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The 15 Warmest Winter Gloves for Women

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Looking for the best winter gloves for women? While every brand claims to manufacture the warmest pair of gloves, most of these products are not designed for everyday use.

That’s because a large variety of thick and warm gloves usually turn out to be the clumsiest. You can’t type a text, tie shoe-laces, or take something out of your wallet if you are wearing a regular pair of warm gloves. Women, in particular, are always on the lookout for comfy gloves which are great for wearing both indoors and outdoors. The key is to buy the best quality gloves, manufactured by a premium brand that offers a superior blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

Warm winter gloves are great when you are exploring museums and tourist destinations in chilly lands to free yourself from frozen fingers. A trusty pair of warm gloves are perfect to style a winter sweater as well!

Most women opt for thicker gloves which are designed for men. But, women’s gloves are characterized by a smaller palm design and feature longer fingers. Ideally, your fingers should touch the tips of the glove and the design should feature a small air pocket to trap warmth. You should also choose gloves with longer cuffs so there is no exposed skin around the wrists.

Most winter gloves come with an insulated inside and an outer shell built to keep your hands safe from harsh weather elements. It doesn’t matter if you need a pair for shoveling snow or a pair with what you will wear on Christmas day, your gloves should be warm enough to keep frostbite at bay.

We did the research to find the best thermal gloves you can buy to keep your hands nice and toasty for the rest of this winter and for many more winters to come. The perfect pair of warm gloves keeps your hands comfy and dry so you can do everything with ease. It’s best to stick to waterproof products as wet gloves can irritate your skin and trigger a rash or an allergy, leading to discomfort.

Warmest Winter Gloves for Women

When you are shopping for best winter gloves for women, you are sure to come across different brands and gloves available in various specs, designs, and styles. Make sure you buy only premium products to ensure that you get both comfort and warmth to keep your hands safe.

Here are the best 15 and warmest gloves for women, designed by reliable brands which are incredibly popular among buyers.  (Links in glove heading name go to Amazon)

The Running Gloves by Head are not just for athletes. The sporty gloves offer great warmth and comfort to your cold hands thanks to its premium blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester. Being incredibly functional and flexible, you benefit from a great grip owing to its silicone palm design.

Another great feature about the gloves is that the pair is touchscreen compatible which means you can check your phone or text your friends while you are outside in the freezing cold. You will never go back to your old regular gloves once you try out this pair. 

These N’ICE waterproof mittens serve as valuable accessories for an exciting ski trip and for everyday use. Manufactured out of thinsulate insulation, the gloves are breathable, stretchy, and exceptionally soft.

Since it’s a unisex design, you can buy multiple pairs for everyone in the family. The rain-proof and windproof gloves are engineered to provide ultimate comfort and warmth during the coolest of colds. The winter gloves are Ideal for snowy outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, shoveling, and anything which you are likely to do in the chilly season.

N'Ice Caps Waterproof Winter Ski Mittens

Another unisex design, the Outdoor Gloves from Mountain Made makes a great addition to your winter accessories. The pair is manufactured out of extra-cozy blend of spandex and polyesters that’s both stretchy and quick-drying.

The pair also features an antibacterial treatment to take care of any unpleasant odor. Thanks to its inventive zipper design, you get a perfect fit. You can wear it when you are walking, running, biking, or during any part of the day when you need to combat cold.

Who doesn’t own a high-quality pair of gloves from Carhartt? The brand is popular for its durable products. The insulated and water-proof gloves are great for cold weather as they are built for providing ultimate warmth.

With its stretchy fleece cuffs and waterproof-wicking insert, the gloves keep your hands nice and warm. This pair is made out of 100% polyester but is a little bulky. Hence, it is not the best fit for ladies who are fond of using their phones while wearing gloves.

5. Columbia Women’s Gloves

The Heavenly Gloves from Columbia don’t just look cute but offer heavenly comfort. Manufactured out of 100% polyesters, the pair impresses with its faux fur-lined cuff, which keeps your freezing fingers cozy when you are going sledding out shoveling snow outdoors.

The Columbia Gloves are a must-have addition to your winter accessories. Popular for their touch-screen capabilities, the Women’s Heavenly Gloves are perfect for all indoor and outdoor jobs while using your phone.

6. GSG Women’s Luxury Gloves

Looking for the best winter gloves that are designed for all activities including driving? The Luxury Winter Gloves from GSG add more glam as well as functionality to your winter attire.

The trendy gloves are convenient to wear and remove. Other highlights of the gloves include its high quality material as the pair is made out of genuine Italian Nappa leather which is popular for its durability and strength. The luxury gloves keep you warm with its rabbit fur trim and easy-to-adjust wrist strap. What’s more? Your warm gloves don’t stop you from suing your phone as the pair is designed for touchscreen use. Great for use during driving or cycling.

