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The Easiest Way to Learn Fashion Design Sketching?

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Fashion design sketching does not require you to have the best skills to create something great. This skill can be perfected over time. The most important part of sketching is to ensure that the designs can be understood because someone else will produce those designs once they are approved. It is not something you have to be good at, but you do have to know the basics of sketching.

The easiest way to learn fashion design sketching is by choosing the most reliable tools and using figure templates to facilitate the sketching process. Start with a traced template that you can use multiple times. If your design has to change, you can alter the proportions of the croquis as needed.

This article will give you information about the different but simple ways of learning fashion design sketching. If you want to learn how simple it is to learn fashion sketches continue reading.

How Can I Learn Fashion Design Sketching?

You don’t have to be a professional or an expert to learn fashion design sketching.

It is common to feel insecure about your ability to sketch. It could also be intimidating to show your designs to others if you have not mastered sketching. This ability can be perfected by taking the time to work on the things that are still a problem area.

It is important to break the barrier that is preventing you from taking the next step to dominate fashion design sketching. Sketching skills can be expanded since there are many resources on which you can rely. Some of these resources can come from places that we often use. The following list can be an easy alternative to learning fashion design sketches.

Take Courses

The first helpful option to learn fashion design sketches is through attending school. Fashion design courses can help you learn the basic things you have to do to either begin a career or gain some knowledge in the field.

Taking courses is an effective option, but it is also time-consuming. If attending school is not something that you wish to do, other ways can help you learn sketching in fashion design. It is reasonable to find other opportunities that can give faster results if that is what works best for your learning style.


Look through books and get familiar with the current information regarding fashion design.

The best way to conquer sketching is by practicing. One way to do this is by outlining the croquis repeatedly until you have mastered this step. Using the following guidelines can be helpful to anyone trying to improve their sketching skills.

  • Print your ideal pose/croquis.
  • Trace the selected pose numerous times.
  • Use the outline created to begin designing.
  • Use your creative side, and allow your unique style to stand out.

Another option can be to trace the croquis by using window light. This can be used as the base of any design and can also be altered to add more length or shape to fit the desired look.

Learn Drawing Skills

You can now begin exploring and designing. Sketching includes using your media correctly. If a sketch is completed, it is important to use basic drawing skills to enhance the sketch.

To provide better visualization of the end product, add:

  • Shadows
  • Shape
  • Spaces
  • Light

Use Templates

Templates can jump-start the sketching process because you won’t have to worry about creating the body from scratch. Since the template is already a standard size and shape, this will allow you to alter the form to fit the designs you wish to create.

Delivery of quality work is very important because the sketch will need to be produced and understood. Fashion design sketches allow others to envision that design. It is important for people working close to you to translate your work properly.

Learn Fashion Designing Terms

The easiest way to sketch is by learning all the terms that might seem difficult to understand. Once these terms are understood, the best part of designing will begin.

Elements and principles are central aspects of design that can be useful in Fashion design sketching.

Elements consist of:

  • Color – Gives personality to the design.
  • Form – The length of sleeves, dresses, or pants.
  • Line – Silhouette/outline of the clothing that is instantly noticed.
  • Shape – How a garment is supposed to fit to look more flattering.
  • Texture – Materials that are used to bring the design together.

Principles consist of:

  • Proportion – The relationship between every part of the design.
  • Balance – How Symmetrical and Asymmetrical the piece of clothing is.

Both elements and principles of fashion are important in fashion because it helps the entire design come together.

Three Resources to Learn Fashion Design Sketching

Fashion design sketching can vary based on the designer. It can help you understand the process but also different ways to sketch.

Trying to figure out the easiest way to learn fashion design sketching can also help you focus on other design aspects. This is why what normally works for one person might not work for the other. Some techniques can seem difficult, but a step-by-step directional process can facilitate sketching successfully. There is always the possibility that one of the options listed would help improve those skills.


Seeking your own tools to learn can be a great option if you like to read. This means that you will have to self-educate if any doubt arises while learning to draw a Croquis.

