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10 Killer Trends for 2019 Fall Fashion

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Every year fashion week comes along with dizzying array of shows and a wide variety of designs and trends.  It’s enough to make your head spin and make you want to give up trying to stay on trend because there’s just too much to keep track of.

Then, when one season ends, the next one is coming right around the corner.  How is a girl to keep up with all the changes while still looking chic?

Even though New York fashion week, which featured show stopping spring and summer trends, just ended, it’s never too early to look ahead to the next season.  After all, fall designs will soon be hitting store shelves and you may need some time to plan your cool weather wardrobe.

But what are some of the styles that will be popping up later in the year?  Summer is a great time to and start thinking and planning which pieces you’d like to add to your closet. Not to mention that fall is the perfect time to experiment and spice things up as a way to bring a little more life, color, and flair to a cold and grey time of year.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the changes coming and can’t keep track of all the shows during fashion week, this article is for you.  We’ll break down 10 different trends and take a look at what fashion moguls are predicting will be the definitive styles for fall 2019.  These include:

  1. Not All Superheros Wear Capes, But You Should!
  2. Cinch Your Suit
  3. Satin It Up!
  4. Neckline? Slashed, Please.
  5. Hems Lengthened Coat
  6. Squared Necklines
  7. Patchwork on the Rise
  8. Fashionable Fleece
  9. Primed and Uniformed
  10. Pair Neon with Suits

While there’s a difference between a fashion and a trend, every single trend listed here might not be a good match for your personal fashion style. You can still get an idea of what will be featured in stores this fall.  And even if something doesn’t seem like it will be flattering at first, you never know when you might just discover your new favorite piece or accessory.

Keep an open mind and try things on to see how they look.  It’s sometimes hard to get an idea of how a garment will fit when it’s on the hanger.  And don’t forget to take a trusted friend along who will give you honest feedback and let you know if something suits your or not.

If certain items aren’t work appropriate but you still want to wear them, you can still incorporate them on the weekends.  Many pieces can also be modified to make them more suitable for daytime wear as well.  Just get creative and put your own personal touch on it to make it part of your signature look.

You’ll also be able to stay up to date with all the latest ways of dressing and accessorizing while impressing all your friends over brunch with your insights into the fashion industry.  Armed with this information, you can help them shop or act as a stylist to incorporate some new pieces to spice things up.

Also, the great thing about the fashion world today, is how easy it is to shop for clothing online. Checking the fashion trends in online shopping, can help you find clothes that are currently trending from the comfort of your home!

We know that the New York Fashion Week just ended with show stopping spring and summer trends, but some of us are getting excited over the fall fashion trends. Let’s see what fashion moguls consider ideal styles to define fall 2019 fashion.

Sure, the weather is often chilly and you’ll have to cover up, but with some perfect style inspiration, you can look classy and chic when it’s time to pull out your warm coat.

1. Not all Superheroes Wear Capes, But You Should!

The Fall 2019 collections from top designers show that capes are back in style. Forming clean lines and an articulate silhouette, these capes are all you need in the fall to keep you looking fashionable and warm. Brands like Chanel, Celine, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs all came out with their own styles, capelets, leopard prints, and basic brown.

Regardless of whether capes made the runway this year or not, they always allow you to make a fashion statement. Hence, adding one to your wardrobe won’t do any harm, especially if you live in a town that gets exceptionally chilly in the fall.

2. Cinch Your Suit

It looks like this year, you’ll need to pull out your suits as soon as the temperature starts to drop. But not so fast! Fall 2019 trends forecast the appearance of the ‘cinched suit’. That’s right, what was once a straight silhouette is getting a cinch at the waist with minimalist as well as statement belts.

Prada led the way with built-in belts on blazers, Tibi showed off bright blazers with dark belts, and Marni created unique contrasts with chunky chain belts. Want to own this fall trend? Well, you’ll need to tighten the waist on your blazers and suits, it seems.

