Best Handbag Charms

The 10 Best Handbag Charms

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Handbags can be the statement piece of any outfit, but even the highlight of your ensemble needs accessories to give it that personal touch. Handbag charms are a fun and simple way to liven up your everyday handbag. One perk of handbag charms is that they are easy to swap out, so your accessories reflect your interests and personalities. But sometimes, there are just so many, how do you choose?

There are ten handbag charms deemed to be undoubtedly the best and must-have accessories to your wardrobe. These charms are split between the top 5 designer handbag charms and the top 5 regular handbag charms.

From the everyday person to the most idolized celebrities, individuals of all sorts are donning their own personal handbag charms. Not only can you find them easily on Amazon, but they are also a staple of designer fashion as well. Kate Spade is a forerunner in the fashion industry and is rumored to have the best purse charm brand on the market. Read on for our opinion on how true these rumors are.

What the Difference Between Designer and Regular Handbag Charms?

Some of you might be wondering how something as simple as a handbag charm can be labeled as “designer.” The answer, it all comes down to materials and brand.

Designer handbag charms will use some of the best materials, such as real gemstones or genuine silver and high carat gold.

These materials will easily rack-up the price of any charm, but the investment is well worth the cost when you know it is made of only the best materials available. In this sense, buying a handbag charm for your purse is like buying a piece of jewelry. The difference is your purse is wearing it, not you.

Brand is the other key element when labeling a handbag charm as the designer. A brand acquiring the label of “designer” is no small feat. It takes immense creativity, high-quality materials, a degree of artistry, and a huge reputation.

The top designer brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton derived from design artists with unprecedented vision and innovation that turned everyday articles of clothing into a work of art that you live your life in.

Designer handbag charms will undoubtedly reflect this artistry in a unique manner that sets it apart from regular handbag charms and renders it worthy of its designer brand.      

In accordance with their use of high-quality materials and their significant level of artistry, designer brands are typically dedicated to creating luxury items that are not easily affordable by the everyday person.

 A designer handbag charm with a fairly simple design could cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, they are set in their own separate category from regular handbag charms you might find in common retail stores.

The 5 Best Designer Handbag Charms

If you take immense pride in your appearance and accessories and have a taste for the finer things, indulge yourself with one of these five luxurious designer handbags that are sure to catch anyone’s eye and beautifully accentuate your purse.

This whimsical leather elephant bag is a fun play on purse accessorizing. People will love the adorable and simply designed elephant until they notice the little job that it too is a bag. 

An utterly unique and simply adorable charm, this Louis Vuitton charm depicts the brand’s mascot in a fluffy Ferris wheel seat ready for adventure.

Saffiano Leather Robot

This little robot has a big personality. Compliments of Prada, the Saffiano leather robot charm is concocted of various metal and leather parts to gift it an otherworldly appearance. Not only is it perfect for your purse, but it is also the perfect companion.

Who wouldn’t want this little guy hanging from their purse like the cutest little detective he is? This Thomas bear charm by Burberry is a cuddly addition to your accessories made of the finest and softest cashmere and always looking fashionable.

Bullion Lion Leather Bag Charm

Oh, Ralph Lauren, you’ve done it again. This leather coat of arms bag charm depicts a lion and crown artfully crafted in Italy with bullion-embroidery. Not only is the charm sleek and powerful, but it also has a modern twist on a very traditional staple, something Ralph Lauren does very well.

The 5 Best Regular Handbag Charms and Tassels

Although all of the options previously mentioned are deeply fabulous, you might not have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend on one handbag charm, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the fun. Accessorize your favorite clutch or purse with one of these regular handbag charms.

Brighton Water Lily Charm

This stunning silver charm consists of numerous hearts, each decorated in its own unique style. It is the perfect charm to flatter nearly any purse, but we recommend pairing it with one made of leather to really bring out the texture and material of both pieces.  

Leather Tassel Charm

Leather tassels are a common purse accessory, and you can get this quality at an affordable price at Macy’s. The pastel-colored tassel is accentuated by the golden ring and hook, so it is a simple but eye-catching addition to your bag.

