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5 Great Resources to Help You Do Fashion Design Online

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Fashion design is a great form of art that requires a very creative mind. Getting started may seem like a simple task; it’s actually a challenging career to navigate without guidance. While most people that are getting into a fashion design career have started somewhere from what is considered the bottom, sometimes you can start at the top.

There are some great resources out there that can help you achieve your dream of being a fashion designer online, including courses, business guides, and networking tools. Some of these resources may be as simple as downloading the right apps or as complex as having to take classes.

Many designers will also offer help or advice on how to get started with fashion design. Since technology makes everything easier to access, your resources for fashion design can be limitless. If you’re interested in online fashion design, just keep reading.

Can I Do Fashion Designing Online?

Almost everything can be done online these days, including fashion design. Yes, you may run into difficulties in getting started or trying to brand your designs, you can do fashion design online, and you can be successful. There are a lot of tools and resources that you may need to check out before being able to fully get started.

A vast majority of fashion is online, from buying online to soon being able to use the new technology to try on clothing online. Fashion is also everywhere. From commercials to in stores, you can sell your brands based only on online stores. This makes getting your career started even better.

After you have decided on your designs and getting yourself a brand started, it may seem like a walk in the park to getting your shopping website up and running. Once your website is up, your career can start taking off more and more as you start to add your designs and clothing accessories that grab customers or the general public’s attention.

Are There Websites Where I Can Design My Clothes?

These websites may differ between what you can and can not do based on what you, as a designer, are looking for. One website called ZAKEKE lets you customize your designs. It also allows you to create templates for your customers.

There are many options for this website that can benefit you as a fashion designer. However, this website does require a paid subscription to gain access to all these functions.

Other great websites that let you design your clothing are:

In addition to fashion design websites, there are some other useful apps that can make drawing your designs easier. Many apps can help with shortcuts in drawing your designs. One of these types of drawing apps that not only can be used for sketching but also for patterns. Corel Draw also lets you use mannequins for your designs as well.

Using an iPhone app called Stash Star Fabric can help keep your fabrics organized. It also allows you to take notes and pictures of the different fabrics and textures.  For more on apps to help with fabric or sewing, visit The Sewing Loft.

5 Great Resources to Help You Do Fashion Design Online

By now, you’re probably wondering where exactly you might dig up these handy dandy online resources for online fashion design. Don’t worry. We’re going to make it easy, and they’re all listed below.

The key to a great resource is the combination of knowledge and efficiency, at least in fashion design. To be an online designer, you’ll want guidance from a source that has experience in the industry but also knows how to streamline your design process for efficiency.

Here’s a list of five of our favorite resources for doing fashion design online:

  1. Online classes or courses
  2. Famous or well-known designers and brands
  3. A business guide
  4. Build connections through networking
  5. Tips from other start up brands

Coming up, we’ll dive into the details and outline the specifics of each resource, and pinpoint exactly why you should be using it for your online fashion designing career.

Online Classes or Courses

It’s true that some classes and courses can be taken online. Sometimes having a degree or certificate in different areas of fashion can be a great thing to have. This shows that you are open to learning more knowledge about the fashion industry as well as learning about different methods.

Taking online courses can also help you gain contacts as well. Sometimes there may be competitions that a course has that allows you to submit designs and clothing to well-known designers. A course may also teach you different methods of sewing or creating your designs.

If courses are something that you may be interested in as a fashion designer, you can also gain other aspects to add to your portfolio and even have portfolio help. Being enrolled in courses can be beneficial in added internships and job opportunities. These internships will help you gain the experience that some fashion industries require.

Some courses that can be available for you to take as a fashion designer are:

Famous or Well Known Designers And Brands

In the fashion industry, it is important to know at least some important designers and big-name brands. Knowing at least a few of the designers from around the world can be a useful resource for your career. You are probably wondering what knowing of these designers and brands has to do with helping you with your fashion designing career.

Let’s start by giving a few reasons that knowing about designers and their brands can be useful for you. Knowing well known or famous designers can help spark a lot of inspiration.

Perhaps a certain designer stands for the same beliefs that you do, or their style just speaks to you. Using these designers to inspire your work can gain the attention of those that share the same sense of passion or interests as you.

Take some of these famous designers, for instance.

  • Gucci
  • Kenzo
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Giorgio Armani

As well as others on top.Trends.Guide.

These designers are known for their gorgeous works of art in the design world. From actresses and actors, these brands are worn and carried for not just big events like awards, commercials, or videos, but also everyday life as well.

Sometimes these brands will be a huge part of what social influencers believe or stand for, and the brand will also incorporate those beliefs or opinions into their designs.

Not only is using their brand from inspiration great for business, but also some big-name designers offer tips and tricks to make it in the fashion industry. Some artists will provide videos as well to help offer guidance on specific topics.

This makes it possible for you to use these designers as inspiration for your works of art and be able to incorporate them into your career in fashion as well.

A Business Guide

One great resource to have is Fashions Finest. Here you can see the latest trends, read blogs, and view their gallery. This website is good for listening to podcasts about fashion and seeing media coverage on independent brands. They offer various services that may be beneficial to you on your journey to becoming a fashion designer.

Some of these services may include:

  • Event management
  • Product launches
  • Photoshoot arrangements
  • Sourcing for an event with venues, models, seating, etc.

For a more detailed list of services, visit their site Fashions Finest.

Build Connections Through Networking

Another great site to use as a resource is Pepper Your Talk. Pepper Your Talk helps you to gain more connections as well as build confidence and more knowledge of the fashion world. They have a wide selection of workshops, tools, and blog posts. Using this to your advantage can help you succeed in having a career in fashion design online.

Other useful traits about this website are the:

  • Free tools
  • Workbooks
  • One-on-one
  • Events

For more helpful resources that they offer, visit Pepper Your Talk.

Tips from Other Start-Up Brands

StartUp Fashion is for new or upcoming fashion designers. They offer advice on how to grow your business as well as how to keep your business going. They have many different goals that you can reach just by reading their blogs. Many of their blogs or guides are full of help and knowledge about how to gain confidence for and increase your branding.

Some great qualities about this site are that they offer templates and tool kits that can help you along the way instead of you having to do it all alone.

For more information about StartUp Fashion, just visit their site.

How Do Fashion Designers Make Money Online?

You may be wondering how fashion designers make money in general, let alone online. Many fashion designers have to start somewhere.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding making money online as a fashion designer. Some might seem like common knowledge. Some are much less obvious but equally important:

  • Designing products that are not usually produced or common can grab people’s attention.
  • Use a local resident that has a lot of influence over the population in your town, city, or state.
  • Give customers an option to express what they like or don’t like about your product and make some changes.

Once the website is created, it makes it easier for people to find your products. Rather it is from recommendations or google searches, customers can find everything you have to offer.

Not only do websites allow people to shop fashion designers’ products, but they also let customers make purchases with a simple click. Never underestimate the power of simple buying.

Fashion designers need to put their brand out there to get customer traffic online. Talking to people about their products or even wearing their products can give a great conversational starter to your business.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some knowledge and great resources underway, your career in fashion design can be well on its way, even being completely online. Using these resources to your advantage can not only help you create your designs but also be able to build your company with templates, tools, blogs and gain the connections you will need for your business along the way.