3. Satin it Up!

We’re living for the satin trend that graced the runways for Fall 2019 showcases. Before, pairing a great fall outfit was all about selecting muted tones, but now you can go all out with 90s satin dresses for all your fall-formal occasions.

Versace reinvented their classic satin slip dresses with bright neon colors, Giorgio Armani created a ruffled shirt for Avant-Garde tastes, while Brandon Maxwell brought back the basics: white satin suit looks.

4. Neckline? Slashed, please.

For the bold and daring, this fall will be one of the slashed necklines. True, the season comes with plenty of formal events, but no one expected the risqué look to take over fall collections. Lopsided shoulders and necklines will give an ‘effortless yet refined’ appearance.

Regina Pyo, Cushine, and Kate Spade New York are some of the brands that set the fashion trend for the upcoming fall. Puffy shoulders, off-shoulder designs, and asymmetrical necklines will be all the rage, so be prepared.

5. Hems Lengthened Coat

When it came to coats and their hemlines, 2019’s Fall collections showed off some impressive length. Designers like Max Mara and Tory Burch displayed longline coats that seemed like a unique way to show off style without compromising on functionality.

However, you should make sure to try one before you buy one. These come in heavy woolen fabrics like tweed, so they might be too warm to wear before winter.

6. Squared Necklines

Renaissance made a cameo appearance on the runway, we suppose because squared necklines were a constant in designs from Vaquera, Rochas, Emilia Wickstead, and Simone Rocha. Although not all of them were objectively squared, they did show corners and straight lines.

Similarly, the theme wasn’t specifically renaissance, more like a few elements of it. For example, Simone Rocha incorporated a clean neckline with modern fabrics, Thornton Bregazzi used rich red hues, and the Y/Project implemented modern patterns.

7. Patchwork on the Rise

Who knew that grandma’s patchwork quilts would be a fall fashion statement? Quilted dresses and coats looked bold and dynamic on the runway. Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, and Etro displayed amalgamations of different fabrics, motifs, and prints merged into a single design for a seamless silhouette.

We’re not sure if high street brands will pick up on the trend to release their own thrifty versions, but we’d advise that you invest in authentic designs if you want to sport the look this fall.

8. Fashionable Fleece

Last year, we observed the return of puffer jackets, but let’s say we compromised on a lot of style along the way. For this year’s fall, designers from Fendi, Coach 1941, and Ashley Williams are incorporating fleece into different kinds of coats to make a mixed-textured jacket that mimics Patagonia’s outdoorsy style.

Fendi added fleece to bright leather, 3.1 Phillip Lim used contrasting colors to make a functional jacket, and Sandy Liang made a splash with a leopard-print jacket that Instagram loved.

9. Primed and Uniformed

This year saw the return of many uniform looks, and why not? Considering how prep-school uniforms have the aesthetic for fall fashion, we’re definitely excited that brands like Lacoste, Christian Dior, and Victoria Beckham are bringing back these looks.

With statement pieces like English tweed jackets, sweater vests, pleated skirts, and polo shirts, designer brands are making fall fashion more basic and trendy enough for anyone to pull off. It’s time to pull out your sweater vests and polo jumpers this fall because we’re going back to school!


Sure, we already mentioned a suit trend, but what if cinching your beloved tuxedo dress or blazer isn’t for you? In that case, you’ll love neon-colored suits.  With a light-weight appeal, these designs make maximum impact with their bursts of color.

Saint Laurent, Off-White, and Jacquemus are among the few designer brands to take up the challenge of making neon suits look classy and fashionable. These looks aren’t for the faint of heart, but they do lend themselves to being mix-and-matched quite easily, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pull off a contrasting look.


These are some of the best styles we saw at Fall 2019 collections so far and think they’ll make quite the impression as the season approaches. Designers have set a high bar for this year’s trends but, you can also take a look at the Fashion Trends That Will Be Big in 2020 to get a bigger idea of the new fashion styles. Many looks include closet staples that you probably have. You’d better get creative if you want to ride the fall fashion wave this year.