Lazy Egg Tamago Sushi

Even the most productive person will love this lazy guy just hanging around on their purse. Easily accessible at Target, hurry and snag this little sushi snack that will add ample character to any outfit.  

Tarot Swallow Charm

Beautifully crafted by Swarovski, this charm depicts a key, swallow, and star, all embedded with multi-colored gems of the highest quality. The tarot magic here will render this your lucky charm that may never leave your purse.

Dice Keychain

We’ll get into Kate Spade a little more momentarily, but it would be rude not to include her products here in the best regular handbag charms.

This playful dice charm is made from a brilliantly bright red resin and decked in sparkling gems in place of the white number dots. This charm is perfect for the individual who loves games. All sorts of games.  

Can I Get Great Purse Charms on Amazon?

Of course! Doesn’t Amazon have practically everything these days? Some of the most stylish and affordable charms can be found on Amazon and in a plethora of options.

Most of these charms and tassels will range from $3 to $40, so if you’re looking for a website that gives you plenty of options that are relatively inexpensive, Amazon is the place to go. These keychains make great gifts, especially if you’re looking for something small, like a stocking stuffer for the holidays.

The only downside of using Amazon for purchasing handbag charms is that it shouldn’t be your first choice if you are looking for high quality or designer level purse charms. Most of these charms are made of metal and plated gold or silver, and the gems are most likely glass, so the materials are certainly not as high quality as you might want.

However, if you just want a simple charm with lots of character, this is the perfect place to go. Here are a few simple options for Amazon charms you might enjoy, in addition to the top 10 list above.

Is Kate Spade the Best Purse Charm Brand?

Kate Spade New York is a luxury fashion company that made its debut in 1993, selling handbags. From 2004-2006 the company’s influence increased substantially, and now, they have expanded from handbags to also create products such as clothing, shoes, perfumes, beauty products, jewelry, and, of course, handbag charms.

So, considering its cultural popularity and high-quality products, is Kate Spade, the ultimate brand for purse charms? It depends on what you’re looking for.


Since Kate Spade is considered a luxury brand, it creates highly fashionable products with exceptional materials that are guaranteed to have more longevity than anything you would find on Amazon or in a basic retail store.

However, unlike other designer brands, Kate Spade doesn’t typically include high-cost materials in their handbag charms apart from leather. This might be for brand aesthetic purposes so that the charms match their distinct look, but if you’re looking for charms with masses of real sparkling diamonds, you won’t really find it with Kate Spade. You’ll have to go with one of the big-name designers for that kind of bling.


One reason Kate Spade might be considered the best option for purse charms is that, despite being labeled as a luxury brand, its prices for purse charms are fairly reasonable.

In comparison to designer handbag charms that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, Kate Spade charms usually cost about $50-$100. This means that you can acquire charms that resemble those of a designer brand at a fraction of the cost.


Another potential shortcoming of Kade Spade, particularly when compared to basic retail brands such as Amazon or Target, is a variety of options. Kate Spade has affordable, high-quality products, but not many of them.

At a time, when you search for purse charms on their website, you’ll find maybe a maximum of 20 options, and some of those options are merely variations of each other, further limiting your choices. If you adore the Kate Spade brand aesthetic, then you might have a hard time choosing from these 20, but if you prefer more variety, this might not be the place for you.

Overall, if you are looking for a long-lasting and fashionable handbag charm that won’t break the bank, Kate Spade is an exceptional place to start.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing like a chic little handbag charm to give a splash of personality and fun to your everyday accessories. Whether you are a bargain shopper that buys 15 from Amazon, or you are on the side of luxury and invest thousands, purse charms are a great way to spruce up that same old purse you’ve been using for months. They are also multi-functional.

When you don’t want your lovely charm flapping around on your hip anymore, try clipping it onto your phone case or key chain. They’re also a fun accessory to collect over the years or gift to others on special occasions. Whether you’re a fan of pompoms and tassels, sparkling jewels, or sleek leather, there is bound to be a handbag charm out there that fits your personality perfectly. So, start searching!