Sketching Women: Learn to Draw Lifelike Female Figures, A Croquis Course for Beginners can be a great resource that can be easily accessible because it focuses on the drawing technique. Illustrations are an important part of this book because it helps the reader visualize what is being taught.

This book includes three professional studio artists’ opinions, where they explain the different levels of sketching in various ways. These artists walk you through the most important steps that will help you improve your skills.

The book also provides structured guidance on the levels of sketching, allowing you to perfect your technique. By the end of this book, you will have achieved the following:

  • Sketch a croquis by using the four levels of sketching.
  • Sketch by using different contrast value
  • Sketch a variety of poses and body parts

Take an Online Course

Sketching for Fashion Design is an affordable beginners’ course that consists of giving some insight through seven videos. This course’s highlight is that it explains so much information in the simplest form to make learning a much easier process.

It explains the importance of fashion sketching for the ones that wish to be a fashion designer. It also teaches you techniques that make sketching a simpler task for you to complete.

This online course aims to teach sketching techniques without the pressure of being the best at it. It could be considered a refresher course for some and could also be a new learning experience for others. Not only do you learn to sketch, but it gives motivation and inspiration to become a great designer in the future.

Attend Online School

Awesome Art School allows you to progress through the course with only 25 lessons. This course is accessible to anyone since it teaches everything from the beginning allowing others to feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in conversations.

The benefits of this online school are that the courses begin and end at your own leisure. It also allows you to learn at your own pace. Another great benefit is that this course gives unlimited lifetime access, allowing you to keep the videos as an educational investment. This means that you can always revisit the information to help refresh what you learned.

What do Fashion Designers Use to Sketch?

Fashion designers use a variety of tools to complete their sketches. When creating sketches, designers chose different media to display their designs.

This is a list of the most essential supplies that can be used to begin sketching:

  1. Colored pencils
  2. Drawing pencils
  3. Felt-tipped or ballpoint markers
  4. Markers
  5. Scales
  6. Sketchbooks
  7. Sharpeners and erasers
  8. Tracing paper
  9. Watercolor set

Each of the tools listed plays an important role in how the sketch is created. Any fashion designer should know how to display their sketches through different types of fashion drawings.

  • Fashion Croquis: The template of a figure used to sketch the design.
  • Flat sketch: 2-dimensional linear drawing created with a software program
  • Presentation Drawing: The finalized drawing that is presented to the client.
  • Spec: Includes details of the garment to facilitate the manufacturing process
  • Tech sketch: A detailed text explaining the clothing
  • Working drawing: Gives the person making the pattern all the details to complete the pieces.

Is Drawing Necessary for Fashion Designing?

Fashion designer professionals have different views concerning how important it is to draw in fashion design. Some might say that drawing is an important ability to have, but others might say it’s not important as long as you have a base to design on.

Whichever point you side with, having a base already there still requires drawing skills. Learning designing techniques can help enhance your drawing skills. Drawing skills can also be learned, so there is no need to stress over this.

Sketching by Drawing

If you want to be a professional fashion designer, it is important to know how to draw. Drawing can be seen as an essential part of designing because designing comes from your imagination, and in order to show it, you have to draw it.

In this case, drawing is a way of demonstrating creativity and communicating ideas to others. You do not have to be a drawing expert, but you do have to know basic design rules. The goal is to refine the problem areas, but perfection is not required. Sometimes imperfections can make a sketch more interesting and can show individuality.

Sketching by Using Technology

You can effectively use technology to complete your sketches. There are many online outlines and templates that have already been created and can serve as the base for your design

Many designers that are not great at sketching have used templates or computer programs to create designs. Technology has allowed many designers to have access to a variety of options when creating fashion design sketches.


There are various techniques that can facilitate sketching. Learning fashion design sketching consists of learning techniques, fashion design terminology, and practicing until you have mastered this skill.

The end result should be that you are able to create designs that portray who you are as a designer.