lash extensions, such as animal fur or synthetic. Every kind of lash has its benefits but should always be applied with a non-toxic adhesive.

Each lash extension is individually glued to each lash. They should be applied with a hypoallergenic brush that should not be reusable. A new brush should apply the glue to eliminate the spread of infections or other problems. Tweezers should be sterilized between every use, and the technician should be knowledgeable about this process.

If you notice any pain or discomfort during the lash extension process, tell your technician. This should be a painless process. Between 80-140 individual extensions are added to each eye and should not be causing any discomfort.

Throughout the lash placing process, your eyes are closed when the lashes are going on. This means the adhesive a technician is using should be non-toxic and not cause reactions for you. If you are allergic to the glue or the lashes, you may want to be careful and get them safely removed.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

You need to ask yourself a couple of questions before deciding if it is worth getting eyelash extensions. They can help you decide if lashes are suitable for you.

  • Do I touch my face and eyelashes often?
  • Have I had any recent eye infections?
  • Do I sleep on my face?
  • What look are you looking for with lash extensions?
  • Why do you want lash extensions?
  • Am I going to a reputable esthetician?
  • Do I have any allergies to adhesives?

All of these questions will help you decide if getting eyelash extensions are good for you. Each of these questions will help you see the effects lash extensions could have on you. You need to answer each one honestly before your appointment to make sure you are making the right decision for you. But there are also some other criteria to consider when making your choice.

First of all, eyelash extensions and maintaining them are expensive. Depending on the type of material you want your eyelashes to be made from, they can cost between $100-$1000 for the first complete set.

The different types of eyelash extensions can have different benefits and can help you get the desired look, but it all depends on how much you want to spend.

  • MInk fur lashes are the most expensive of the brands, costing around 1000 for a complete set. They are incredibly lightweight and feel like regular lashes. They are not animal cruelty-free.
  • Synthetic mink fur is the next most expensive brand of lash extensions. They are cruelty free and can feel as close to natural lashes as synthetic fibers can.
  • Silk lashes are the most popular lash extensions because they are lightweight and do not have the added cost of mink fur.
  • Synthetic lashes are the last type of lash extension and are typically quite heavy on the eyelid. They also may not look as natural.

No matter what eyelash extension you pick, you need to make sure you are maintaining them and keeping them in healthy shape.

Eyelash maintenance is key to getting the most out of your lashes. You will need to get your eyelashes filled in every 3-6 weeks. This means that every 3-6 weeks, you will have to go back to your esthetician and have them fill in the eyelashes that may have fallen out. The price will be lower than the original complete set but can add up over time.

Also, with eyelash maintenance comes cleaning them yourself with special baby shampoo or lash conditioner. These need to be used often to keep debris out of your eyes and avoid infection.

The cost time differential is another thing to consider when deciding if eyelash extensions are worth it. If you spend a lot of time on your eye makeup in the morning, it may be worth getting eyelash extensions to shorten the time you spend on them. You can then look at the time you could save and see if it is worth the price of the extensions.

Finally, it all depends on what look you are going for. A lash extension might be great if you have short lashes and are looking for a dramatic look. Or you might be interested in looking put together and bright-eyed every day.

Before deciding, make sure you weigh every positive or negative fact before determining if the lash extensions you have chosen are best for you.

Why Are My Lashes Shorter After Extensions?

Each lash extension is glued onto each lash. When your lashes fall out, the extensions are supposed to fall out with them. If you let them both grow and do not fall off, the extension will eventually break and cause your lash to be shorter.

The weight of the lash extension can be heavy when they grow out too long. This can cause the lash extension to fall out and break off the lash underneath, causing a shortened and damaged lash.

Also, your lashes can be shorter after extensions if they are not applied and maintained correctly. If you go to an esthetician that does not have proper training, they could use the wrong materials that can be dangerous for your eyes. It can cause your lashes to be permanently damaged.

If you do not brush your lashes out daily, they can become clumped and fall off in chunks. This can cause you to have shorter lashes after extensions due to the clumps causing the lashes to break off.

You’ll typically see some kind of shortening with repeated lash-altering of any kind, including curling and putting on mascara. This is completely normal. If you notice irritation of any kind in your eye after lash extensions or repeated lash activity in general, always consult a doctor to reduce the risk of serious infection.

Will My Eyelashes Recover After Extensions?

Eyelashes can recover after extensions. They do require some maintenance and unique products to help them grow. If you have had your extensions in for a long time, it may be time to give your natural lashes a break and allow them to grow back fully.

Besides utilizing the strategies to keep your lash extensions usable, you need to make sure you apply proper aftercare for when lashes are removed. Some of the processes are similar in that you will want to use hair oil and maybe even some conditioner for your lashes to keep them strong.

After eyelash extensions, it may take your lashes a few months to grow back. The extensions may break your lashes, but they will grow back. In order to make sure they grow back fully, you can:

  • Take hair growing supplement vitamins every day
  • Use regrowing serums on your eyelid
  • Use doctor prescribed eye drops
  • Limit your use of mascara and other eye cosmetics

These cures are not guaranteed to regrow your full lashes, but they will help stimulate growth and help you regain some of your lashes. The breakage caused by the extensions can make tiny and brittle lashes, and the use of irritants such as cosmetics can cause them to become worse indefinitely.

Ultimately your lashes should spring back to total health in a year. That process may seem long and time-consuming, but your lashes need the time to heal and become strong again. By taking breaks between complete lash extensions to help your eyes adjust and limit the breakage amount that could occur.


Lash extensions can seem to be a great addition to your look. The maintenance and lash visits are a crucial part of the process, and you need to decide the amount of effort you want to take. But you need to make sure you know all the pros and cons before you take the plunge. The decision is yours!

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