7. Mio Marino Fashion Sheepskin Leather Gloves for Women

The Fashion Leather Gloves from Mio Marino are well suited for several activities including cycling, skiing, and various outdoor activities. The sheepskin gloves allow you to experience great comfort and warmth and are manufactured from premium-quality Nappa. Thanks to the flexibility and durability of this type of leather, you can enjoy this beautiful pair for years.

Other highlights of the design include a non-slip palm along with a rubber wrist to add more elegance to its design. This windproof pair is ideal for driving, outdoor sports, and traveling.

8. Geree Windproof Gloves

The Geree windproof gloves are one of the most popular warm gloves available on the market. You can wear them when hiking, walking, jogging, cycling, running, and driving. We love this pair because it features antiskid silica particles to guarantee a stronger grip. The gloves also feature an easy-to-adjust design to keep your hands comfortably warm.

Operating any touchscreen device is easy with its sensitive fingertip design. Other features include a back zipper and a quick drying material to keep palms and fingers dry. This uni-sex pair boasts a unique design and is super light for convenient wear.

9. Knolee Women’s Warm Winter Thick Gloves

The Knolee Winter Gloves make everything easy, from driving to using a phone. The thick gloves do a great job at keeping your hands comfy in the harsh cold weather without preventing you from performing your everyday chores. Made from a mixture of cotton, acrylic, and blend; the fashion gloves add great warmth and a contemporary touch to your winter outfit.

The gloves are relatively thick but they are easy to wear and remove. The design features a warm fur lining for guaranteeing a comfortable fit.

The Simplicity faux-fur gloves impress us with its simplistic but contemporary design. Knitted from quality fabric, the pair boasts a fingerless design for convenient operation of touchscreen devices. You can also wear these warm gloves while driving. The trendy design also features a thumbhole that adds great flexibility to these warm gloves.

The hand warmer mitten gloves feature a crochet knit wool pattern and is available in different faux fur designs so you can choose the best one according to your preference.

11. Dsane Women’s Touchscreen Gloves

The Winter Touchscreen Gloves are manufactured out of 100% pure lambskin which makes the pair incredibly durable and sturdy. Ideal for women who are looking for high quality gloves for driving, hiking, cycling, jogging, and other outdoor activities: the Dsane leather gloves offer great warmth and comfort. A great feature of the gloves is its 100% pure Italian cashmere which keeps your hands safe from any itchiness or dryness. Owing to the soft PU leather, and the thin fabric, the gloves are soft and comfortable to wear and best for everyday use. Invest in these luxurious gloves for having a timeless addition to your winter wardrobe.

12. Elma Women’s Winter Warm Gloves

Elma Classic winter gloves for Women are made of high quality hair sheep leather which is strong, light and comfortable to keep you toasted this winter. With its incredible conductive touchscreen capabilities, you can use your phone or any device while wearing these gloves. With its soft hair sheep construction, you get ultimate softness and a moisture-free interior which makes the pair super-convenient to wear during wet weather.

Since the interior is lined with 100% pure cashmere lining, you get adequate warmth during the chilly season.

13. Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves

If you are looking for a contemporary accessory to let you enjoy the cool weather while using your phone or device, the Warmen Leather Gloves are the perfect accessory with conductive touchscreen leather. Other notable highlights of the gloves include the cashmere and fleece lining which guarantees extra warmth to your freezing hands.

The soft and comfortable gloves give you a firm grip and come in multiple sizes for both teens and adults. Easy to wear and remove, the durable gloves are a must-have addition for your winter collection.

14. Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

Designed to keep your hands warm in the coldest parts of the world, the Black Diamond Gloves do a great job with its PrimaLoft Gold insulation. These gloves are sure to last for a long time and give you ultimate warmth as well as great flexibility. The split-finger design makes it convenient for you to move your index finger, allowing better movement.

Other notable features include a removable liner along with Kevlar-reinforced leather palms for giving you incredible comfort and warmth. Whether you want to wear these tough gloves while trekking, hiking, or for everyday use; the high quality built and beautiful design features never fail to disappoint.

15. Fratelli Orsini Women’s Leather Gloves

It’s easy to see why most reviewers consider the Italian Cashmere Lined Gloves to as soft as butter. The pair’s cashmere lining makes the gloves comfortable and warm. While you may feel that the gloves are bulky, after you wear them for a few times, the gloves begin conforming to your hand’s shape and the lining settles in to give you a snug fit. The gloves look fabulous and are available in multiple colors and sizes.