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How many types of dresses are there?

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One of the great things about dresses is their amazing versatility.  But with so many different options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to discover the right one for each occasion.  After all, no one wants to make a fashion faux pas on an important day.

You may be asking yourself so many questions while browsing dresses.  Which one will look best on me?  Is this one too formal or too casual?  Which materials will be best based on the weather?

There is so much to take into consideration and an almost unlimited amount of combinations to choose from. Many dresses are categorized by material, design, color, and event, making it a little easier to decide on that perfect one.

It’s possible to wear dresses in every area of your life, from working in the office to a casual weekend setting and even those rare formal parties.  Dresses bring out your femininity and add a touch of whimsy to your day.  Don’t you just feel more elegant when you’re wearing a dress?

They’re also appropriate no matter the season or temperature. In the spring and summer, dresses can help keep you cool on a hot day.  For fall and winter, pair them with tights for a warm and cozy outfit.

Because they are so easy to just grab and slip on, dresses make getting ready in the morning a breeze.  You don’t have to worry about matching your top and bottom or finding two items that go well together but may not fit perfectly.

There are dresses for any body type as well as many cuts and styles that are quite forgiving if there’s an area that you want to hide. And you can also wear spanx under a dress to help your silouhette.  On the other hand, you can also find those which show off your best features or put your entire body on display for days when you’re feeling extra confident and sexy.

Looking through your closet, you may find that you only have the occasional spring dress in your wardrobe.  If that’s the case, then it’s time to get an upgrade with some important staple pieces.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of dresses you should definitely have on hand. Some of the stylish options include:

  • Slip Dress
  • Casual Maxi Dress
  • Evening Dress
  • Pencil Dress
  • Tulle Dress
  • Peplum Dress
  • Shirt Dress
  • Empire Silhouette Dress
  • Asymmetrical Dress
  • Flared Dress
  • Wrap Dress
  • A-Line Dress
  • Sweater Dress
  • Bodycon Dress
  • Little Black Dress

While there’s no set number of dresses you should own, looking through this list will help you narrow it down based on your lifestyle and preferences.  Having a variety on hand will also ensure that you’re prepared for whatever social events might pop up on your calendar throughout the year.

You never know when you’ll be wondering what to wear to a big party, how you should dress for your first day of work, or have to dress to impress on a first date. Plus you’ll easily be able to look polished and put together effortlessly in minutes by simply putting on a dress.

So let’s jump right in and see which ones grab your eye and inspire you to incorporate more dresses into your life.

Dresses are amazingly versatile. You can wear them to work, in a casual setting, at formal parties. Basically, they’re the essential you can simply slip on for any kind of occasion. But it’s important that you know which dress you can wear where.

If you only have the occasional spring dress in your wardrobe, it’s time to get an upgrade with a few staple pieces. We’ll walk through all the different types of dresses you should definitely have in your closet. There’s no set number on the types of dresses, but let’s talk about all the stylish options around.

Below are examples of the many styles of dresses available. If you’re simply looking for some some of the best sellers online are check out Most Popular Women’s Dresses on Amazon!  These include some of the most popular dresses as well as best sellers!

1. Slip Dress

Slip dresses resemble the traditional slip that many women would wear under their clothes and became a major trend in the 90s because of its sheer look. It has a simple design with minimalist spaghetti straps and is often made from soft silk-like material. In the 90s, women would wear this popular dress on its own. Now, pairing it with leggings, boots, and a cool jacket would be in vogue.

2. Casual Maxi Dress

Who knew dresses could become so unbelievably casual – like a-trip-to-the-mall casual. Maxi dresses, especially the kind that is light and breezy, is the perfect outfit for a day out when you’re not sure of what to wear.

3. Evening Dress

A sexy formal dress with a slit makes the perfect evening gown for special occasions like dinners, New Year parties, and other events. You can also skip the slit and opt for backless instead, or try a captivating combination of both, it’s your pick.

Forget about that childish prom dress, it’s about time you get an evening gown worthy of Oscars’ night.

4. Pencil Dress

This stunning dress shape is well-suited for work-formal settings because of its minimalist shape. Moreover, it looks most striking in basic colors like nude, navy, beige, and most importantly, black. Add definition with a belt, but a statement necklace will have a similar effect too.

5. Tulle Dress

For the days on which you’re feeling like a ballerina princess, a tulle dress is the best option for you. The skirt includes many layers of tulle, so it naturally adds a curve to the waist. Tulle dresses usually have form-fitting bodices but you can swap those out by wearing a high-necked sweater instead.

6. Peplum Dress

The timeless peplum dress works wonders for adding a distinct curve along your midsection. It’s classy, elegant, and does all the magic of giving you curves. The dress is great for formal parties and events, but you can even rock this on a date as long as you’re going somewhere fancy enough.

7. Shirt Dress

The minimalist cotton shirt dress used to be a casual look enhanced with the help of a belt that would cinch the waist. It’s a look that will suit hourglass and pear shapes because of their natural curves that allow a belted waist. Wear one to your Saturday brunch or when you’re going out for some coffee on a calm, weekend morning.

8. Empire Silhouette Dress

We have to admit – the empire silhouette dress is definitely a little prom-themed, but if this is what prom dresses look like nowadays, we want to go back to prom. The fitted bodice on this type of dress ends just below the bust, so the skirt seems to have a high-waisted look.

The loose and long gathered skirt flows over the body and isn’t supported with the help of numerous petticoats. So, you look like a princess minus the endless layers.

9. Asymmetrical Dress

The fashionable asymmetrical dress is a modern take on the high-low dress, which is shorter from the front and longer from the back. This seamless transition from short to long makes it the best choice for cocktail parties, date nights, and other special events you attend with friends. There are a variety of options available in different fabrics, so you’ll feel comfortable too.

10. Flared Dress

Apple and rectangle body shape types will love the classic flared dress. It’s fun, flowy skirt makes it great to wear for parties, reunions, and even dates. Not to mention, considering the flared edge of the skirt, it’ll add more curves to your silhouette, giving a more feminine figure. Of course, flared dresses look great in prints as well, in case you’re interested in florals.

11. Wrap Dress

A wrap dress, depending on the kind of color you buy it in, can look great as a smart casual and even a work-formal outfit. If you’re on the curvy side, this dress is right up your alley, especially if you choose flowy and silkier fabric options.

12. A-Line Dress

A-Line dresses look amazing on rectangular and apple body shapes because of their curve-adding effect. You can buy this type of dress for different occasions based on fabric and color. Bright colors and floral prints go well for spring events and weddings, while darker colors work as a formal outfit for corporate events.

13. Sweater Dress

Whoever said that you can’t wear a dress in winter? Sweater dresses are the comfiest way to look cozy and sexy at the same time. Just pair them with a cute knitted scarf, a hat, leg warmers, and knee-high boots. Sweater dresses look the best in earthy and neutral colors so try not to get too crazy.

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14. Bodycon Dress

For girls with an hourglass figure, a bodycon dress is the best wardrobe item to show off all their curves. Bodycon dresses are best for a night on the town, like when you’re going clubbing or to a karaoke bar. Add a few accessories and pair it with stiletto heels (you can find the best high heel brands in that article!) and you’re all set to steal the spotlight.

15. Little Black Dress

How can we forget the little black dress? A saucy little number that works perfectly for any party or date night! There are plenty of options available when it comes to getting the ideal ‘Little Black Dress’, so make sure that it suits your body type before getting it.